Blackwell by Alexandrea Weis with Lucas Astor


Leaving the firelight, he headed toward the water, eager to learn more about the woman.

Beyond the glare of the bonfire, his eyes were better able to take in her figure. Her nightdress

was torn in places and had dark splotches on it in others. She stood at the water’s edge, her feet

hidden below the surface of the bayou. As he drew closer, Magnus got a better view of her

exquisite face. Her pale, snowy skin glowed in the darkness, and her features were perfect except

for a scar above her right lip. He ached to help her, to guide her from the water and back to the

warmth of the fire.

“Are you all right?”

She titled her head to the side as she examined him. Then without saying anything, she

held out her hand to him.

Magnus could hear a woman’s voice saying, Magnus, come with me, in his head, but her

lips never moved. He was entranced, drawn to her, and just as he was raising his hand to take

hers, another hand clamped down on his wrist.

“Magnus, no, don’t touch her,” Madam Simone called out.

The spell was broken, and the woman in the water faded away.

Magnus gawked at the water. “What?”

“I told you to stay close to the fire,” she admonished.

He pointed to the water. “You saw her? Who was that?”

Madam Simone let go of his arm. “You mean what was that, don’t you?”

“I don’t understand.”

She waved her long stick out over the water. “That was a spirit called by the ceremony.

She often appears when we perform our rituals on the bayou.”

“You know her?” The shock was evident in his voice.

“She’s the spirit of one who sacrificed herself for love many years ago. She was the

quadroon mistress of a wealthy white man who spurned her and her unborn child.”

Magnus removed his hat and wiped his hand over his brow, feeling shaky. “So you are

telling me I just saw a ghost?”

Madam Simone chuckled at his reaction. “The world is not everything you see, Magnus.

Ghosts are as real as you or I. They are the impression left behind by a life ended in misery, pain,

or confusion. The spirits trapped or bound to earth are the ones who haunt. The ones who have

found peace are the ones who leave.”

“Where do they go?”

She gave him a sad smile. “That all depends on what you believe. Heaven, hell,

paradise—take your pick. We have more names for the world that comes after than we do for the

one we currently inhabit. I think that speaks volumes about our capacity for hope.”

Magnus took an unsteady breath as his eyes returned to the water. “What about her? The

girl in the water? Will she ever find peace and move on?”

“No.” Madam Simone shook her head and, gathering up her skirt, took a step away from

the shore. “She has chosen to remain here.”

“Chosen?” he shouted. “Are you telling me she had a choice?”

“We all choose in life and in death, Magnus.” She glanced back at him. “That is why we

have souls—to make that choice.”

Magnus could still hear the voice of the spirit calling to him in his head. “I think she

spoke to me. She knew my name.”

“Spirits often bring messages from the dead. Do you know anyone who has recently


He shook his head. “No, no one.”

Madam Simone motioned ahead to the bonfire. “Let’s get back to the fire.”

Returning his hat to his head, Magnus followed her up the bank. “I’m not sure what I

witnessed, Madam Simone, but I no longer think I’m a skeptic.”

She grinned as they walked along. “Good. Then the ceremony served its purpose.”

“What purpose?”

Madam Simone kept her eyes focused on the firelight. “To prepare your soul for what is

to come.”


Magnus Blackwell Series
Book One
Alexandrea Weis with Lucas Astor
Genre: Paranormal thriller.
Publisher: Vesuvian Books
Date of Publication: 1/17/17
ISBN: 978-1944109240
Number of pages: 300
Word Count: 71, 800
Cover Artist: Sam Shearon
Book Description:
Hell has a new master
In the late 1800s, handsome, wealthy New Englander, Magnus Blackwell, is the envy of all.
When Magnus meets Jacob O’Conner—a Harvard student from the working class—an unlikely friendship is forged. But their close bond is soon challenged by a captivating woman; a woman Magnus wants, but Jacob gets.
Devastated, Magnus seeks solace in a trip to New Orleans. After a chance meeting with Oscar Wilde, he becomes immersed in a world of depravity and brutality, inevitably becoming the inspiration for Dorian Gray. Armed with the forbidden magic of voodoo, he sets his sights on winning back the woman Jacob stole from him.
Amid the trappings of Victorian society, two men, bent on revenge, will lay the foundation for a curse that will forever alter their destinies.
Amazon     Kobo      Apple      BN
About the Author:
From New Orleans, Alexandrea Weis was raised in the motion picture industry and began writing stories at the age of eight. In college, she studied nursing. After finishing her PhD, she decided to pick up the pen once again and begin her first novel. Since that time, she has published many novels and won several national writing awards for fiction. Infusing the rich tapestry of her hometown into her bestselling books, she believes that creating vivid characters makes a story memorable.
Alexandrea Weis is also a certified/permitted wildlife rehabber with the La. Wildlife and Fisheries. When she is not writing, she rescues orphaned and injured wildlife. She is married; they live in New Orleans.

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Warriors of Lemuria Series by Rosalie Redd

“You escaped. Perhaps I should put you in the dungeon.” Noeh’s voice was low and

threatening. The resulting shiver that skated across her arms wasn’t from fear.

She wanted to pound her fists against his body. “I’ll just pick my way out of there, too.”

“Don’t bet on it.”

He stood. Against her will, her body responded to his intense stare. He headed straight for

her, a wall of pure, masculine strength.

She stilled as he approached. Without thought, she squeezed the wet rag in her hand.

Water dripped onto the exam table. The stone was slightly concave, and the moisture ran into a

small groove down the center.

He placed his palms on the surface of the table and leaned in. Up close and personal, he

invaded her space as if he had every right.

“I don’t usually have trouble with disobedience, but you…” His eyes glowed, gold flecks

mixing with the blue.

She met his gaze and didn’t flinch. “I think you like the challenge.”

The skin around his eyes creased as a smile broke across his face. “You might be right

about that.”


Untouchable Lover
Warriors of Lemuria
Book One
Rosalie Redd
Genre: Paranormal romance
Date of Publication: January 2, 2016
ISBN: 9781944419004
Number of pages: 400
Word Count: 86,000
Cover Artist: Melody Simmons
Book Description:
Forbidden love. Untouchable…
King Noeh wants to live his single life, fight his enemy, and honor his goddess by winning the war over Earth’s most precious resource—water. Bonding to a female shifter is not part of the plan, not until his goddess insists he take a queen by the next full moon or lose his crown. When he rescues a beautiful female from the enemy’s grasp, a forbidden attraction blooms, and he must decide between his kingdom and his heart.
Melissa hunts for a new place she can call home, one far away from her controlling master who vowed to make her his concubine. Captured by the enemy and tortured to near death, she’s rescued by a brooding, handsome king. When her master shows up at the king’s underground Keep, the tension escalates. She struggles to keep the honorable king at arm’s length, but she can’t ignore the compelling desire he ignites in her soul.
Amazon    Amazon UK    Amazon AU    Amazon CA
BN    Kobo    iTunes
Unforgettable Lover
Warriors of Lemuria
Rosalie Redd
Genre: Paranormal romance
Date of Publication: March 2016
ISBN: 9781944419028
Number of pages: 155
Word Count: 33k
Cover Artist: Melody Simmons
Book Description:
The Betram ritual, when the full moon occurs on the summer solstice, is a sexual rite—and a requirement—for all unbonded Stiyaha of age. The irresistible urge to mate drives their inner beasts. Some succumb and transform, while others hide behind masks. None can escape the compelling need.
For Leonna, Betram offers one night of freedom from a destiny she doesn’t want. Eager to participate, she’s drawn to a formidable male whose tenderness burrows into her soul. Despite discovering she’s below his status, she is caught up in their passionate frenzy, and loses her heart to a male she can never have.
Though reluctant, as an unbonded male, Prince Nicholai must participate in the Betram ritual. Because he fears harming anyone he gets close to, he dons his mask and vows to stay in human form. What he doesn’t expect is the intensity of his hunger for a certain honeyed female hidden behind a disguise. As much as he longs to forget her, he can’t, for she’s unforgettable.
Amazon    Amazon UK    Amazon AU    Amazon CA
BN    Kobo    iTunes
Untamable Lover
Warriors of Lemuria
Book 2
Rosalie Redd
Genre: Paranormal romance
Date of Publication: May 2016
ISBN: 9781944419066
Number of pages: 320
Word Count: 73k
Cover Artist: Melody Simmons
Book Description:
Submit…or lose him forever.
As alpha of the feline shifters, Demir will do whatever is necessary to protect his kind. When his independent and headstrong second in command takes on a dangerous solo mission for revenge, he goes to her aid. As they battle the enemy, not only must he must fight his internal demons, but also his desire to claim her as his mate.
Battle-hardened Aramie leads a band of female warriors to search for the sacred blue sunstone. The unthinkable happens and she spirals into a frenzied need for vengeance to avenge her loved one’s death. She hunts for the killer while Demir’s life is on the line, and she must decide—submit to him as his mate, or lose him forever.
Amazon    Amazon UK    Amazon AU    Amazon CA
BN    Kobo    iTunes
Unimaginable Lover
Warriors of Lemuria
Book 3
Rosalie Redd
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date of Publication: 1/3/17
ISBN: 9781944419103
Number of pages: 290
Word Count: 67k
Cover Artist: Melody Simmons
Book Description:
A shifter and a human together? Unimaginable…
One careless decision. The colony betrayed. Tanen’s only course is a desperate hunt for justice, but his solo mission is cut short when he’s mortally wounded. Rescued by a sweet, innocent woman, he can’t deny the passion that burns between them. Now he must choose between his duty and honor or his desire for the precious, but forbidden, human female.
Broken promises and ruined love hardened Sheri’s heart. When she finds an injured and extraordinarily sexy man on her property, she’s pulled into a world she never imagined. As she nurses him back to health and they bond over their love of books, she’s torn between the lessons she learned from her rough past and the need to seek solace in Tanen’s arms, but she must learn to trust him, and herself, in order to survive.
Amazon    Amazon UK    Amazon AU    Amazon CA
BN    Kobo    iTunes
About the Author:
After finishing a rewarding career in finance and accounting, it was time for Rosalie Redd to put away the spreadsheets and take out the word processor. The award-winning author pens paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy romance in her office cave located in Oregon, where rain is just another excuse to keep writing.

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Toe the Line by Roxanne D. Howard


Happy Holidays, everyone! Roxanne D. Howard here. I write contemporary and

paranormal erotic romance. With the release on December 13th of my second book

in the COSTA MESA Series, Toe the Line, I’d like to discuss my playlist for the

book and how Holiday music can lift our moods.

Each of the COSTA MESA books are holiday themed, and the main protagonist,

Piper Goldhirsch, is Jewish. In book 2, after two months apart, sea Captain Jack

Spencer is determined to get Piper back. They reunite and set sail for Catalina

Island for the holidays, but when a murderous convict escapes Orange County jail

and hijacks their boat with them aboard, the tides will rise.

From the playlist below, one song that stuck out to me is It’s the Most Wonderful

Time of the Year, originally written by Eddie Pola and George Wyle, sung in a

jazzy rendition by Harry Connick, Jr. Lately in America and in the media, there has

been so much political upheaval and unrest. This song really does bring it all into

perspective about what a wonderful time of year it is for people of all backgrounds,

ethnicities, political persuasions, and sexual preferences to set aside animosity and

focus on the spirit of giving that the Holidays bring. It’s a wonderful time of year

to come together, to hope, and believe in miracles.

Please enjoy the playlist below for Toe the Line.

I wish everyone a very wonderful holiday season, and I hope all your wishes may

come true from Santa. 😉

1. Not over you – Gavin DeGraw

2. Hello – Adele

3. Meet Me Half Way – Kenny Loggins

4. Sacred Emotion – Donny Osmond

5. Nocturne No 2 in E Flat Major Op 9 No 2 – Chopin

6. Sail Away – Enya

7. It’s Alright – Billy Joel

8. Stop Children What’s That Sound – Buffalo Springfield

9. Feel Like Making Love – Bad Company

10. Happy Hanukkah – Adam Sandler

11. Wannabe – Spice Girls

12. White Christmas – Nat King Cole

13. Christmas Eve – Celine Dion

14. Santa Baby – Madonna

15. It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of the Year – Harry Connick, Jr.

16. I Finally Found Someone – Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams

What are some of your favorite Holiday songs?


Jack made his way up to the deck and pushed the cushioned bench away from the wheel

and helm. He preferred to stand while he navigated, and he enjoyed the way the wind played on

his face. He walked over to the dock pilings and cast off their moorings and then went over to the

wheel, started the boat, and threw it into reverse, pulling away from the dock. He felt on top of

the world. Once he had the boat turned and started the thrust, the bow of the boat cut through the

water like a pair of sharp scissors down silk. Right away, he’d noticed the difference from the

much larger and older Pacific Explorer; this boat sailed smoothly and almost glided through the

waves. Of course, they were still in the bay, so it would be different once they were out on the

open ocean.

He didn’t know how in the hell he’d convinced Piper to come with him, but he wouldn’t

let this chance slip through his fingers. She would get the royal treatment and nothing less. With

a thankful heart, he took Butterfly Eyes out to sea. He’d had a few practice runs after he’d

bought the boat, but this was the first proper trip. He was excited. As a child, he’d thought his

preoccupation with the ocean made him strange, until he’d realized it was a passion.

Some people got their high when they rock climbed, jumped out of airplanes, or skied off

a fresh, powdery slope. For Jack, it had been and would always be the deep-blue sea. Nothing

made a man feel more insignificant than being a small speck out on the ocean. It also made him

feel unique and powerful, something that drew him back each day. He had hired two new tour

captains since business took off in November, w had left him more free time to get his life in


As he left the bay and chartered into open water, Jack passed a pod of dolphins he

normally saw when on his whale-watching tours. The sun shimmered and highlighted their grey-

white bodies. The glare from the sun lit a golden path along the ridges of the waves. He opened

his shirt so he could feel the wind on his chest, turned on some music, and watched the dolphins

swim beside the boat. They loved a free ride. People could learn a lot about how to treat each

other from the ocean. Dolphins stuck together, had each other’s backs, and watched out for one

another when a shark came.

“You look deep in thought.”

He turned. Piper stood with her hand on the top of the bench seat. She wore cutoff jean

shorts and one of his white shirts, buttoned a little between her breasts and tied at the midriff.

Her flat abs peeked out at him. Her dark curls flowed loose and free about her face. She’d never

looked more beautiful.

“Oh, I’m always deep in thought.”

He cocked an eyebrow at her and returned his attention to the water.

She snorted. “What man is ever deep in thought?”

“Hey, Legs. Be nice now. Not all of us men are idiots. I mean, the majority are, but not


“Well, I worked with Larry for years, so you can’t blame me for a little disillusionment.”

“I’ll do my best to set you straight.” He glanced at her. She stood in the sun, and the

breeze lifted her hair. That wicked, wide mouth of hers set his imagination into overdrive. He

crooked a finger at her. “C’mere. You’re taking command.”

She pursed her lips and sashayed toward him with a confident prowl. “Ooh, I like being

in command. It’s sexy.”

“You’re sexy.” He brought both her hands up to the varnished wheel. “Stay right there,”

he breathed in her ear. He reached past her and switched the radio to CD mode. He selected a

track, and “Let It Snow” began to play. “Hang on,” he said. He flipped on a light switch on an

adjacent wall, and colorful fairy lights atop the boat and all around the helm lit up.

“Oh, how cute!”

“Wait for it,” he cautioned.

He took a small, flat remote control from his pocket and hit a button. Piper looked

around. Then a snowflake landed on her nose, followed by several more, until thick, white flakes

fell through the open sunroof. Her face lit up in a huge grin, and she shook her head fondly.

“Sunshine and snow… Jack Spencer, you’re a romantic.”

“I’m a crusty-old sea dog. I have no idea what you’re even talking about,” he said dryly

He wiped a snowflake off Piper’s face. She laughed as the holiday jingle serenaded them.


He kissed the top of her head and watched the ocean. Piper sighed and leaned into him.

Toe the Line
Costa Mesa Series 
Book Two
Roxanne D. Howard
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance, action/adventure, suspense
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC.
Date of Publication:  November 29, 2016
Number of pages: 85
Word Count: 25, 170       
Cover Artist: Cover Art by Natalie Duarte 
Design by April Martinez
Tagline: After two months apart, Jack is determined to get Piper back. They reunite and set sail for Catalina Island for the holidays, but when a murderous convict escapes Orange County jail and hijacks their boat with them aboard, the tides will rise.
Book Description:  
After two months apart from Jack and working in desolate, war-torn Syria, Piper is on her way home to California for Hanukkah. The tides have turned dramatically, and she is now an established journalist with Channel Four News. Though she’s proud of where she’s at with her career, her heart aches for the painful way she left things with Jack.
Jack is determined to make things right with Piper, no matter what. When he receives a cash settlement from Business Buster, he uses his newfound wealth to whisk her away on his new yacht for a romantic getaway to Catalina Island. In no time at all, the two lovers reignite the fiery blaze between them, and their steamy passion rekindles out on the open ocean. But when a dangerous, hidden stowaway hijacks the yacht and holds them both captive, Piper and Jack find themselves at his mercy. With nowhere to run, they must work together if they want to escape alive. 
This holiday season, it’s time to Toe the Line.
Loose ID     ARe    Amazon    
About the Author:
Roxanne D. Howard is a romance novelist who resides in the mid-western United States. She is a U.S. Army veteran, and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English. She loves to read poetry, classical literature, and Stephen King. She is also an avid Star Wars fan, musical theater nut, and loves everything related to marine biology. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and children when she’s not writing. Roxanne loves to hear from her readers, and she can be contacted at
To find out more, please visit her website:

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