Echo of Eternity by Skyler Patterson #timetravelromance

Echo of Eternity
The Zulu Chronicles
Book One
Skyler Patterson

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Epic Fantasy/Time Travel
Date of Publication:  January 2020
ISBN: 9781687892270
Number of pages: 349
Word Count: 77,000 words

Book Description:

Trina Loveless is a young, beautiful female Lawyer living in New York City. She has it all. She is wealthy. She has the glamorous clothes. The flyest exotic supercars! She has jewelry and the multi-million dollar Penthouse. She and her girlfriends are living their best lives in Manhattan. She is a savvy Lawyer, yet Trina has no luck with men!

Trina is searching for that one, perfect love in all of the right places. All she finds is playboys and creeps!  She continues to be cheated on, and disrespected by men. Trina is biracial. She is half African American and half Irish. Her father hails from Africa, her mother is from Ireland. Trina has never met her father’s family. Trina goes to Africa to locate her relatives on her fathers’ side of the family there. Trina undergoes a life-changing journey of cultural awareness and self-discovery. She meets her relatives that are of a legendary tribe of African Zulu warriors. She begins a pilgrimage and an epic journey across the continent of Africa, to reach her ancestral tribal clan. Trina while searching the tribal history of her ancestors finds herself somehow 200 years into her past in ancient Africa .

Trina finds herself in the middle of the rise of the legendary African King Shaka  Zulu! She finds herself in the middle of tribal warfare and slavery! Trina falls hard for a handsome young African Prince named Adawande. But the Zulu’s think she is a spy! Also the tribal monk/sorcerers called The Shama Majite might want her dead! 

How would Trina get back to 2019! And could she leave the love of  her life, that  she could  not find in the  21st century? 

Bear witness to an epic, time- traveling, romantic adventure like no other! Filled with love, lust, skullduggery, sorcery, and the paranormal. A romantic tale for the Ages!

Excerpt from Chapter 1 TRINA LOVELESS

I was a loser at love until I won. But first my heart was broken in my dreams. My young, red heart broken in a dream. A nightmare of bliss. It was strange. But was  my  dream  a  nightmare  or  a  bliss? It was both. How could this be? Let me tell you. First there was the strangeness that happened before the nightmares. It all  began with  that  clock  that  I  bought to  place in my  kitchen upon the  wall. Now I didn’t need a clock. I mean they are practically obsolete as everyone uses cell phones nowadays to check the time. But I having recently moved into my incredible  Penthouse decided   that  I  should  have  a  nice  clock in my kitchen. I  placed  it right above my kitchen  table  to  gaze up at in the mornings, while I  sipped upon my coffee.
Everything was fine at first. It “tic-tocked”. Then one morning I awoke and the clock was on the floor.  So I just placed it back up on its nail and all was well right? Wrong. When I returned from the office that night guess what? That clock was back on the floor! Again! What the hell!
What did I do? I hung it more securely with a bigger nail.  And the next morning it was on the floor again! That’s when I took that friggen clock and tossed it in the garbage! I tossed it down the garbage chute in the hallway! I heard it slip and slide into its glorious disappearance! I went to bed that night and slept well. When  I  awoke in the  morning to  get my  eggs  and bacon what did  I  see?  
You guessed it. There it was up there on the wall again! What in the hell?! Was I becoming delusional? Maybe it was my hard partying.  I will admit me and my girlfriends we partied hard. But what of it?  Maybe it was the alcohol.  But no! I mean  I  did see that  damn  clock  on the ground  after I  placed it securely on that nail! I saw it again as it slid down that garbage chute.
I gazed up at that thing. I sighed and I could hear it “tic-tocking”.  Suddenly that clock it stopped! I froze in   horror as I saw the hands slowly reversing! That did it! “What in the hell is happening here”! yelled I!  My hands are on my head!  I snatched  the   clock  off of  the  wall and  tossed  it to  the  ground! The clear plastic cover shatters! It is slow-motion shattering like a hundred, broken dreams! I stomp upon it! Pieces are everywhere upon the kitchen floor! I swept them up and tossed the broken clock into the trash.
I awoke the next morning and well guess what? I look up and there it is! Again! In perfect, working condition tic tocking! I give up!  Was it the alcohol that I might be drinking too much of? Is it the drugs I sometimes partake of on the weekends with my girlfriends? Was it the marijuana and those assortment of pills?!  No! I know I am not crazy! Not yet anyway! I was  going  to tell my   girlfriend  about  this,  but  kept it to myself so that  she  would not  think  me  full- blown  “coo-coo loco”!  
So  when  I  sat  there  in the kitchen  eating  supper  with  my  best  friend  Gabrielle  Goodlyn . I said not a word about that damned- haunted clock!  And I was free of any other “Paranormal Happenings” until that clock fell down and landed on the kitchen table! “Boom”! “What the hell Trina”?! exclaimed my girlfriend Gabrielle. And worse! It was the way that clock fell! It glided off the wall sideways and fell on the table! It didn’t fall down straight as gravity had promised! “Boom”! It knocked over our wine glasses! The red wine spilled upon the floor! “What the hell?!! Girlfriend your Penthouse is haunted! Get a priest! But damn! I wouldn’t leave the floor to ceiling glass windows and swimming pool for no friggin ghost!” said she. And then there was the thing about those nightmares!  Oh yes! I every few days would wake up in the night in a cold sweat. 
And what a bizarre dream. I am lying on my back upon the ground outdoors somewhere!  I am on some type of battlefield! What?! Why?! I stare upwards and I can see vultures circling above me! I am wearing some sandals, tiger loincloths and I am clutching a spear. Really?! Loincloth?!  A spear?! Why! What the hell?!  I slowly raise myself up and I see nothing but smoke! As I look around I see dark – skinned people in front of me and behind me! Thousands! I hear animals!  I hear drums! Loud drums! Tigers are roaring!  And  then  I  am in  slow-motion spinning, twirling  a long  spear hand  to  hand in the air! I gaze in front of me and I can see 3 females in long red, hooded robes! Side by side they are standing! Their backs are to me. Their hoods are drawn over their heads! Their hands are moving in some, slow-motion -graceful -synchronization!  Their long robes of red are snapping in the winds. Suddenly their hands explode into a sizzling electricity! Then their hands are bursting into flames and black smoke is whooshing off of them! It was as if they were casting some incendiary spell of sorcery! Suddenly I run ahead of them! I lunge forward! I am slow-motion throwing my long spear into smoky darkness! 
Suddenly a man’s dark body falls towards me from the smoke! He falls on his side with my spear right through him!  I pull it out and I spit on his corpse! I yank an elephant mask off of his face! His face is in that wide-opened stare of death! What?!  Why did I do that?! What in the hell kind of dream is this anyway?! And then I hear it! Shrieking elephants stampeding towards me! Elephants?! 
Why?! What in the hell?! Beneath my feet, the ground is shaking! I can hear some female voice chanting/singing in African speech! But who is singing?! Drums! I can still hear them now! Loud! They are everywhere! Who is playing them! The ground it rumbles more beneath my feet! I lose my balance! I fall down! Suddenly I see a tall, dark, muscular, shirtless, man in loincloth approaching me! He emerges from the smoking darkness!  He is bald of head. He is calling out my name! He is reaching down to me!  He picks me up! He is kissing me! His tongue is in my mouth!  Mist and black smoke block his face from my view!  We slowly collapse down to the ground!  His strong arms wrap round me! Holy Shit! He is still kissing me! 
I cannot see anyone’s face! I cannot see his face! Damn!  We are on the ground! We are kissing! It feels so good! He moves slowly between my legs! He cups my face with his two hands!  But wait! Those elephants are still bearing down on us! They are about to crush us and stampede us when suddenly! Suddenly! Suddenly I wake up! Damn it! But what does it all mean?! The clock?! The battlefield?! I am afraid yet enthralled at the same damned time! Who was that man?! Who were those 3 women?! I am breathing heavily. I gaze around my darkened bedroom. I  just knew  that  I  needed  to  buy some  friggen sleeping pills because   I  loved  the  part of my  dream  that had  HIM  in it!   I told Gabby about my nightmares. Do you know what she told me? she said:
“Girl, you know what it means is that you are gonna quit your cushy job as a lawyer and get a minimum wage job at the Bronx Zoo!! Tee Hee Hee—“
“—Oh you got jokes huh”. I respond.
 Who am I?  My name is Trina Loveless. I am a wealthy, young, bi-racial, African American female lawyer living in Manhattan. I love New York City. Oh my life! My plight: Can I learn to love less the material things. Things like Vanity, Jewelry and Money. Can I instead learn to love more about my own true- self? Can I learn more about what makes me, me? Can I learn more about my culture and how my past has made me who I am today? Can I refrain from making unwise decisions? Can I stand up for myself and others without doubting myself? And most important of all:  Can I find a true love? Does true love even exist?  Yes, I live in New York City. The city that never sleeps.  I should know. Me and my girlfriends we party so hard that we don’t sleep! Yes that’s always me stumbling into work on Mondays. I ask myself how did I get so trashed?! Oh, yeah it was the “Comedy Nite’ on Wednesdays. “Happy Hour/Buffet” Thursdays. That House music club on Fridays. That Hip –Hop club Saturday, and that meringue club in the “Boogie -Down Bronx’ on Sunday! You know the place  where the  guys  rub  you  so  close you  swear  you  just  had sex!  And where you could have sex in the bathroom if you got lucky! The music is pounding! The lights flashing! My world is slow-motion now. We are the partying people dancing in the flickering, neon darkness. Us with our hands in the skies! Us dancing! Touching! Kissing men! My world speeds back up. Us exchanging Facebook and Instagram with the fly ones and telling the creeps: “Fuckouttahere!” Us in the bathroom smoking the Mary- Jane-Juanna and popping the Xanax pills.
  And that’s how I stumble into Monday. But what of it.  I sometimes go to church on Sundays and pray away all the sin. My Irish mom she says:’ Stay in Queens! The suburbs! Trina why live in Manhattan? In her Irish Gaelic. You wanna try and be like “Sex and the   -Urban folk—‘
“—Hell no! Mom, I just wanna have sex IN the city! Tee hee hee”!
“My daughter has a potty mouth”! says she. “Tell it to the judge mom! I do”! That’s me on Monday at the Law firm of Clarke, Williams and Levitz. That’s me in my office checking my caseload. I fight the law cases. The cheating husbands. The reality show stars caught in Bloomies shoplifting. The murder trials… The rape cases. The “Black Lives Matter” cases and the very sad soap opera that is my love life. Or my lack of a love life…
I would tell you that I am just like any other girl. I struggled like everybody else. I chased boys and boys chased me. And I guess you could say that I was daddy’s little girl. My dad he doted on me. Mom said he protected me and made sure that he was always there to fight our battles. Until my father needed to fight his own battles. My dad was a soldier. He fought in the Desert Storm war of the 90’s. He fought battle after battle there. And then one day my father lost his battle… That day was June 8, 1995. He died from his injuries from the war. I was born earlier that year. And that  was when I  began to  realize  that I  would need to  fight my own  battles. My mother accepted the folded flag that draped over daddy’s coffin. The soldiers trumpet echoed in the air. And somewhere along the line, I began to help others fight their battles. I became a lawyer. I was a loser at love until I won…

About the Author:

Skyler Patterson is an independent author from New York City. He began writing in 2016.

Skyler  had never  written  any type of  book  before  and  woke  up  one morning and  decided  to  write  himself a  novel.

Skyler Patterson’s books have given him fans from all over the world.  He is a versatile writer  who  writes  adult fiction as well as YA.   

Scoundrel’s Vengeance by Sky Purington

Scoundrel’s Vengeance
Highlander’s Pact
Book One
Sky Purington

Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing
Date of Publication: July 23, 2020
Number of pages: 175
Word Count: 48K

Tagline: A scandalous second-chance romance rife with passion, intrigue, and a life-altering secret.

Book Description:

Despondent from years of war, Keenan returns home to find his clan has been reduced not only in numbers from plague, but the family coffers are nearly depleted. Dedicated to restoring his clan pride, Keenan strikes a bargain with his brothers, they will each marry, but not for love, only for the generous dowries their future wives will bring.

Fionna has suffered the consequences of endless wars and plague, leaving her the unlikely laird of Clan Taylor. When her past love summons her to his keep under the threat of killing her clansmen he captured trying to steal horses, she has no choice but to meet him.

There she discovers a man much changed, heartless and bitter. Especially when he demands that Fionna help him get engaged to her best friend!

Unable to deny him, Fionna plays along, waiting for the right moment to strike, save her clansmen, and celebrate teaching Keenan the hardest lesson of his life.

But not everything is what it seems, and Keenan and Fionna discover that distance and time cannot change what their hearts truly want—each other.

Amazon US       Amazon Universal Link

Highlander’s Pact

Book 1 – Scoundrel’s Vengeance
Book 2 – Scoundrel’s Fortune

Book 3 – Scoundrel’s Redemption

Excerpt #1

She wrung out the cloth and turned back, doing her best not to show any reaction to his body. He was far more muscular than before, the hard ridges of his abdomen obvious. Having clearly swung many a sword, his biceps and forceps were larger, too. She cleared her throat and kept her mind to the task instead of focusing on his exceptional physique.
Rather, she eyed the various new scars riddling his upper body. There were so many. Too many. Which told her just how rough things had really been. The endless battles he had fought. The wounds he had suffered. Something she could not help alluding to as she began washing the slash he had received protecting Dougal.
“The battling seems never-ending, aye?” she said softly. “It has taken its toll.”
She had been relieved to hear he’d arrived home safely from France, then felt renewed dread when he went off to fight alongside King David II. It was too much for any one man. She could only imagine the horrors he’d seen. The men he had watched die.
“It hasnae been easy,” he confessed, saying more than she anticipated. But then the look on his face, as she stood close, was telling. He appeared lost as he gazed at her. As though her proximity somehow allowed him to speak freely. To confide.
“Nay.” She understood that he was not just talking about the battling but the illness that had swept through Scotland. Maybe even based on the sentiment she swore flashed in his too-tender gaze, the long years between seeing one another. “Many of my men fought, as well.” She met his gaze, overly aware of the heat coming off his strong body. “Verra few fought alongside both the French and King David, though.” While tempted to touch his cheek to soothe him, she held back. “’Tis a lot, Keenan…for any man.”
“’Twas what needed to be done,” he said softly, his gaze lingering on her. 
For a moment, she thought he was going to reach out and touch her hair like he used to. Or brush his knuckles along her jaw. She nearly closed her eyes, remembering the sensation well. 
Instead, she spoke unintended words. “Why did ye do it?”
“Because Da expected it of me…and because my country needed me.”
“Nay, not that,” she murmured, pouring a dab of whisky over his wound. She really should leave this be, but her curiosity had only been growing. With it, a sense of frustration she couldn’t quite place. “Why was my chamber at yer castle unchanged?” Her gaze returned to his face. “After all these years?”
“I dinnae know,” he said a little too quickly. “Ma left it that way.”
“Did she, God rest her soul,” she replied, not questioning but stating, because she knew he lied. She could see it in his eyes. “Why did ye not change it when ye returned then?”
“There was no reason to.” He shrugged, fibbing away. “Honestly, I didnae give it much thought until I knew ye were coming.”
“Ye mean until I was summoned.” She sighed and wrapped his shoulder with fresh cloth. “Dinnae mistake such for a civil invitation. One that came after so many years.” Her gaze lingered on his face again. She tried to keep emotion from her voice. “After nearly twelve years.” 
His pupils flared, and emotion churned in his gaze, simmering just beneath the surface. He didn’t let them get the better of him any more than she did hers, though. Rather, instead of responding, he redirected the conversation.
“Tell me, Fionna.” He stood, no doubt on purpose. His sheer size a means to prove he was not vulnerable. “Tell me why Clan Cameron just attacked us.” His gaze narrowed. “And why, if I am not mistaken, they thought to take wee Dougal?”
“’Twas not Dougal they were after, but me.” She stood up a little straighter, not letting him intimidate answers out of her. “Their chieftain thought to take me as his wife, and I refused him.” She shrugged. “Now he thinks ‘tis his right to take me with or without my approval.”
“Is he not near yer late da’s age?” He frowned. “And those clansmen were after Dougal. I dinnae doubt that.”
“Their chieftain is younger than Da but still considerably older than I am.” She flinched at the idea of his meaty paws anywhere near her. “And if they thought to take Dougal, ‘twas merely to get me in the end.” She was careful to keep an even expression. “The Camerons know well enough that I take the welfare of my clan’s bairns verra seriously.”
“So, Laird Cameron thought to take Dougal as a bargaining chip?” 
“Aye.” She nodded and started back toward the others only for him to grab her forearm in passing. 
“That is all the more reason ye shouldnae let yer bairns do yer horse thieving,” he rumbled. “Because one of these days, the Camerons will catch one of them, and ye’ll find yerself wedded and bedded in no time.”
“I would attack before I agreed to that,” she assured.
“I dinnae know,” he mused. “Ye didnae attack me.”
“Ye’re not trying to wed me,” she reminded. Or bed me. At least not anymore.
“I amnae,” he agreed, surprising her with how tender he could be one moment, then callous the next. “But then, ye dinnae have something I need.”

“Nay.” She cursed the words—the taunt—the moment it rolled off her tongue. “Or so, ye think.”

About the Author:

Sky Purington is the bestselling author of over fifty novels and novellas. A New Englander born and bred who recently moved to Virginia, Purington married her hero, has an amazing son who inspires her daily and two ultra-lovable husky shepherd mixes. Passionate for variety, Sky’s vivid imagination spans several romance genres, including historical, time travel, paranormal, and fantasy. Expect steamy stories teeming with protective alpha heroes and strong-minded heroines.

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Interested in keeping up with Sky’s latest news and releases? Either visit Sky’s website,, join her quarterly newsletter (, or sign up for personalized text message alerts. Text ‘skypurington’ (no quotes, one word, all lowercase) to 74121 or visit Sky’s sign-up page ( Texts will ONLY be sent when there is a new book release. Readers can easily opt out at any time.

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The Lynx and the Druidess by Cornelia Amiri

The Lynx and the Druidess
The Druidry and the Beast Series
Book Five
Cornelia Amiri

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Date of Publication: July 1, 2020
Number of pages: 94
Word Count: 22,600
Cover Artist: Kyra Starr

Tagline: Loving a god has its advantages

Book Description:

Lleu, the radiant sun god, crosses between worlds to the Silures village for the fierce and stunning druidess, Wendolyn —a woman worth battling for. He longs to celebrate Lughnasa, the festival that honors him, with her.

Wendolyn is captivated by the striking stranger the moment he wanders into her village. Furthermore, she wants him with a fervor, burning her from within. However, he’s hiding his true identity. When he vows to save her tribe from the Romans marching toward them, everyone, including her dead father in a dream, says he is a coward who has run off.

Lleu is determined to win the love of druidess Wendolyn even if it means fighting the Roman army singled handed—by shapeshifting into in his lynx body.

Will her tribe survive the Romans? And, can Wendolyn and Lleu’s relationship survive her tribe’s mistrust of him?

Amazon          Universal Link


With her heart hammering, Wyndolen stared with wonder at Lleu’s luscious nude body. She only glanced away long enough to pull a white robe, speckled with gold, out of the chest in the corner. She tugged it on, then fastened a plaid cloak over it with a round silver broach and latched her gaze onto Lleu again while he slipped his clothes back on.
They left the roundhouse and walked hand in hand to Cynfor’s home.
She called out to the woodmaker, “It is time.”
 Cynfor stepped out, clutching an iron rod and the wheel of the year coated with gooey tar.  As the three walked together to the center of the village, men, women, and children gathered around the druidess, muttering, “Lleu,” and “coward.”
Scanning the angry faces in the crowd, Wyndolen sighed. If only they knew the truth about him. But she couldn’t blame them, she was as guilty as they were. She hadn’t recognized he was a god, even after he’d told her. No, he had to show her his magic spear and reveal his dazzling aura. Now the others needed to learn the truth.  Tonight, at his festival, she would announce who he really was. But first she had to prepare her tribesmen for the news, to lessen their shock.
She held her palm upward toward the crowd and cleared her throat. “Hear me, I have a surprise for all of you. The presence of the god Lleu is here. You do not see him as he is in the guise of one of us. So, take care of how you treat each other, lest you offend the deity.”
Their expressions shifted from anger to shame as they were now all on their best behavior.
Taking graceful steps, she led all her tribesmen, chief, and Lleu to a cliff. Their chief proudly carried a blazing firebrand, and Cynfor held the sacred wheel with reverent hands. Everyone grew quiet and gazed down the mountain slope.
Wyndolen announced, “We have gathered this Lughnasa to observe the Wheel of the Year as it turns.” She raised her arms to the sky and smiled at Lleu as she chanted, “The sun burns, yet winter nears. The season turns. Summer comes to an end. Sun and earth, life to death the wheel turns, Lughnasa, Lughnasa.”
She took the torqueh from Corio, handed it to Lleu, and he lit the wheel of year aflame. Cynfor handed Wyndolen the iron rod. Then, the sun god, Lleu, ran beside her, on the other side of the flaming wheel, as she used the rod to roll it down that part of the mountain slope.
She chanted, “God of the sun, the wheel has turned, the yearly end of your reign has come.”
Smoke rose, as flames ate the wood. The wheel reached its end at the foot of the slope and crumbled into ash and burning fragments. The crowd stopped in their tracks and circled the symbol of the dying Lleu.

About the Author:

The Celtic Warrior Queen influenced Cornelia Amiri to write professionally. Cornelia loves history and in reading a book about the dark ages, she came across the rebel queen, who inspired her so much, she started jotting down notes. But they were fiction, visions of her involved in the Boudica revolt. Before she knew it, Cornelia had accidentally written a rough draft for a novel. And she’s been writing books on purpose ever since. Drawing on her love of a happy ending she’s currently penned 39 published romance books.

Now, for the more mundane stuff. She and her muse, Severus the Cat, live amid the hustle and bustle of humid Houston, Texas, as does her wonderful son and granddaughter. Cornelia’s currently working on a sci-fi comedy romance series with a Celtic goddess as the heroine.

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