Kim Harrison Book Signing and A Giveaway

While I have not gotten around to writing reviews for all of the books in the Hollow’s Series by Kim Harrison, I absolutely love them and the fact that Ms. Harrison is a Michigan author.  Being a Michigan author means that in most cases she visits a book store close to me when her books launch.  I have been to the last 3 signing on launch day at Schuler’s Books in Lansing.  So this past Tuesday, I left work a little bit early and David and I made the 45 minute drive to Flint to meet up with Roxanne from Fang-Tastic Books and Bewitching Book Tours.  From there we made another 45 minute drive into Lansing for the signing of A Perfect Blood.

Schuler’s always does a great job with their signings, they started giving numbers out on February 1st and I just happen to be passing through Lansing over the weekend so I stopped and picked numbers up then.  They have seating for the first 100 people and then it is standing room only.  We were right smack in the middle tickets 51-54.  However, we always get there about an hour early so that we get good seats.  We were in the 2nd row right in front of Kim.  

I was also surprised to see so many familiar faces, many of the people in attendance have been at the last 2 signings as well.  I would say that 90-95% of the people said that they had attended a signing for Kim Harrison at Schuler’s in the past.  That is an amazing turn out.  The signing started with a reading from the new book, A Perfect Blood.  I am pleased that I was granted permission to share a little bit of the reading with you.  Without further ado, here you go.


I love how into the story she gets.  The passion for The Hollows shows right through.  This was followed by a Q&A time.  There were many questions about the stories themselves and if we will see more of certain story lines and if the wrap up to the series has been determined.  Basically, a lot of story threads will be wrapped up in the next few books.  Also, there is a plan, though not shared, about what comes after the hollows.  There were some questions about the hollow’s television show.  Kim did announce that the CW is currently working on a pilot but that there is no other news.  

I would highly recommend this series if you do not already read it.  Also, if you ever get the chance to attend one of her signing, do it!  She in entertain, funny and just an all around great person.  She will sign previous books and does a nice job of having a little something different to say in each one.  I am really excited to be able to give a little something away to one of you.  The Hollows Insider is a companion to the series and Kim was nice enough to giveaway signed glow in the dark posters of the cover of this book.  I have one to giveaway to a lucky winner.  Thank you Kim! Please enter below.


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“The world of the Hollows is fast-moving, funny, harrowing and scary, and—the greatest compliment to a fantasy—absolutely real.”
—Diana Gabaldon

Welcome to the Hollows—Kim Harrison’s remarkable shadow world of vampires, pixies, demons…and one unstoppable bounty hunter witch named Rachel Morgan. The Hollows Insider is your guide through the dark mysteries of this grimly twisted Cincinnati—featuring maps and illustrations, spells and character profiles, and much more, including an all-new Rachel Morgan short story. Fans of New York Times bestseller Harrison will not want to miss The Hollows Insider, a visitor’s handbook to this creepy capital of the urban fantasy universe—on the same alternate globe, perhaps, as Charlaine Harris’s vampire-ridden Louisiana, Jim Butcher’s sinister Chicago, and Patricia Brigg’s shape-shifting Pacific Northwest.


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