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Calling His Bluff by B.A. Tortuga

Lisa / January 6, 2017

Excerpt: The sheets were drenched, the world a violent place filled with tremors and waves of agony. Patrick twisted, trying to drive himself up, away from the sea of bites that covered his skin. He groaned when skeletal hands reached up from the depths to pull him back down. No. He wouldn’t go back. “Bébé. Bébé, you are a fighter,…

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Bewitching Book Tours, giveaways

Luminous Dreams by Alexa Piper

Lisa / December 13, 2016

      Luminous Dreams Alexa Piper   Genre: Paranormal Erotica   Publisher: World Weaver Press   Date of Publication:  December 13, 2016   ISBN: 978-0-9977888-5-3 ASIN: B01M7UBG0H   Number of pages: 140 Word Count: 40,000   Book Description:   Relax, close your eyes . . . and dream. Nine tales, nine sensual dreams of enchantment, wanderlust and lovers’ longings,…

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