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Soul of a Viking by Sky Purington

Lisa / January 25, 2017

Excerpt: “Who goes there?” came an all-too- familiar voice from the door. Lauren sighed and called out. “It is none of your concern, Tait.” Evidently, he thought differently because seconds later he entered, a frown on his face as his eyes swept around the lodge. “I heard a man in here.” “It was just Einar,” she began, her words trailing…

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Bewitching Book Tours, Books, giveaways

Warriors of Lemuria Series by Rosalie Redd

Lisa / January 17, 2017

Excerpt “You escaped. Perhaps I should put you in the dungeon.” Noeh’s voice was low and threatening. The resulting shiver that skated across her arms wasn’t from fear. She wanted to pound her fists against his body. “I’ll just pick my way out of there, too.” “Don’t bet on it.” He stood. Against her will, her body responded to his…

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