Detroit Pistons

So I am way late posting this!  For my best friends 31st birthday I was able to surprise her with 3rd row VIP tickets to a Detroit Pistons game.  She is a HUGE fan – right now I hope the birthday gift of a lifetime prize.  I wanted to share some of the game (pictures at least) with all of you. 

These first few pictures are before the game started.
Now some game time pictures:

It was an amazing game.  Pistons won in overtime which was right at our end of the court! AMAZING!
Post game – so cool seeing the players up close and getting out picture taken with Special K.

This was an amazing night!  Pistons won and here is my favorite picture from the night – he totally posed for me!

Anthony’s 1st Detroit Pistons Game

We were very lucky and got the chance to go to the Opening Detroit Pistons Game due to Christie’s uncle.  We had great seats in the lower bowl with in seat servers for food.  We had a great time.  We tried to get there early because it was free Jersey Day but did not get them up front but Anthony and I walked out during the 3rd period and ended up getting them.  They are black and orange for Halloween as the game was the Friday before Halloween.  Anthony got very into the game and got a good idea of how the game is played.  He can’t wait for the chance to go again!  Let’s hope for some tickets in the future.
Andrea Christie and Anthony

Balloon Hooper


Mom and Anthony

Mom and Anthony

Drum Line