Review: A Crown Imperiled by Raymond E. Feist

A Crown Imperiled (Chaoswar Saga Series #2)A Crown Imperiled by Raymond E. Feist

  • ISBN-13: 9780061468414
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Publication date: 3/13/2012
  • Pages: 480
  • Series: Chaoswar Saga Series , #2
  • Source: Purchased


From the New York Times bestselling author of the Riftwar Cycle—including the original Riftwar, the Serpentwar, the Darkwar, the Demonwar, and now the Chaoswar—comes the latest entry in one of the most treasured and enduring sagas in modern fantasy.

A Crown Imperilled

War rages in Midkemia once again, and behind the chaos, disquieting evidence points to dark elements at work.

As enemies march across the realm wreaking destruction, its brave and loyal defenders battle to survive—a struggle made more perilous now that Jim Dasher’s trusted intelligence network has been cleverly dismantled. Region by region, Midkemia is being ripped apart, and the loyal spy and his allies find themselves overpowered at every turn.

Signs of the kingdom’s impending doom surround them. King Gregory of the Isles has yet to produce an heir. Roldem and Rillanon have each been plagued by palace coups that threaten to topple their thrones. Lord Hal of Crydee and his great friend Ty Hawkins, champion swordsman of the Masters’ Court, have been entrusted with smuggling Princess Stephane and her lady-in-waiting, the lovely and perplexing Lady Gabriella, out of Roldem to safety. But the rising danger has made finding refuge treacherous.

Nowhere is safe, including Ylith, Midkemia’s strategic bastion, where Hal’s younger brothers Martin and Brendan hold off an onslaught of brutal Keshian Dog Soldiers and a mysterious force from beneath the sea. Yet courage alone is not enough to withstand the continued enemy assault. Without reinforcements, hope of success fades. Martin, Brendan, and their compatriots know that while losing Crydee, the legendary city on the kingdom’s edge, would be devastating, the realm can still be saved. But if Ylith falls, all is lost.

As Jim, Hal, and all their brothers in arms fight for their lives, Pug and the Conclave of Shadows embark on a magical quest to hunt down the dark force orchestrating the destruction before Midkemia is annihilated. And time is running out. . . .


My Thoughts

A Crown Imperiled is the book two in The Chaoswar Saga and the next to last book in the Riftwar Cycle.  Everything seems to be falling apart in Midkemia, and no one seems to know why.  This was a great read that left me with more questions than answers concerning the overall plot of the series.  I believe the most interesting part of the whole story though, were the few pages worth devoted to the new character, Rider.  It certainly put a different light on the entire Riftwar.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next book, but am sad that the series is ending.  The editing in this book was something that you would expect in an ARC.  Hopefully this is corrected before the next book comes out.  

My Rating:




This book would have been rated closer to a 4 if it were not for the editing.

Review: Big Boned by Meg Cabot

Big Boned (Heather Wells Series #3)

Big Boned by Meg Cabot

  • ISBN-13: 9780060525132
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Publication date: 11/20/2007
  • Pages: 304
  • Series: Heather Wells Series , #3
  • Source: Purchased


Life is reasonably rosy for plus-size ex-pop star turned Assistant Dormitory Director and sometime sleuth Heather Wells. Her freeloading ex-con dad is finally moving out. She still yearns for her hot landlord, Cooper Cartwright, but her relationship with "rebound beau," vigorous vegan math professor Tad Tocco, is more than satisfactory. Best of all, nobody has died lately in "Death Dorm," the aptly nicknamed student residence that Heather assistant-directs. Of course every silver lining ultimately has some black cloud attached. And when the latest murdered corpse to clutter up her jurisdiction turns out to be her exceedingly unlovable boss, Heather finds herself on the shortlist of prime suspects—along with the rabble-rousing boyfriend of her high-strung student assistant and an indecently handsome young campus minister who’s been accused of taking liberties with certain girls’ choir members.

With fame beckoning her back into show business (as the star of a new kids’ show!) it’s a really bad time to get wrapped up in another homicide. Plus Tad’s been working himself up to ask her a Big Question, which Heather’s not sure she has an answer for . . .

My Thoughts:

I just have to start this off by saying I love Meg Cabot’s writing style.  I am not sure how I made it this long reading and not have read anything by this quick witted author!   One of my favorite things about her style is the ability to have one main story line and yet weave some very unique story lines along with it without the reader having any clue that there is something else building up.  It makes me get to the end of the book going, how did I miss that coming.  I always say this is a great feat to take the reader by surprise. 

Alright, on to Heather Wells and her interesting life.  Big Boned starts with Heather meeting her current man, Tad Tacco, off campus.  The reason why is she should not be involved with him at all since he is her math professor and someone who is everything she is not but she is believes she is thrilled with this rebound guy.  Heather is an assistant director at a dorm, currently referred to as “Death Dorm” due to a few recent deaths.  That all gets worse when her current boss is murdered in his office and Heather finds him.  This turns her world upside down.  She is sucked into the case and even though she is told to stay out she just can’t do that.  The deeper she get the more things seem to be anything but what they appear to be on the surface.  And that goes beyond the case, into her own life and those people around her. 

The sleuthing skills that Heather has are comical and get her into the business of so many of the people on campus’ lives.  She uncovers things that should not be happening on campus and takes a stand to protect the students in her dorm when all hell breaks loose when the student workers strike to get better benefits and heath care options.  I just love her just go after it style. 

There was a point while reading where I had to stop and ask myself it is was reasonable that all of these things could possible happen all at once.  The answer that I came to was that it was a college campus and well just about anything and everything can happen so why would it not all happen at once.  Once I got beyond that point, I was able to sit back, relax, and enjoy Heather figuring out just who done it and the reasons why.  I love a lead woman who gets things done but yet is real and has real woman body issues. 

My Rating:

3 Penguin 

3 Penguins, a nice quick and fun read

Review: Putting Boys on the Ledge by Stephanie Rowe

Putting Boys on the Ledge (Girlfriend's Guide to Boys #1)Putting Boys on the Ledge by Stephanie Rowe


Meet Blueberry Waller, whose name is the only interesting thing about her life. Until now.
Not only is Blue dealing with the worst name in the world, crazy parents and a clingy younger sister, she just got a part in the school play. And now she’s acting with Heath Cavendish, total crush-worthy senior. He would never give a second look to a girl like Blue. Except he has.
Her friends say Blue should play it cool, put Heath on the Ledge so she can keep the upper hand. Trouble is, she doesn’t know how to be clever around boys. Thankfully her pal Colin offers his help in teaching her how to get the guy. But he’s just being a good friend. Isn’t he?
Suddenly the wallflower is getting all the attention. But will being in the spotlight keep Blue from making the right decisions…for her?

My Thoughts:

Putting Boys on the Ledge was a fun but very quick read.  Blueberry, better known as Blue, lands a part in a play where she will be acting with her huge crush, Heath.  The guy who she never figured would notice her from any other girl but much to her surprise he is suddenly interested.  When Blue realizes that she has no idea how to act, her buddy Colin offers to help her land the guys but that is where things get a bit more interesting.

I felt like this was a pretty typical girl wants guy and a different guy, a good friend wants girl.  It was worth the read but there was not a whole lot to the story.  The characters were fairly well developed but nothing too deep.  I enjoy the story line and it had it own unique moments.

My Rating:

3 Penguin

3 Penguins, didn’t knock my socks off but not bad either.