Dewey 24 hour Read-A-Thon, Mini Challenge

Hour 6 Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge

Hey Everyone-

Welcome to Lisa’s World of Books, I am glad you choose to stop by today.  I hope your read-a-thon is off to a good start.  It’s time to take a little break and have some fun!  Everyone is welcome to participate in my mini challenge but the prize will be for someone in the US (sorry to everyone else – I can’t afford the shipping right now).  So now the question you are asking yourself is what is this challenge.  

So how does it work?

Top 5

What are the 5 books you are looking forward to in the next few months or really into next year. 

Make a post on your blog, twitter, Facebook or where ever you are posting your updates and leave me a comment here linking to your challenge along with your email address and where you are located in the world.

I am looking forward to your posts. Feel free to explain if you would like to as to your reasons.  Here are just some ideas of books coming out soon:

The Next AlwaysCrossed (Matched Trilogy Series #2)Book Cover Image. Title: V is for Vengeance, Author: by Sue  GraftonBook Cover Image. Title: Explosive Eighteen (Stephanie Plum Series #18), Author: by Janet  EvanovichBook Cover Image. Title: The Scottish Prisoner: A Lord John Novel, Author: by Diana  Gabaldon



I will pick one winner at 5 pm EST who will get a signed copy of Thieves Like Us by Starr Ambrose along with a signed ARC of Lie to Me by Starr Amborse.   Good Luck and Have Fun!

56 thoughts on “Hour 6 Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge

  1. Here are the books that I am looking forward to in the next year. I am sorry that I was able to line them up next to each other.

  2. 1) Bitsy’s Bait and BBQ ~ by Pamela Morsi, 2007, fiction (Missouri)
    2) House of Dance ~ by Beth Kephart, 2008, YA fiction
    3) Smiles to Go ~ by Jerry Spinelli, 2008, YA fiction
    4) The Heart Is Not a Size ~ by Beth Kephart, 2010, YA fiction
    5) Undercover ~ by Beth Kephart, 2007, YA fiction

    My list is also found on my blog at Hour 6, here:

    Email: emerging DOT paradigm AT yahoo DOT com

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