Cabin Fever Anthology

Excerpt UNEXPECTED FAMILY – Roxi St. James

There she was again.  His mystery girl.  His pulse quickened.  What was it about her that was so appealing?  She was beautiful, yes, but what gave her the aurora of magic that drew him in?  He took another sip of his drink.  He must be going crazy.  Or he was getting drunker than he thought he was.  He hadn’t even spoken to her yet.
He glanced back up in her direction.  Something upstairs had definitely upset her.  She paced back and forth from the bar like a caged tiger.  Anxious energy that didn’t have an outlet.  He could only imagine what that energy might feel like if she directed it toward him.  He cleared his throat and readjusted himself on the stool.  He didn’t need to obsess about her.  He should probably just head home and start working on one of his briefs waiting on him.
She found a seat at the other end of the bar.  One hand tapped the bar while with the other she threw back a shot, downing it in one go .  She said something to the bartender, and he refilled her glass.  She downed that one too.  She better watch out at the rate she was going.  He knew that kind of mood and it usually led to no good.
Just as she signaled the bartender for another refill, a movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention.  A man was approached.  Grant’s muscles tightened, but he forced them to relax. 
He couldn’t keep from watching, as the guy leaned on the bar, invading her space.  She shook her head and leaned away.  Clear signs she wasn’t interested, but the guy didn’t get the message.  The closer he leaned in, the more she leaned away.
Without thinking, Grant stood and walked around the bar towards them.  His brain told him to leave it be, but his legs had other plans.  He was just going to scare the jerk away and that was it.  As he approached them, he could hear the wanna-be Casanova trying his hardest.
“Come on, baby, you look like you could use a good time,” he crooned.
Grant smirked as he approached them.  “Sweetheart, there you are!  Did you start without me?”  He stepped up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders.  She jumped and he leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek.  “Just go along with it,” he whispered into her ear before standing back up.
The man just looked at Grant and sneered.  “You can’t be with her.  You’re old enough to be her father.”
Grant straightened to his full 6’2” and peered down at the player.  “Who says I’m not?  Be gone, kid.”
After a moment’s hesitation, he turned and walked off muttering, “Her loss.” 
Grant took the seat beside her.  “On behalf of my sex, I am sorry you have to deal with jackasses like that.”
She sat and stared at him for a minute, wide-eyed.  “Thank you.”  Her quiet voice was sweet and musical.  “It’s not the first time, but it’s nice to be rescued by someone so…” Her brows drew together in concentration.
“Old?” he offered with a smile.
She returned it with a little chuckle.  “Tall.”
He grinned.  “Well, you got me there.  Now, you have a decision to make.”
Her smile started to fade.  “I do?”
“Yep.  I can sit here and deter other hunters for you, or I can bid you good evening and be on my way.  Totally up to you since I’ve succeeded in my act of gallantry.”
Her smile bloomed again.  “You can stay.  If you want.”

Cabin Fever Anthology

Genre: Romance/Love stories
Publisher:  Indie Amazon
Date of Publication:  Aug 7, 2020
Number of pages:  347
Word Count:  89,119
Cover Artist:  Donna Parrish
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REWRITE – Renee Pellegrino

Savannah Giuseppe, best-selling author is summoned home. She returned to the cabin remembering the magic of Earth Day and the man who broke her heart.

WORTH IT! – Stephanie Spicer

High school sweethearts, Robin and Cody Carmichael thought their marriage could overcome any obstacle. The only problem is Robin doesn’t remember this hurdle.


Every Friday night, tarot reader Selena is at Nettie’s Diner. Steven visits her for a reading about his son. Fate intervenes in their destinies.


After a special night with a handsome stranger, Piper Kendrick is shocked when she discovers his identity and he is closer than she ever expected.

LIAR IN THE CABIN – Sunny Abernathy

In 1908 Beth is expected to look forward to marriage. She’d rather be independent, which means staying away from Benjamin.

About Renee Pellegrino:

From the author of Because of You and co-author on the Missing Locket

Born in a small-town Pennsylvania town called Altoona with five German shepherds, August, Roman, Rey, Tori and Sophia. After Covid – 19, she hopes to return to the dog show world.

Storytelling first stated when a priest asked everyone if they had something to say.
Renee told everyone about her brother peeing like a Shamu. Laughter filled the church, but her la Nonna not so much.

About Stephanie Spicer:

Stephanie Spicer is from a military family which meant she spent the majority of her life traveling. She has since made Atlanta, Ga her home and is raising her three kids with her husband who has been the love of her life for over seventeen years.

She’s always been an avid reader, finding romance novels when she was fifteen and promptly falling in love. She reads most anything she can get her hands on and when she couldn’t find books that matched the stories in her head she decided to start writing her own. Once she did, it was like a light had gone off.

She hopes you enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

About Cynthia Carver:

Cynthia Carver, born in Dayton, Ohio to Métis parents and a veteran of the US Navy, puts a paranormal spin on everything she does whether it is ghost hunting or camping. Often the photos she takes and shares on her website have images of other-dimensional beings. Her failure in life is cooking. At her family’s request, she brings items such as paper plates, napkins, and utensils to family gatherings.

Her dyslexia leaks into all phases of her life including her published work. She released the second story featuring her main character, Tracy Richards first. Meet Tracy Richards in Tracy’s debut novella, ‘The Missing Locket.’

On a timeline, ‘Small Bit of Justice’ happened to Tracy Richards before ‘Missing Locket.’ Each novelette, novella, and novel are stand-alone stories.

Each November, Cynthia accepts the challenge of writing a 50,000-word novel within thirty days. She is a cheerleader for those in the writer’s facebook group ‘Writing Support Sisters’ who have joined her in the writing madness.

Visit Cynthia’s website to keep up to date about future novels, book signings, and travels

Rosa Pearl – Realities of the Paranormal

About Roxie St. James:

Roxi St. James was born and raised in Georgia, but has traveled all over the country.  She has read every romance novel she could get her hands on for her entire life.  After writing privately for just as long, she is excited to make this her debut as a published author.

About Sunny Abernathy:

An overly caffeinated Author and Artist who believes one can never have enough cats or books. Writes “Red Flag” Love stories in historical and contemporary settings. She sometimes gives her characters a Happily Ever After as she did in Cabin Fever Anthology.