The Night of Elisa by Isis Sousa

The Night of Elisa
Illustrated Gothic Novel
Book One
Isis Sousa
Genre: Gothic, Paranormal, Horror
Publisher: Tragic Books
Date of Publication: February 2016
ISBN: 9781519169945
ISBN: 9781367510418
Number of pages: 220
Word Count: 60k words + illustrations
Cover Artist: Isis Sousa
~ The Corpse Bride meets Penny Dreadful ~
Book Description:
“Sometimes, life and love can follow the most obscure paths, just as they did for Elisa.”
Her life becomes a dark, cold, lonely cage the day the devil takes her as his wife. He robs her of almost everything she holds dear: her health, her wealth and what is left of her family.
Trapped between the nuances of life and beyond-life, Elisa finds herself struggling for a better tomorrow. With her health deteriorating, how will she summon the courage and strength to stand her ground? And how far will she go in the pursuit of a dream?
Embark with Elisa on this puzzling Gothic adventure set in the late Victorian era, between the world of the Living and the picturesque, melancholic Duskland.
The Night of Elisa is first and furthermost Victorian Gothic, but can also fit within other genres such as Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery and Occult.
Parental guidance: for 16+ Contains blood, nudity and dark themes.
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from Chapter 1
‘Elisa’ woke up
slowly on the crimson pillows of the adorned wooden couch. Her vision was
blurry and her head was spinning. How is this possible? Her heavy eyes resisted
her will to see the world, yet little by little the figure of a gentleman
formed, sitting on a chair by her side. He was a tall, slender, slightly
athletic type of man, well-dressed and, she could tell, of noble manners. He
had pale skin, a sculpted nose and a wide forehead embraced by fiery curls.
“W… where am
I? What happened?”
“You are safe in
my house.” His voice was calm, poised and sounded somehow familiar. There was a
long pause. “I don’t know what happened to you, but hopefully we are going to
find out…”
He looked at her
intently. She was weak, slightly frightened and her countenance was as delicate
as a white rose. Her hair had a mahogany nuance and was curled and tied back.
She was dressed in a fine, dark violet dress and boots. Her grey eyes, as
beautiful as the sea on a stormy day, were wide open and her voice was pleasant
to the ear, like a mermaid’s song.
“I found you
hurt in the woods last evening and brought you here. You’ve been mostly asleep
since then. I’m glad you woke up.” A slight smile formed on his face as he
devoured her neck with his eyes.
‘Elisa’ was
reading the large room, looking at the faded colors of the wooden ceiling and
walls. The fancy furniture, ornaments and expensive portraits were all covered
with a thin layer of dust, but were otherwise in perfect order. The house was
as old as everything inside. It had the smell of the past.
In a long moment
of complete silence they could hear each other’s breath. Slowly and carefully
she sat up in the middle of the couch, without deviating from the stranger’s
grim, blue eyes. She looked up at the second floor and spotted a taller figure
standing in the darkness. She thought he looked as obscure as a ghost. Who is
that strange man watching us? She looked back at Leonhard, who was also staring
at the figure.
“What is your
name, sir?”
“I’m Leonhard,
madame. What is your name?” He turned his gaze back to the fragile and confused
lady. When his eyes met hers he almost stopped breathing, as if he had seen the
eyes of an angel.
“I can’t
remember… I can’t remember anything!” ‘Elisa’ rubbed her eyes, frustrated.
“Who is that man upstairs?”
The figure drew
closer to the polished handrail. He was a thin man in his mid-fifties, with
bits of grey hair and a pale countenance, dressed in a suit jacket. He looked
down at her for a second, examining her, and then he walked away hurriedly like
the devil escaping from the cross.
“That is Dr.
Charles,” Leonhard said, interrupting the moment of silence. “He medicated you
when I brought you home. He is… not much used to foreigners. We share this
house since neither of us has a family. He will get used to you, I hope.”
‘Elisa’ gave
Leonhard a weak smile. She was obviously uncomfortable and becoming more and
more impatient. Where am I? What happened to me? Who are these people? I need
to find a way to get out of here! She crossed her arms, twisted her lips and
looked around the finely arranged living room, thinking a thousand things at
Leonhard could
hear, feel that her heartbeat was accelerating. He was growing impatient,
wondering what sorts of things were passing through her head. Many questions
appeared in the corners of his mind too.
Just as he was
about to speak, the young lady extended her silky hand to him. She was hesitant
but gathered enough courage to look deep into his eyes. 
“Can you take me
somewhere open… sir? I just need… some fresh air.”
Leonhard was
hesitant. He was sure she needed more rest; after all she had been through
since he found her it was hard to believe she felt well now. Dr. Charles, you
are amazing! What kind of miraculous drug did you give to her? Leonhard wanted
to protect and take care of her, hold her… He felt the urge to reach for her
neck. Old habits die hard! Hold yourself, Leonhard! Concerned as he was, he
thought some fresh air would indeed do her good, and it was better for him to
go and watch out for her.
“Do you want
something to eat first?”
“No! Sorry, sir!
I have no appetite. Please…” There was a note of desperation in her voice.
“You need to
drink some water. It’s important for your health. I will bring a glass for you
and then I can show you my garden.”
“Thank you so
much for your kindness!” Why do I have the impression that deep inside every
kind man there is a fearsome demon? I need to keep calm or I will ruin
Leonhard sensed
she was afraid. Perhaps she might run, escape. But escape from what? Does she
see me as a threat? He came back from the kitchen with a glass of fresh water.
Once she had
finished drinking he put the glass on a nearby sideboard. He took her delicate
hand gently under his left arm and they walked slowly, through the main doorway
and out into the well-maintained garden. ‘Elisa’ was secretly grateful that the
gentleman was helping her walk so she wouldn’t crumble.


The plants had
been grown in geometric patterns. The bigger bushes were rounded and the
smaller ones were cut flat on the top and sides, forming natural fences
alongside the pathways. There were many different flowers, but all were shades
of purple, white and crimson. A big fountain stood in the center of the garden
and a couple of smaller ones aligned with it towards the garden’s edges. Each
of the fountains was topped with a sculpture of a nude dancing angel. There was
the smell of grass, flowers and afternoon, and the sunset was glooming on the
horizon, as it mostly does in Duskland.
About the Author:
I am an artist, illustrator and graphic designer who writes on my free time. But with all the imagination I have running lose, there came some stories… And there came some books!
I am born and grown up in Brazil, however I live in Mid-Norway with my beloved husband, in a tiny valley surrounded by mountains and with very few neighbours.
When I’m not doing artwork and illustration for clients, I’m doing woodcarving, painting ornaments, painting artworks for myself, and so on. Love Arts, History, Heavy Metal and Dark things.


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