Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge Hour 13: Best of Your Reading Year!


Hey, everybody! Welcome to the Hour 13 Mini-Challenge!  I hope that you are having a lot of fun with the read-a-thon and glad you decided to come by for a break and fun!  So without further ado…The challenge for the hour is to share some of your best from your reading year and why.  The idea is to pick at least 3 of the categories below and share your favorites and why.  Hopefully, everyone will discover a new…or maybe even genre.

Best Book of Your Reading Year

Best Romance Book of Your Reading Year

Best YA Book of Your Reading Year

Best New Adult Book of Your Reading Year

Best Mystery Book of Your Reading Year

Best Non-Fiction Book of Your Reading Year

Best Sci-Fi Book of Your Reading Year

Best Fantasy Book of Your Reading Year

Best Children’s Book of Your Reading Year

Best Fiction Book of Your Reading Year

Best Main Character of Your Reading Year

Best Author of Your Reading Year

Best Supporting Character of Your Reading Year

Best Cover of Your Reading Year

Best Character You Love To Have of Your Reading Year

Best Setting of Your Reading Year

Best Story Line of Your Reading Year

Best Indie Author of Your Reading Year

Or anything else your want to tell us the Best of Your Reading Year

Be sure that you share the book title and author.  Share as much or as little as you want.  Come back here and post the link to your answers in the comments.  If you do not have a blog, just leave your answers here.  This mini challenge will run through hour 16 so think about it and have some fun with it!  The winner will be randomly selected from those who enter and can choose their top 3 choices from the Prizes page (  So get out there and get sharing!

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77 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge Hour 13: Best of Your Reading Year!

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    • You like those witch books eh?

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  3. I have a blog, but I am going to comment here anyway 🙂

    Best Non-Fiction Book of Your Reading Year: Gulp by Mary Roach – Not only do I love Mary Roach (Packing for Mars is one of my all-time favorites), but Gulp is a fabulous book about how we digest food. Seriously, it’s a high interest book about what happens when we eat! Sounds crazy, but it’s sooooo good!

    Best Fiction Book of Your Reading Year: Say You’re One of Them by Ramona Ausubel – I just reviewed this one on my blog, and while it’s kind of strange, it’s also like a beautiful song full of peace and melancholy that brings tears to your eyes.

    Best Author of Your Reading Year: Jamie Ford – First he has the amazing Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, and then this year he comes out with Songs of Willow Frost, which is equally amazing. Jamie has definitely become one of my favorite authors!

    -Rebecca @ Love at First Book

    • I got a notice today that Songs of Willow Frost is now available for me at the library. I’m looking forward to reading it next week!

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  5. Here’s mine! I went with Best Book, Best Supporting Character, and Best Author.

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  7. This was great! All my mini-challenges are in one big post, so scroll down to find my list

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  9. My awards are:
    Best non-fiction of the year – Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. This was incredibly well written, including great anecdotes and actionable advice backed by research. It’s also the book I’ve read this year which I most want other people to read.
    Best indie book of the year – After The Ending, an indie dystopian that did a great job avoiding cliches
    Best book to movie adaptation – The King’s Speech, a surprisingly dramatic and heartwarming movie
    and my post is here:

    • I finished Lean In last night. I’m totally recommending it to all the young women I know!

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  14. Best Sci-Fi Book and Best YA or Childrens Book of Your Reading Year: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

    Best Main Character of Your Reading Year: Rincewind from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books

    Best Fiction Book of Your Reading Year: Lexicon by Max Barry

    Best Non-Fiction Book of Your Reading Year: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

    my own award, Best Cookbook of My Reading Year: Well Fed by Melissa Joluwan

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  17. Unfortunately I haven’t read much this year, but I will recommend these:
    The solitude of prime numbers by Paolo Giordano. Best Main characters and..something something human psyche. +Nerdiness.
    Norwegian wood by Haruki Murakami, Best…Setting? And whatever genre this is.
    – Despite that everyone has read it and such, conclusively: The Fault in our Stars Best YA Book, Best Cover, Best Romance, Best storyline and most definitely most favorite author of my reading year. (And beyond, really)

    Posted on my blog as well!

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  19. Best Book of My Reading Year: Someone by Alice McDermot

    This book really blew me away….I kept having memories of the first time I read “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” which if a book makes a reader go there you are one amazingly talented writer. It’s so many things that come together to make this book so effortlessly spectacular. A story of one life that shed so many lights on the walk of life itself. The writing is so organic, real and touching. I can’t recommend it more. I am writing a review now but am finding it hard to find words to convey all the things this book is.

    Best Setting of My Reading Year: Salt Redux by Lucinda Brandt

    I adore period literature and early this year I was given the honor of beta-reading Australian author Lucinda Brandt’s “Salt Redux”. I have never seen an author who has such complete and detailed grasp of a time period like she. Most historical authors have a great handle on certain areas of a time period but Brandt literally makes you feel like you opened a door into the Georgian period. Her details from architecture, clothing to every day items and dialogue are so exact and abundant it boggles the mind. Not only that but she is a fantastic writer to boot. A not to be missed for period fans.

    Best “Book Geek” Title of My Year: The Geek and the Scandalous Earl by Gina Lamm

    This book has “I’m a book loving woman” written all over it. I think if the main character were real she’d be doing Dewey’s Readathon two times a year for sure. It is funny, fun and a guilty pleasure to be saved for a rainy day. I read it in a few hours….such a fun mix of book obsessed, period literature, and simple fun with writing. A perfect choice for a “pick me up” book during readathon or any time for that matter.

    Thanks for a great mini-challenge that took some thought but was really fun. Have a great readathon!

    Courtney at Stiletto Storytime

  20. I don’t dare read everyone’s best list…too tempting!

    just stopping by to say thank you for hosting a mini-challenge. Gina @ BookDragon’s Lair

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