A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time Series #14)A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

  • ISBN-13: 9780765325952
  • Publisher: Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
  • Publication date: 1/8/2013
  • Pages: 912
  • Source: From Publisher For Review


Since 1990, when Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time® burst on the world with its first book, The Eye of the World,readers have been anticipating the final scenes of this extraordinary saga, which has sold over forty million copies in over thirty-two languages.

When Robert Jordan died in 2007, all feared that these concluding scenes would never be written. But working from notes and partials left by Jordan, established fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson stepped in to complete the masterwork. With The Gathering Storm (Book 12) and Towers of Midnight (Book 13) behind him, both of which were # 1 New York Times hardcover bestsellers, Sanderson now re-creates the vision that Robert Jordan left behind.

Edited by Jordan’s widow, who edited all of Jordan’s books, A Memory of Light will delight, enthrall, and deeply satisfy all of Jordan’s legions of readers.

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass.

What was, what will be, and what is,

May yet fall under the Shadow.

Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.

My Thoughts:

The Wheel of Time turns and the Age is coming to an end.  The Last Battle is approaching, as the Dark One strives to break free of his prison and conquer humanity.  Only three more seals remain unbroken.  Rand al’Thor, farmboy from the Two Rivers, is the Dragon Reborn, destined to fight the Dark One and break the world.  But has the taint on saidin and the presence of Lews Therin in his mind driven him to madness?  The rulers of the nations have gathered to meet with Rand before the Last Battle, to decide whether to follow his plan or to stop him before he gets them all killed.  Can the Dragon convince his friends and allies before he leaves for Shayol Ghul to confront the Dark One?  The Last Battle is coming.

There are 10,038 pages in the 14 hardcover versions of the Wheel of Time Series.  This book makes every single one worth reading.  At times the reading can be slow, or it can be confusing trying to keep track of all the characters and countries and all the various plot lines.  Those plot lines start to come together towards the end of the series and finally converge in this last volume.  All the various threads get wrapped up and tied off.  The overall tapestry they create is an intricate work of art.

Brandon Sanderson has done a masterful job of finishing the story left behind by Robert Jordan after his passing.  The last three books in the series were written from the notes and scenes Jordan made when he realized he would be unable to finish the novels himself, so the vision is Jordan’s, but it was Sanderson who breathed life into it for the fans to read.

I had A Memory of Light finished the day after it came in the mail, with only a short pause for a few brief hours of sleep.  The reactions of Leigh Butler in the review posted over on tor.com, mirror many of my own while reading.  Ranging from “OMG” to “but…but…but…” to “saw that one coming” to “well, interesting”, this book is sure to put any fan through the emotional gamut.  Some books leave you wondering at the end, or feeling like maybe you missed something somewhere back in book 2, or wondering if there’s going to be another book after this that no one told you about.   A Memory of Light left me feeling satisfied with a story well told and eager to start on rereading the whole series straight through now that I have them all.

If you’re a fan of the series, this book in an obvious must read.  If you haven’t read any of the Wheel of Time books, you’re missing out on an epic masterpiece and I urge you to get started here.

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend.

My Rating:

 5 Penguin

I didn’t expect any less than a 5 penguin review.

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  1. This is one of my all time favorite series. I can’t wait to get my copy. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Cherie it was well worth the wait!

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