Hey Everyone!  I hope that everyone is doing well.  I have a new phone that has a camera so I thought I would try it out even though I am very nervous about being on camera and well watching it my mouth moves funny, I don’t like it but I thought you guys might so let me know what you think.  Thank to Alexa from Pages of Forbidden Love for the great books she got at ALA!  Not to mention being such a fun blogger to know! 


About the Books

Entice by Jessica Shirvington  

The Unfinished Garden by Barbara Claypole White


Thanks again, Alexa!!


One thought on “Thanks!

  1. Yay I’m so gald the books made it to your house safely! I would have commented on this sooner but I’ve been MIA from commenting on blogs lately. So glad little old me and two ALA books inspired you to do your first Vlog!

    Can’t wait to see what you think of the books and you are so very welcome. Glad they found a good home. 🙂

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