Review: The Hands of Tarot by SM Blooding

The Hands of Tarot
SM Blooding
Available: August 7, 2012
Format: E-book & Paperback
She killed his father.
She imprisoned and beat him.
And now she thinks he’s her trophy.
Synn El’Asim will do almost anything to prove her wrong. But he’s only proving her right.
Queen Nix awakened his Mark of power and inducted him into the House of Wands. She knew what she was doing. The son of the two most powerful Families standing against her is the ultimate prize.
What she didn’t take into consideration was that maybe he was too strong for her.
But the Families aren’t. They’ve been weakened and it’ll take a lot more than one young man with a powerful Mark to take on the Hands of Tarot.
At first, this book took me a while to adjust to and really get into.  I was not sure for a little bit, but once I got adjusted to the world it was very hard to put down.  One thing I can say about SM Blooding is she is outstanding at world building.  I could really picture the airships and the cities in which the story took place.  I think that the other things that took me a while to adjust to was the darkness of the book, this one is very violent in my opinion and while it was not a deal breaker for me it was something that took some time to get used to.  I have bee reading much lighter books so in the end this was a welcome change.    
Synn, our main character, with the help of his support system, realizes that he must face his fears and stop Queen Nix or she take out all of the families.  His biggest worry is that no one will stand with him when he takes his stand because he certainly looks much weaker that his foe.  Synn is written with excellent attention to detail and the plot of this story is done well giving you enough room to get caught up just at the right times.  This story is very intense at time and the author realized that sometimes the reader needs a moment to catch up and she gave us that through out the book.  
Overall, I feel like I have a hard time putting my thoughts on this story into words for a review.  I think that the author did a fantastic job and while this book doesn’t fit into the normal group of books I would normally read, I am really glad that I gave it shot because I enjoyed the change.
About the Author:
SM Blooding lives in Colorado with her pet rock, Rockie, their new addition, Mr. Bird, who’s a real bird. She likes to hike the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and is learning to play the piano and guitar. Currently, she’s trying to MURDER them both. Friends call her Frankie.
She’s dated vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, weapons smugglers and US Government assassins. Yes. She has stories.

She’s also an investigator with a 
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One thought on “Review: The Hands of Tarot by SM Blooding

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to review THE HANDS OF TAROT!! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    You are right. It’s intense due to the fact that there’s a lot to keep track of at the beginning. I hope I wrote it in such a way that you were able to keep track of things better. It was a tough story to tackle, but I sincerely enjoyed writing it. Thank you again!

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