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Review: So Damn Lucky by Deborah Coonts

So Damn LuckySo Damn Lucky by Deborah Coonts

  • ISBN-13: 9780765330062
  • Publisher: Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
  • Publication date: 2/28/2012
  • Pages: 384
  • Source: From Publisher


Lucky O’Toole—Head of Customer Relations at The Babylon, premier mega-resort on the Vegas Strip—thinks it’s just another night in Las Vegas. But then a magician pulls a disappearing act, right under Lucky’s nose. Is it a stunt? Or something worse?

Whileo m Lucky chases leads, someone is trying to put her off the scent. As if this wasn’t enough to ruin her day, Lucky’s relationship with The Big Boss is coming to a head—past hurts can no longer be denied. Of course, she is already on shaky emotional ground: Teddie, her live-in, has been touring with a young and lovely pop star. Paxton Dane, former coworker and would-be suitor, is still circling, hoping to find a chink in the armor of Lucky’s resolve. And then, there’s this French chef, who is proving to be too hot to handle….

Las Vegas expert Deborah Coonts thrills again with this third installment in her dazzling series focused on casino “fixer” Lucky O’Toole.

My Thoughts:

 So Damn Lucky starts on a downer Teddie is overseas chasing his dreams and has left Lucky along and she is beginning to doubt their relationship.  There have been so many changes in Lucky’s life since the first book in this series and for the first time it appears that things are looking pretty down for her.  There are still sexual tension between Lucky and two men who work in the hotel, Dane and the chef.  Lucky is also unsure how long she will be able to keep the big secret about being the Big Boss’ daughter.  There is a lot going on and then things become even stranger when a magician dies during a stunt and then just disappears.  As always Lucky feels that she has to figure out what is going on.  

This was a whirlwind of a story for me because there is just so much going on.  That being said, I found there to be a very nice balance between the action and adventure parts of the story and the relationships, romantic and not.  The one character issue I have with Lucky is that she says one thing and acts in a completely different manner when it comes to the romantic side of her life.  With all that she has going on between her crazy job, parents who have reconnected, and the mystery she is trying to solve, I just don’t know how she has time at act upon all of the different men she is attracted too.  And really how she can make decisions with one important person not even being there.  As a whole, I think that I happy with the outcome of this story and where I think it might be going next.  There are some major changes on the forefront and I think that they are going to be very exciting.

I really enjoy Deborah Coonts fun writing style and how she brings each and every character to life in such interesting manners.  Normally, I think that I would be irritated with a story line of UFOs and magicians but Ms. Coonts found a way for even me to enjoy it.  Perhaps it was the distraction of everything else going on.  Overall, I am looking forward to book #4, I really hope there will be one.

My Rating:

4 Penguins

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  1. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy Lucky! I just finished the fourth book, LUCKY BASTARD:) will put some polish on it, then start on the next digital novella, LUCKY BANG, due out July 1st! Better get crackin’….

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