Review: Changing the Game by Jaci Burton

Changing the Game (Play-by-Play Series #2)Changing the Game by Jaci Burton

  • ISBN-13: 9780425242407
  • Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
  • Publication date: 8/2/2011
  • Pages: 320
  • Series: Play-by-Play Series , #2
  • Source: Purchased


An erotic new game from the New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Play.

Sports agent Liz Darnell will do anything to win back her number-one client, baseball pro Gavin Riley. And Gavin’s more than ready- especially when Liz is offering herself as part of the bargain. But when love unexpectedly enters the playing field, neither Liz nor Gavin are ready for the biggest game-changer of all.

My Thoughts:

Changing the Game not just met my expectation from my pervious experience with The Perfect Play, the first book in this series.  The first book was focused on Mick Riley and now we move on to his brother, Gavin Riley.  Gavin is a pro baseball player and is living life.  His agent, Liz Darnell, had previously represented both his brother, Mick, and himself, but Mick recently fired Liz when she messed with his personal life.  Gavin knows that Liz has been avoiding him, he is sure in fear that he is going to fire her too, but he is not.  Gavin ends up cornering Liz at a party and takes her home with him and both of their worlds are in for a world of change.  What Gavin doesn’t know is that Liz has been in love with him for years but she has a strick run that she lives by to not get involved with her clients.  Things turn HOT and STEAMY from this point!  Wow, if I thought the sexual tension was good in book one, book two brought it on even stronger.

I had a much easier time relating to Liz and the situation that she was in that I did with Tara in The Perfect Play. Not to mention the fact that I enjoyed not having a child in the book kind of getting in the way.  Not that I didn’t enjoy the previous story line but well it kind of annoyed me.  I think that Jaci Burton did a great job at creating a story line that made Mick face his decision to hold Liz to the mistakes she made even though she had already apologized and fixed the situation.  Tara had even forgiven her but Mick kept holding on.  This caused a lot of drama both betwen Liz and Mick but also the whole Riley family.  And in my opinion it was just the right amount of tension and drama that left me wondering if they could work it out or would things just fall apart like Liz has convienced herself is going to happen. 

This is for sure an adult book with a lot of sex, but extremely well written sex.  Be aware of this because it is not tame by any streech of the imagination. If you are looking for a HOT and STEAMY book that still has excellent plot, this is the book for you.  Sit back, have a drink and enjoy this HOT story.


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