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Nerine Dorman:

What Sweet Music They Make. Here’s t

Betrayed by those closest to her, musical prodigy Tersia is heartbroken. She immerses herself in her music, turning her back on love. However, when she notices Severin at one of her performances, the serious, pale young man makes her want to risk her heart again. 

Severinís future as a lackey to the vampire Lord Murray has him chafing at his bonds. That is, until he encounters Tersia, whose rare musical talent captivates him. But Severin is not the only one to notice her. Other, darker forces have taken a sinister interest in her potential. 

Tersia and Severin can’t deny the spark that has ignited between them, but can they overcome the shadows that threaten to smother their trust? 

WARNING: Some sexual references, drug use.

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Author bio: 

An editor and multi-published author, Nerine Dorman currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa, with her visual artist husband. She has been involved in the media industry for more than a decade, with a background in magazine and newspaper publishing, commercial fiction, and print production management within a below-the-line marketing environment. Her book reviews, as well as travel, entertainment and lifestyle editorial regularly appear in national newspapers. A few of her interests include music, travel, history (with emphasis on Egypt), psychology, philosophy, magic and the natural world.

Her published works include Khepera Rising, Khepera Redeemed, The Namaqualand Book of the Dead, Tainted Love (writing as Therese von Willegen), Hell’s Music (writing as Therese von Willegen), What Sweet Music They Make, and Inkarna.


What Sweet Music Excerpt:


“Want to talk about it?” Jim rumbled. They were almost in Observatory now. Jim indicated to turn down past Groote Schuur Hospital. He hated taking the shortcut through Lower Main Road.

“It’s Robert. And…Caitlin.” She couldn’t bring herself to elaborate.

Jim squeezed her shoulder a bit more firmly. “Ah, bairn, that is just horrible. Did you… Now?”

Tersia nodded. “They were so busy with each other they didn’t even hear me come in. And I forgot my cellphone. Again.” This last thought brought on a fresh wave of sobs.

Her companion gave a deep sigh. “Well, there’s only one thing that will fix this, a nice glass of red and some music.”

“I don’t think I can play tonight.”

“This is where I disagree. I think you should. It will help soothe your heart. And we’ll stick to some of the livelier reels and jigs. Not all the sad stuff.”

“Really, Jim. It’s not a good idea. I need to figure out what I’ll do.”

“I know exactly what we’re going to do. We’re going to have a good night then you and me are going to get the rest of the group and we’re going to turf that no-good piece-of-filth boyfriend out of your apartment.

You’re not in this alone, dearie. Your friends are right here. Besides, Kate’s been aching for months to kick his butt since he was rude to her sister.”

Tersia peered at Jim through her fingers. “He was rude to Kate’s sister?”


Laura Lee Nutt:

Red and the Wolf.


Six years after the attack at her grandmother’s cottage, Blanchette still hides in her bedroom, unable to hear the wolf’s cry without shivering to her soul. Nor can she scent the pine and spruce rising from the Black Forest surrounding her home without remembering the lunge of a savage beast, the thick aroma of blood, and its tooth pricking her finger. But when Karl, the emperor’s hunter of the fantastic and monstrous, arrives at the village questioning her tale and threatening Heinrich, her huntsman rescuer, Blanchette’s worst fears swarm to the fore. Unless she confronts these fears, embraces her lupine nature, proves her control over her wolf, and accepts the bond of mated love Heinrich offers, Karl will butcher her and Heinrich like the unnatural beasts that they are.

Bio: When the world said that life was little but disappointment, struggle, and pain, Laura chose to still dream upon stars. She believes birthday wishes can come true, that good can triumph over evil, honor and true love really exist, and hope and happiness are worth fighting for. When not living vicariously through her fiction, she seeks to encourage others to aspire to such life-affirming ideals.

Laura has been writing since she could pen sentences and making up stories long before that. She first published a poem, “Glass Eyed Inspiration,” about her admiration of

Patrick Hough, a man blinded by a bullet to the head but who still fought for success and a positive attitude, a martial artist who inspired those around him. Later, once she decided to embrace her dream of becoming an author, she published “Entomophobia: An Insect Incident” in A Long Story Short and “War Drums Beat” in Sacred Twilight.

In fiction, Laura continues to build worlds, instigate adventures and romances, spark the fires of vengeance and love, and thread in that ever elusive yet essential hope. Her favorite theme to explore in writing is that, even in the darkest hour, the best of what we are can shine through and amidst calamity something good can take root and blossom.

Currently, she lives in Texas with her equally fiction obsessed husband, her rambunctious boys, and her dog, Shakespeare. Her favorite book is Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn, which has one of the most heart-wrenching romances she has ever read.

Here is the link to her blog: Please feel free to include my email and my Twitter ID @LauraLeeNutt.



Amy Burgess:

Hidden In Plain Sight

The Wolf Within Book 3

As Stanzie discovers her wolf, she learns being herself is more dangerous than ever.

Where is Bethany Dillon? The seventeen-year-old girl is missing from the Maplefair pack and Constance Newcastle–Stanzie–and Liam Murphy must find her. Fast. A serial killer still has not been caught. Bethany could have run away, or killed herself. But no one in her pack seems to know the truth. Or, they’re just not telling.

Constance’s knack for uncovering secrets leads her into peril, and to save Bethany, she must break every rule. She risks losing everything, including Liam…and her life.

A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance

Amy Lee Burgess wrote her first ghost story at age ten. Born in New England, she has also lived in New Orleans and Houston, survived fires, floods, hurricanes, divorce and the premature cancellation of several of her favorite television shows.

Turning her back on such shocking betrayals, she is now writing about ghosts, vampires, and other paranormal things and is much happier for it.


Hidden In Plain Sight excerpt:

The big wolf continued to growl. In fact, each time we spoke, his volume got a little louder. He kept his tawny-gold eyes fixed menacingly on me.

“I’m Pack,” I told him, uncertain of how much he understood. My wolf would probably have heard just so much gibberish because she was used to thinking in words, not hearing them. Murphy’s wolf might have understood spoken words. I’d never thought to ask him.

“Stanzie, please, I’m begging you.” Murphy was only a few yards away but it might as well have been a continent because there was nothing he could do if the wolf attacked me except watch. Vaughn’s face was white with dread.

For the first time I felt fear, and didn’t like it. We didn’t fear our own kind. Just because we were near strangers didn’t mean Nate should go all territorial.

I took a small step for the porch stairs and calculated how close I would need to get before I could make a break for it and which way the door worked. If I guessed wrong whether the door opened inward or outward, I was screwed. Who was I kidding? I was probably screwed no matter what I did. Wolves were way faster than people. By the time I made the stairs, he could leap across the space between us and knock me down with ease.

“I don’t think I can make it, Murphy. I’m afraid if I run he’ll attack me.”

“I’m gonna slam the trunk down. When he reacts to the noise, get inside.”

“What about you?” I started to say but the trunk slammed and Murphy yelled something in Irish. The wolf didn’t take his eyes off me.

Unfortunately by the time I processed that, I’d already sprinted three of the six feet between where I’d stood and the porch steps.

About a half second before he brought me down, I sensed his leap and tried to cover my head with my arms, but it was no use.

Murphy screamed my name. So did Vaughn. I tensed and waited for the agony as the wolf’s teeth tore into the soft parts of my arms, but all I felt was hot breath on the back of my neck. And then a slobbery tongue in my ear.