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Guest Author: Shari Richardson (Giveaway)

What Are Your Writing Quirks & Must-Haves To Write

I am nothing if not a quirky person and that quirkiness is definitely represented in my needs for writing. I have discovered over the years that without certain things, I am not a productive writer.

The first thing I need is a good environment and that means not my house. I do not write at home. I have found there are far too many distractions in my home for me to be productive. From my loving Chihuahuas who want my undivided attention to the laundry piling up in the hamper, there are so many things I “should” be doing that writing at home is a no-go. That means packing up my stuff and heading out to the closest Starbucks.

Since I don’t write at home, I need to be sure that my word processing is portable. I have worked on everything from pad and paper to my current iPad. I’ve discovered that when my technology isn’t meeting my needs, it impedes my writing process. To keep that from happening, I have experimented with and found the apps and software that work for me.

Once I have my technology organized, I need to block out the rest of the world. That means music to match either my mood or the writing I want to do. When I write darker things, I like heavier music. Romance requires lighter music. On the whole, I like instrumentals when I write, but sometimes the words in the songs help move the writing.

Finally, I must have the all-important IDEA. When an idea comes and is ready to be born, it is a wonderful, if frightening, thing. The first three books of the Highland Home series came out in under a month of 10-hour writing days. Other books, like Feuding Hearts, take years. Feuding Hearts took me twelve years to finish, but the story was there and the idea refused to die.

I know my must-haves may seem strange to you. Perhaps you like writing at home or can’t have music playing or must write with a pen and paper. No matter what you need to write, it’s right because you need it to be creative and productive. Enjoy your must-haves and your gotta-get-its and write, write, write.


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Nine Lives: The Fifth Highland Home Novel

Shari Richardson
Highland Home, Book 5
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Publisher: Astral Plane Publishing
Date of Publication:  September 2012
ISBN: 978-1461070092
Book Description:
I felt a familiar ripple and knew it was too late for me. I saw her, so tiny, so perfect and I knew that I could die content. When Xavier admitted his love for me, I was complete.
Kerry Cote’s story may sound familiar, but it’s not. Sure there are a lot of unmarried, pregnant teenagers in the world, but how many of them know the child they carry is a miracle? How many have a vampire body guard? How many are alone because the mother of us all and the father of all vampires has a jealous daughter who covets the baby’s father? Kerry must survive to bring her child into the world, for if she fails, humanity may not survive.
About the Author:
Shari Richardson holds a master’s degree in English Education and has spent much of her life teaching students the joy of reading and writing. Her love of writing began when she was in elementary school and has carried through her entire adult life. Shari lives in Pennsylvania with her two Chihuahuas.
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