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WE start with a brief discussion with the author…Paul Rudd.

___________________________________________I recently found out, the late Roy Scheider, aka the land loving Sheriff Brody in the movie Jaws, ad-libbed the iconic line, “I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Cut to moments later when bespectacled Oceanographer Matt Hooper, brought to the screen emphatically by Richard Dreyfuss, stated as the shark passed by the Orca, “it’s a twenty footer.” The steely sea captain Quint, played by Robert Shaw, retorted with, “…twenty-five”.

I’m telling you my shark, a Megalodon, is “…forty-five and still growing!” However, I am not here to talk about Jaws. In fact I am not here to talk at all. It’s time to meet some of the cast of the next top selling shark novel, since Steve Alten’s Meg hit the bookshelves in 1997.

Please step forwards daSHing adventurer and playboy, Tyler Baxter…

Tyler – “Whoa, whoa, whoa…a book? Wait, I’m here for a DVD commentary? I thought we were in a movie?”


Tyler – “Cool, that leaves me more time to party. Well let’s get straight to the point. I’m one of the main characters of a story that will take you on the ride of your life. So buckle up and if you want to see what I might look like in a movie then check out the book trailer. Wait, you don’t have the link? Well here it is.”

While we wait for Tyler to pamper his ego, we are joined by the stunning reporter, lauren ramseY…

Lauren – “Every story has a damsel in distress. Well I’m not one of them. I search for the truth, no matter what the cos…wait a second, could I be portrayed in a movie by…wait, am I allowed to say? Damn, she is hot. Is it okay for me to have a girl crush? Can a fictional character have a crush?”

Tyler – “I’ve got one…”

Lauren – “Nothing new there.”

Is anyone here who actually wants to talk about the story or are you all infatuated by the book trailer…


And you are?

“Samuel Clifford. I am in charge of communications and shark relations. I play a big part and have been described as the lead character of the story. Where would you like me start?”

Sorry I don’t have you down as attending

Tyler (coughs) – “That’s what happens when you play a minor part. Apparently, Samuel is in charge of the marine life. My dad pays him mega bucks to ensure the Megalodon’s safety aboard the ARC. Just a shame it escapes!”

Samuel – “Is it necessary to leak the story?”

Tyler – “You can’t leak a story if it’s in the blurb!”

Samuel – “Blurb or not, I’m here for an interview…”

Lauren – “Wow, Samuel, in the trailer you are portrayed by…can I say this time? I didn’t realise you could be so dashing?”

Samuel – “Why thank you, Lauren. Doesn’t he glow or something in the light? Wait, is this going to be a movie?”

I’m sorry folks it looks like the cast would rather discuss their alternate selves.  If you want to get to know them a bit better then you’ll have to buy the book and jump right in…

now for something completely different


A playlist of a few of the tunes that kept me focused while I drafted the manuscript…

Under the waves by Pendulum

Please don’t go – Barcelona

Light my Fire – Black Might Orchestra

Into Dust – Mazzy Star

Dark Freeways – Aalborg fantasy soundtracks


And finally, a few pictures of how I envisage The ARC…



Come and stay. You won’t regret it.


I hope you enjoyed my little slice of madness.

And feel free to purchase SHARC (all proceeds go towards the investment into my own ARC).


Paul Rudd
Genre: Romance, Adventure, Great Whites
Publisher: Taylor Street Books
ISBN: 1479209899 / 978-1479209897
Number of pages: 285
Word Count: 101,000
Cover Artist: Tim Roux
Book Description:
It’s massive, it’s intelligent, it’s relentless and it’s always looking for its next meal or its next challenge.
Maxwell Baxter is intent on fulfilling his greatest ambition yet, and he is an ambitious man. He wants to build the largest floating aquarium in the world, an aquarium city, and fill it with all manner of monsters from the depths, the first being a presumed extinct Megalodon he has captured, a prehistoric monster shark currently only thirty-five feet long but destined to grow up to one hundred feet of raw, razor-toothed ravenous greed with extraordinary abilities to detect anything edible or threatening in the water for miles around.
In the midst of international financial negotiations to raise the rest of the money to complete his ARC, and with the Governor of California being entertained on his private yacht on his way to review the facility, the Megalodon escapes and begins to terrorize everything in the Pacific, ships and other sea creatures alike, no matter what their size.
Maxwell Baxter’s future rests on a knife-edge, and the Megalodon has a gigantic mouthful of them, each five feet long and giving it the capability to bite a small whale in half with one snap of its jaws.
With a Megalodon about, if you are thinking of getting back into the water, don’t flatter yourself – you’ll barely be a snack.
Amazon UK  Amazon US
About the Author:

Ask a multi-award winning thespian if they would prefer a star on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame or have the chance to write about a prehistoric shark and they’d take the easy option every time. Me? Sharks are a passion, they always have been. Not to say I have actually met any face to face or relied on a shark cage to keep me out of harm’s way; cos that’s just dumb!
So say hello to the real Paul Rudd. I’m a geek, pure and simple and a far throw from celebrity. I write lots. I’ve watched movies since birth, which probably makes a lot of sense to those who know me well.
My brain is a minefield of ideas just waiting to detonate and making them available has always been a dream. Now, with thanks to Taylor Street, I have managed to take my first step into the unknown.
So now starts the latest saga of my life and a little like the original Lord of the Rings cartoon, the outcome remains up in the air. If only the late Ralph Bakshi was here to conclude it… alas for now I will carry on chasing my own Moby Dick; the great white tooth of a Megalodon, so if anyone has a spare?
This is Paul Rudd of the Nostromo signing off…….
Twitter: @sharcwriter

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