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Do you have a soundtrack for your book?

Music is such a huge part in not only my life, but the creation of my first novel Everlife. There are so many songs that helped me brainstorm and think up scenes. Although I’ve placed certain songs in a “soundtrack” for the book, there are just those songs that make everything fall into place for me. One of them is “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine. This track was huge in writing the scene where Rose’s car is flipped; I practically played everything out to that song. Below is an excerpt from that part of the book.

Excerpt :

I listened in silence as the rain beat against the windows, and the thunder had seemed to settle down a bit. I looked around and saw nothing, maybe it was just my imagination. I slowly lifted my foot off of the brake and let it hover over the gas pedal. All at once, I heard something crush into the right side of my back bumper, and just as instantly as I heard it, my car was sent soaring through the air. I was in shock and my mouth was frozen in a ‘O’ of horror. I lost control of my body, and with each crash into the ground my car made, a different part of me was wounded. My forehead smashed into the driver’s window, glass was flying everywhere, and as soon as I found my voice, I screamed as loudly as I could. My door caved in, colliding with my left arm; I felt my forearm snap, and cried out in pain.

My car finally stopped flipping, landed on the roof, and skidded further down the street. Once it stopped, I tried looking around. I had flown about one mile down the street. My chest was heaving and I was covered in blood, and shards of glass. What had just happened?

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By Kyani Swanigan

How do you live your own life, when it was never truly yours to begin with?
After the untimely death of her mother, 18 year old Rose Blakely spent the past two months of her life in the dark, living recklessly, and bringing everyone around her grief.
Now that the storm has passed, Rose is hoping to find the light, and live a normal life. But when a mysterious new guy named Birch Balman enters the picture, along with a crazed woman hell-bent on killing her, things take a drastic turn for the worst.
Keeping up appearances in front of her friends at Halfmoon Bay High and also her father will serve to be a difficult task for Rose, but it’s a small price to pay—when death is now in the equation.

About the Author:

Kyani Swanigan, YA author of the Nyx series. Kyani was always passionate about writing. Even as a child she loved creating characters and writing stories although she considered it more a past time rather than something that she would make a career out of especially through high school, when Kyani aspired to be a stylist and go to FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing). It wasn’t until a year after graduation that the memory of two fictional characters she had thought up six years earlier resurfaced and began buzzing around in her mind. From there a story just had to be written.
Now, one year after completing her first novel, Kyani is still hard at work telling her character’s story by finishing the rest of the series. She lives in Tustin, California with her mom and fat Blue Russian cat, Pouncer.

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