Guest Author: Kim Carmichael

I’ve always loved female spies.  I think there’s something so intriguing about being able to change your persona, know secret governmental secrets, and then being able to kick some serious ass that has always made me want to work undercover.  I love writing spies, almost like paranormal, you can truly make up your own world, even the most unbelievable situations can become believable with a spy, espionage and intrigue.


Here is my homage to my top five female spies:


5.  Mata Hari  – she is actually the only true spy on my list.  But she was beautiful, she did a million things, including being an exotic dancer and courtesan, and a museum in the Netherlands devotes and entire room to her.  She was executed for being a spy in World War I, but I think her beauty and mystery will always come through.  What is one country’s villain is another’s hero – or heroine.


4.  Anna Devane – In the world of General Hospital, Anna Devane arrived on the scene right when I would set my VCR to record this show every day.  It was in the time of Frisco and Felicia, and I couldn’t get enough of GH, but I digress.  Anna Devane came back to Port Charles toting Scorpio’s love child and a ton of secrets.  She was a top spy for the WSB.  She ended up falling in love with Duke in one of the sweetest love stories, but in the end she was always a bad ass.


3.  Annie Walker – From the show Covert Affairs.  I watched this show religiously for the first season, but then real life got in the way, but while I watched it, I loved this take on the female spy.  This one is always getting beat up, but wins in the end.  She joined the agency after being a jilted lover and is confronted at with him at the end of the season where, of course, their love never died.  Now that I think about it, I want to go back to this.  Hopefully it’s on Netflix!


2.  Sydney Bristow – From Alias.  I love this spy. I watched this show for years and held my breath as Sydney’s life as a spy became more and more miserable.  She was a chameleon and could change her looks, she was bread to be a spy, and she had parent issues – she was the personification of a female spy to me, and she could kick like a mother!


1.  Maggie Hayward – Point of No Return – This was the story that started my love of female spies.  She is a horrible monster put up for death row, and is reinvented as a top spy.  She is trained to be a lady (playing into my own personal My Fair Lady love) and during her tenure as a spy does everything from blow up a building to fly down a laundry shoot.  The woman can put together a gun in two seconds and kill someone and then go to a Mardi Gras party like nothing happened.  She is delivers (or repeats) one of my favorite lines ever….”I never did mind the little things.”


Who is your favorite female spy and why?

Hands On Me
Tramp Stamp Series Book One
Kim Carmichael
Genre:  Contemporary romance with some suspense elements.
Publisher:  Keith Publications
ISBN: 978-1-936372-46-1
Number of pages: 17
Word Count: 5000
Cover Artist: Elisa Elaine Luevanos
Book Description:
Agent Gwen Fredricks is a living target.  Captured after a failed mission, the code to crack a safe has literally been permanently hidden on her.  To free herself, she must retrieve a final key.  
All Agent Colin Alexander has to do to avoid a desk job is get a code said to be on an enemy agent.   He never dreamed it would actually be on the agent, especially Gwen.
The simple shoot-and-swoop mission takes a turn for these two sometime-lovers and full-time rivals when they call a truce to give into their desire.  Now with the promise to keep both hands on each other at all times, they share a night together.  Loyalties are tested when Gwen manages to swipe the key away, and Colin discovers the code carefully embedded into Gwen’s tramp stamp tattoo in a glow of UV light.  When morning comes they must decide if what they feel for each other is worth betraying their agencies.
About the Author:
Kim Carmichael began writing eight years ago when her love of happy endings inspired her to create her own.  She has a weakness for bad boys and techno geeks, and married her own computer whiz after he proved he could keep all her gadgets running.  When not writing, she can usually be found slathered in sunscreen trolling Los Angeles and helping top doctors build their practices.






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