Guest Author: Ingrid Jennings (giveaway)

Greeting everyone, thanks for taking the time to read about Slopjar. Slopjar is a book of poetry that was created to enter the souls of these that read it. There are seven chapters in the book and it is because seven is the number of completion. Each chapter begins with the letter L. There is a chapter about love, loneliness, lust, Lucifer, Lord, laughter, and one titled lunatic. Each chapter moves thought the life of a woman and she is dealing with all of the chapter titles.

Many people have asked me, “What is a slopjar and why did you name your book Slopjar?”.

A Slop jar also known as a chamber pot is a pail used as a toilet to urinate or defecate in. They were used long ago before there were toilets. I choose this name for my book because the book is a storm of emotion, some good but most are the filthy thoughts of a mad woman looking for salvation. With that being said read the poem Slopjar taken from the book:



Piss out the piss,
shit out the shit,
simmer it,
in a slopjar.
Release all frustrations,
lay them to rest,
simmer them,
in a slopjar.
Simmer the lunatic thoughts, the loneliness, the laughter, the lust, the love, the
feelings of hurt and pain.
Simmer it all in a slopjar,
then throw it in the woods.
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Ingrid Jennings
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Lioness Publishing House
ISBN: 978-0985696047
Number of pages: 138
Word Count: 9,122
Cover Artist: Gaelyn Larrick
Book Description:
This is a book of poetry that will truly touch your soul. Indulge in the words of a lonely lunatic full of laughter, love, lust, Lucifer, and the Lord. 
Escape into a world of profound, seductive words that will melt your soul like butter. 
Escape into an insane mind and learn the trials of a battered soul. 
Fall into the trap of this astonishing book that will pull at the strings of your heart. 
Immerse yourself in the pure pleasure of this dazzling work of art. 
Open up the Slopjar.
Author PhotoAbout the Author:

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Ingrid Jennings is what one would call a true Lioness. As a wife and a mother, she is loyal and a protector. As a publishing guru, she is a team player and works with her clients toward their success. As a teacher, she is passionate about education, and as a business woman, she is always on the hunt for new opportunities to learn and grow. She wears many hats and handles each situation in stride and with ease.
        With a B.S. in biology and chemistry from Palm Beach Atlantic Christian University, Ingrid decided to go a step further, to get a step closer to her true passion by excelling with her masters degree in reading education from Nova Southeastern University.
Ingrid spent three years working as a public school teacher in Palm Beach County, teaching integrated science to ninth graders. While teaching, Ingrid self-published her poetry into her first book titled SlopjarSlopjar recieved rave reviews not only for its creativity, excellent writing, and self expression but also for the excellence of its publishing and marketing. Through the experience and knowledge gained while publishing and marketing her own book, Ingrid gained an appreciation for the inner workings of the publishing world and ultimately birthed her own publishing company Lioness Publishing House.
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