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Last Request

John Bishop was in bed, in a dank, dismal room. The sheets were dirty, the walls grimy. Unwashed pots sat on the few bits of damaged furniture in the room. He looked up at the figure in the shadow of the far corner.

He forced a smile. “Somehow, I knew you’d come.”

Dawn stepped out of the shadow. “Is that why there was a welcome committee outside?”

“Just three close friends who wanted to say their final farewells before I go. I assume they’ve gone now.” He lifted a glass to his lips and drained it, and then coughed several times.

“Yes,” she conceded. “But, you still didn’t make it easy to get in here.”

“No,” he admitted. “But, I hoped you’d be up to the challenge.” He held out the glass. “Exactly how did you find me, anyway?”

“The third pill you swallowed was a tracking device.” She stepped forward and took the glass from him.

“It’s a good job I’m not going to live long enough to have that tear my butthole open when I try to pass it.”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “It will have dissolved by now.” She held the glass up. “Do you take ice and water with that?” Dawn walked towards the kitchen.

“Neat. I’m not going to my grave with people saying I acted like a bleeding poofter at the last minute.”

She returned with a large measure in the glass and the bottle in her left hand. “Sip it steady. We don’t want you throwing all those pills up now.”

“Why are you doing this?” he asked.

“You shouldn’t have to die alone.” Dawn choked back her emotions. She scanned the room. “In a squalid place like this.”

“You’re the FBI. You’re the law.” He swallowed the whiskey. “Shouldn’t you -” He choked, then coughed and spluttered several times.

Dawn stepped forward to help him, but restrained herself from doing so. She asked, “Do you want some water?”

He coughed again. “No. Give me some more of the good stuff.” He held the glass out, coughed again, and beat his chest.

As she filled the glass, she asked, “Do you want me to call someone? Family? Friends?”

“Yeah.” He took the glass from her. “Call the FBI and the media. Tell them you’re an alien, and I’m dying for nothing.” He took a large swig.

Dawn stepped away from the bed, checked her watch, and said, “You haven’t got long left to live. If you want to stop this, give yourself another few days, then let me know now.” She sat down. “If not, then now would be a good time to tell me any messages you want passed on. Any last requests or anything you want said in your memory.”

She listened in silence to him recount his life from his earliest memories. Her eyes welled up at the story of the end of his marriage, when his wife sent him video of herself in bed with his old school friend, while John was serving his final tour in Iraq.

Gradually, his voice faded, his speech faltered, and the words became slurred.  Dawn stood up, walked over to the bed, took his right hand, and sat down next to him. She said, “I’m sorry for all the pain we caused you.” Tears filled her eyes. “Yes I was that girl that you grabbed hold of on the spaceship.”

His eyes opened wide. He lifted his head slightly, and grabbed weakly for her with his left hand.

Dawn said, “The creature that attacked you when you grabbed me was my adopted mother. Her name was Jensu” She sniffled. “I know you probably can’t understand it, but I’ve never known my real mother.” She wiped her eyes on the back of her coat sleeve. “She’s alive but…”

John clawed at her arm, lifted his head slightly, and his eyes burned with anger. Dawn said, “On my very first day with the FBI, I had to kill Jensu. I couldn’t protect her.  Not the way she so fearlessly protected me when everyone else was so scared of you.” She sobbed.

John whispered, “You did this to me.”

“I swear we never meant to hurt you. We never meant for any of this to happen!”  Dawn vowed.

His hand fell away from her arm, and his head dropped onto the pillow. His voice was barely audible. “We’ve got you now.”

Dawn shook her head. She pulled a connector box from her pocket and said, “I couldn’t let you record this conversation.”

He gasped and tried to shake his head, but the movement was minimal. He opened his mouth and tried to form some words. They were virtually inaudible to Dawn. His arms slipped down to his sides, and he exhaled weakly.

Dawn stared intently at him, trying to figure out his last words. She pulled the leather glove off her left hand to reveal a thin latex one beneath it. She checked for his pulse. It was weak. She leaned over and asked, “What did you just say?”

His mouth opened ever so slightly. She leaned over to listen to his last feeble whisper. She lifted her head again and saw his eyes were open. Their last sight was a moldy spot on the ceiling directly above him.

“What did you mean? Double bluff?” She asked, knowing there could be no reply. She shook her head and gasped. His eye moved; he was still alive. She checked
again for a pulse but there was none. There, his left eye moved again.

She clicked her fingers in front of his face and the eye moved. Just the left one, she realized. She moved backwards and the pupil seemed to grow ever so slightly larger. She leaned right over, concentrating hard on it. There was a discernible movement. She got up, stepped back, then to either side.

There was no doubt whatsoever. Dawn reached into her coat pocket for a knife.  She stepped forward and leaned over John’s body.


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Destiny’s Daughter: Hide & Seek
By Anthony Sunderland

Destiny’s Daughter Book 2

Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Victoria Publishing
Number of pages:  154
Word Count:  34,700

Cover Artist: Lazar K. 

Book Description:

Dawn Dempsey has successfully infiltrated the FBI’s elite alien hunting squad. Welcomed as a valued member of the Alien Visitation Investigation team, and above suspicion, her mission is to thwart the FBI’s investigations from the inside.

She is also intent on freeing the captured alien.

On a routine investigation into old abduction cases in rural Iowa with her partner and lover, Scott Nelson, a chance encounter threatens to ruin everything for her.

Could her undercover mission be over before it has even begun? Could her true nature be about to be revealed by an unstable war hero?  

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About the Author
I live in Halifax, UK.
I’m a long time Sci Fi, fantasy, and horror nut. I was inspired to start writing by the season one finale of Buffy TVS.
I’ll try just about anything once – fire eating, parachuting, I’m a qualified glider pilot, and want to do the bungee jump from the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa.