Guest Author: Alyssa Linn Palmer

Please help me welcome Alyssa Linn Palmer who will discuss writing necessities with us today.

I’m trying not to whistle the tune to the Jungle Book’s ‘Bare Necessities’, but I can’t get it out of my head. I don’t have too many necessities when it comes to my writing, but I do have a few.

I consider a bed one of the most important necessities of my writing life. Probably the most important.

Some of my best ideas come when I’m lying in bed, in the dark, at the brink between waking and sleep. My mind is free to run on a tangent. I’ll start by thinking of something in my writing that is giving me trouble. Maybe it’s a section where the dialogue is flat, or, in a recent case, where I couldn’t think of what to write for a short story. I had the topic, and I knew my characters, but their required situation was a blank. After a few minutes, words started to come to me, and I had to get out of bed and snap up my notebook and a pen.

The second most important necessity of my writing life… a notebook and pen. I’m not one of those who can write straight to the computer screen. I’m too easily distracted, and prose of any great length is difficult to compose if I’m flipping apps to check my twitter feed, or to write an email.

I’m quite partial to moleskine notebooks, but when I really want to get down to the dirty work of a first draft, I pick up a Mead 5-Star notebook, the thicker the better. And I love my Papermate Comfortmate pens. Medium black, please.

I didn’t think that I was so particular, but when I looked at my desk, I realized I was rather picky!

I’ve used several writing software packages, bu I’m currently working with Scrivener for my novel-length fiction. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but the organizational capability is perfect for a slightly obsessive type like myself. However, Apple’s Pages software is my go-to for short fiction. It’s simple and easy, and something like Scrivener would just be too much.

And the one, final thing I need? … Tea. Lots of tea. I need to fuel those writing sprints somehow!

PROHIBITED PASSION by Alyssa Linn Palmer

Ruth wants to escape the boredom of Bandit Creek and the strict expectations of her father, the local pastor. Her life changes the day she meets CeeCee, a world-wise flapper, and an irresistible attraction develops between them. She’ll be disowned and shunned if anyone discovers their prohibited passion, but can they keep their growing affection a secret?

CeeCee is drawn to Ruth, but things become complicated when her gangster companion disapproves of their liaison. He’s in town to broker a deal with the owner of the local speakeasy, and he’s not above using them to further his own plans. Can CeeCee protect Ruth and their budding relationship?

As Ruth gets drawn further into their world, she must decide between her familiar life and a new, dangerous path with the woman she loves.


About the Author

Alyssa has many passions. Fortunately, none of them are prohibited. When she isn’t working, she’s writing dark tales inspired by mid-20th-century noir books and films, cooking up a storm in her kitchen, and reading.!/alyslinn

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  1. I never knew That you wrote first with pen and paper… That’s really cool. I could never do that. Hyroglifics seem to be my specialty. like you, I enjoy a great cup of tea.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog tour visit. Can’t wait to read more of Prohibited Passion. 🙂

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