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The Secret Within

        I dare you to discover the secret

In appreciation for having me here today, I want to give you & your readers a little teaser


The cold breeze slid heavily against my face, the chill focusing my thoughts and opening my mind. I attempted to concentrate on my hearing, blocking out my other senses. I heard something moving in the night, as smoothly as a razor slicing through the air. My heart hammered with fear, yet also intrigued. Hearing the familiar breathing, I closed my eyes as the burning warmed my inner core. I knew the visitor from the shadows was here, standing somewhere nearby.

“I know you are there and I know what you are—reveal yourself,” I demanded, still fighting as fear hugged me. Unsure of its intentions, I still welcomed it.

 I opened my eyes wide and looked around as I stepped away from the tree. I found the courage to challenge it again. “Show yourself,” I yelled louder, then gasped for air as fear hugged me. My heart pounded violently, as if going to burst out of my ribcage. Tired of being toyed with, I wanted to know why it lurked in the shadows, silently watching me.

I froze as a cold presence wrapped around me, breaking my courage. I could feel it standing behind me, its cold eyes boring into my back. Too terrified to turn and look it in the face, I stood motionless. As the presence took a hold of me, fire burned through my veins.

“You’re not so brave now, little one.” His angelic voice held a hint of arrogance as it whispered in my ear—as he stood right behind me, inhaling my essence. “You are interesting to watch; your heart beats like that of a Bruxa but your scent is like one of us.” His words echoed through my body, rendering me helpless.

“I admit I would love to destroy your innocence, but I am compelled to help you, youngling.”

His words pressed against my neck. I instinctively found his voice and presence alluring, appealing to my soul in a way I never thought possible.

“I need to know why you are watching me,” I said, finding my courage again. “What do you want with me?” I had had enough of his toying. He had invaded a secret place inside of me.

His voice softened. “I guess I feel sorry for you and your father.” He stepped back from me. “My father!” All my fear vanished. I turned and in that, second he was gone. I sighed in disappointment, standing lost in his words.

Walking back to the house, I felt my fears confirmed—I truly am a half-breed, a full mix of Bruxa and Lampir. No longer could I deny the truth. I had to acknowledge and take pride in what I might become. The shadow watcher’s presence captivated an inner part of me, a potency that flowed through me. I felt a hunger deep in my soul, as if it starved for more. I felt his eyes watching from a distance as I walked toward the house. My blood burned with a fiery heat that dispelled the cold in the air.

I had forgotten about my life—until I saw Joey’s car drive in, the car’s headlights momentarily blinding me. Their glare reminded me of my life, and I resented myself for being weak. I felt ashamed for my thoughts and my desire to accept what I can be, as if I had surrendered. Now, consumed with guilt I struggled to find the courage I needed to look at him as Joey got out of his car and leaned against the driver’s door.


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BruxaBruxa The Secret Within
By AF Acosta
Genre: Paranormal YA
Paperback: 400 pages
ISBN-10: 1463704275
ISBN-13: 978-1463704278
Gabriella is no ordinary seventeen-year-old girl. She is the last to carry her mother’s rare bloodline of Bruxa, an ancient secret order of witches.
Settling into her late father’s estate, she is welcomed by a phantom presence that resurrects within her, a secret curse her father took to his grave ten years ago. Gabriella finally finds a sense of belonging and gains the affections of high school’s most desired boy, Joey Davale. Her newly found life becomes derailed when she learns her whole existence has been a lie, and the boy she’s falling for, is designed to destroy the very thing growing inside of her.
Forced to conceal this truth, Gabriella embarks on a secret life that will drive her into the arms of Alvero, the embodiment of her darkest fear. Her newly found heritage traps her in a dangerous web of lies between two worlds and two loves. Her life will become more dangerous than she ever imagined. As the age-old battle between witches and vampires collide, will she fall prey to her heart or welcome the predator inside?
The Intense and stylized, A.F.Costa’s debut is an alluring live wire full of intrigue and forbidden love. Bruxa: the secret within, powerful vision of witches and vampires will challenge your understanding and leave you craving more.


About the Author:

A.F. Costa has been creating vivid, imaginary worlds before she could even pick up a book, so it was only natural for her to put a pen to paper the moment she learned to write. Growing up with rich Latin superstitions and strong spiritual beliefs sparked her interests for the paranormal world.
Captivating small audiences with her campfire stories resurrected her passion for writing, but seeing her same passions for reading and writing developing in her son has inspired her the most.
Toronto, Ontario-based stylist A.F.Costa has been showcasing her creative abilities for over sixteen years, working with some of the best in the industry. As it is with her visual creativity, A.F. Costa brings the same passion to her writing. In Bruxa: the Secret Within, you‘ll discover an innovative world of witches and vampires like no other, blending Latin, Portuguese and Hebrew folklore into a modern day love story with an unforgettable twist.