Character Interview from Leland Dragon Series

Please help me welcome, Jackie Gamber to the blog today.  She is bringing us an unique interview with Jastin Armitage.  Please be sure to leave some love in the comments!  Take it away Jackie.

Interview with a character: Jastin Armitage

JG: I’m so pleased to be welcoming an elusive character, Jastin Armitage, to the blog today. He’s been a part of the Leland Dragons Series from the beginning – in fact, predates even the first book, “Redheart”, by being an integral part of Kallon Redheart’s backstory.

Thank you, Jastin, for joining me today.

JA: You’re welcome.

JG: Please make yourself comfortable. You’re looking a bit tense.

JA: I’m comfortable. I just don’t like interviews.

JG: You’re not a very social person, you could say. A man of few words.

JA: Yes.

JG: I’ll try to make this easy on you. First, I’d like to explore a bit of that backstory I mentioned. The circumstances leading up to “Redheart”, the first book of the Leland Dragon Series.

You’ve known Kallon Redheart since he was a fledgling, right?

JA: I knew of him.

JG: And how is it you two crossed paths? Something to do with your job?

JA: You know about that.

JG: Yes. You’re a dragon hunter. You’re looking tense again, Jastin. Can I offer you a beverage? Fluff your pillows?

JA: Since you’re talking about backstory, you could mention I used to be captain of the guard force in Esra Province.

JG: That’s right. Esra Province, which is neighbor to Leland. Much of Sela’s story, in “Sela”, the second book of the Leland Dragon Series, takes place in Esra.

JA: Yes.

JG: In the novel, you return to Riddess Castle, in Esra. Invited by your brother-in-law, Vorham Riddess. But I understand you don’t really get along well with your relative.

JA: There’s no love lost between us.

JG: Any particular reason?

JA: He never treated his sister well.

JG: His sister. Your wife. What happened to your wife?

JA: She died. A long time ago.

JG: There’s that backstory again. Around the time she died, is that when you took to dragon hunting?

JA: Yes.

JG: Because she was killed by a dragon.

JA: That was my understanding, yes.

JG: In “Sela”, Book Two, something changes to illuminate your understanding a bit better?

JA: You keep asking me questions you already know the answers to.

JG: True enough. I guess I’m looking for your take on things. Trying to see things from your point of view.

JA: Returning to Riddess Castle, meeting Sela Redheart, letting that wizard Layce Phelcher get me all caught up in things that are none of my business…yes, it changes things.

JG: And how do you feel about that?

JA: How do I feel?

JG: Yes. What kind of emotional impact has the story, “Sela”, had on you?

JA: I’m not seeing what you’re getting at.

JG: Well, how do you see yourself as part of the story going forward? In the next book?

JA: I haven’t thought about it. I don’t plan far ahead, you could say.

JG: Well, let me ask you this, then. If you did plan ahead, and if you could ask for something particular from the writer of the next book—me, for example—what would you ask?

JA: What would I ask you to write for me, you mean?

JG: Yes. If you could have anything in the Leland world.

JA: Anything?

JG: Within reason.

JA: I suppose I’d…maybe a shot at real love.

JG: Love? Really?

JA: You have a problem with that?

JG: No, Jastin. No problem. Just a little surprised. But no problem.

I’ll see what I can do.  


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  1. lol, talking to him must be like pulling teeth . Interesting character and I hope you are a good author and give him some love.

  2. Thank you for participating in Jackie’s Blog Tour for Sela! We hope that everyone who enjoys YA fantasy gives this great series a look!

  3. Great start to the tour. Thanks Lisa for hosting Jackie today. Jackie boy what a fantastic interview :).

  4. Sharon nailed it: talking to Jastin can be like pulling teeth. It was fun, though. Thank you, everyone!

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