Bout of Books Day 2: Mini Challanges

First up, we have Limericks with Curiosity Killed the Bookworm.

There was a woman with a book

that made her laugh til she shook

And even though she wanted to walk

she had to stay to talk

about the wonder of her Nook.


Second, we have Relocate with  The Grammarian’s Reviews

I am currently listening to The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon which is currently set in the colonies just prior to the American Revolution.  It is fall and growing season.  There is much talk about getting the crops in and surviving the winter.

But they are no longer there rather in Antartica with the penguins.  So much for the plant life.  Now the fight is just to stay warm and build shelter.  I am not sure that they will make it but throughout this whole series, Jamie and Claire have always found a way to make it work and have survived things that most people would not.  I think that they have a pretty far shot at making a go of it, provided they can find food.  Knowing Jamie it won’t be a problem.  As long as they don’t eat my beloved penguins 🙂 the walrus are fair game.

Character Interaction with  Once Upon a Time

More to come on this one later.  I need to think about characters.

4 thoughts on “Bout of Books Day 2: Mini Challanges

  1. Penguins!

    This would be quite a predicament for characters concerned about getting crops. Hopefully they’d be able to make it work. You know, without eating the poor penguins!

  2. Thanks for joining in with my limerick challenge today!

  3. Love your limerick! It was so hard for me to write one!!!


  4. Great answers! Those limericks were a challenge! 🙂

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