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The all powerful and knowing Hildie will now help you decipher men’s body language and explain what their gestures ‘usually’ mean.  This list of ten mannerisms is good information for writers, for use in storytelling, but also for those of us that spend too much time trying to figure ‘that guy’ out!

  1.  Licks lips when he looks toward you.  He’s preparing for the chase.  Most big cats in the wild lick their lips upon spying their prey.  It’s the same with human males.
  2. Lifts an eyebrow.  He’s trying to figure you out and may be puzzled. If he lifts an eyebrow and smiles.  He is interested and entertained by what you are saying.
  3. Fidgets in his seat.  This could be bad.  He’s anxious to make his escape.  Or it could be very good.  He’s trying to accommodate the development between his legs.
  4. Talks with his hands.  He’s very communicative and is trying to make a good impression.  Heck he’s probably good with his hands too.
  5. Runs fingers through hair.  If he’s doing this as he approaches, he is nervous.  If he ducks while speaking to you and runs his fingers through his hair, he is attracted and wants to make a good impression.
  6. Kisses your forehead.  It usually means the dreaded “just wants to be friends”, occasionally it could mean he’s too nervous to kiss you on the lips, but it’s probably the friend gesture.
  7. Strokes his face.  He’s actually listening.  Yes!  Well that or he’s imagining touching you and not listening at all.  This is a confusing one.
  8. Reaches one or both hands out toward you.  He’s protective and also could be seeking permission to touch you.
  9. Sways while talking.  Side to Side, he’s a Momma’s boy, run!  If he rocks and comes forward to his toes, it generally means he’s happy. You don’t have to run.
  10. Sits or stands with legs spread.  This is an Alpha male gesture intended to impress the female.  Hmm, I thought this meant the guy was chafed, I guess I always read this one wrong.

Now let’s go out there and study the men around us and see if we can figure out what they’re all about based on their gestures.  Good luck with that.

Desperate Betrayal
By Hildie McQueen

Cynden Frasier (Cyn) is a member of a group of immortal warriors, the Protectors, assigned to protect humans in Atlanta, Georgia, the epicenter of a major uprising in demon activity. When Cyn is approached by a beautiful woman in a dirty alley, he is intrigued by the fact that she can see him for what he is, a terrifying demon slayer, and still dares to approach him.
Emma Blake, a half-demon, has to convince Cyn to help rescue her sister from powerful demons. Terrified that the Protector will kill her if he realizes what she is, she still goes against every instinct and approaches Cyn for help. Despite knowing that she is leading them both into territory so wrought with treachery, neither of them may survive.
Can Cyn and Emma overcome betrayal, the ancient rules that prevent Protectors from taking a wife, unless she is his one true mate? And if they do, will it even matter?
Available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author: 

Hildie McQueen is a whirlwind who refuses to wear anything but jeans and heels.

She grew up on the San Diego/Mexico border, joined the military at seventeen and never returned. After living in Germany, Texas and Hawaii, she finally settled in the beautiful southern town of Augusta, Georgia.

Biracial, half Mexican and half African-American, Hildie’s native language is Spanish, but English is her favorite way of communicating now.

Her mission in life is to make as many people as possible to feel normal. It’s an easy thing to do, for others to feel normal around her, because she’s anything but.





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  1. Hello! Excited to be here today!!

  2. Hi Hildie!!!

    Nw I knw!..after all those yrs of wondering, puzzling, frustrating..nw you say! I’m totally doubling ovr with laughter though cause Ah hmm..clears throat..let’s leave tht alone. But I love the..lick the lips as I kind of bit my lips when I thk a guy’s hot..yummy.

    It’s gonna be fun looking 4 those gfestures..much thks:-)

  3. I love the Alpha Male pose it is super sexy! makes me wanna prowl over to them and well yeah! ;0)

    Great post!!


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