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Best Friends


Cat Kalen


Do you still have your best friend from childhood? High school?

Do you believe people come and go from your life at certain times on purpose?

I was once told that the friends you have for life are the ones you make in college and for me that seems to be true. I met a girl my first year of college and we went through the four year program together. After that we both moved away from our small Nova Scotia town for work. A few years later we both ended back in Nova Scotia, and while we were an hour from each other (I lived in farm country and she lived near the shore) we always made time to see each other. Our husbands got along well and we both had small kids who loved to play together, and in fact our youngest two are only ten days apart. Here’s the funny thing, my daughter came early and was born on my friend’s due date, and her son came late and was born on my daughter’s due date.

Then my friend had to move away and we lost touch for about 10 years! Two years ago I moved back to the town I grew up in and shortly after I was in my new house I began to think about my friend. I decided to find her on face book and here is the funny thing, she was looking for me too! She was looking me up that exact day, because she JUST moved back to our childhood town too. How strange is that?

So now we’re hanging out again, and it feels like no time has passed at all. Don’t you just love when you catch up with old friends and there are no awkward moments, and you just fall into easy conversation like no time had ever passed?

In my book Pride’s Run, Pride is a seventeen year old werewolf shifter who is kept leashed by a cruel master. All Pride wants is to break free and live a normal life. She wants to go to school and hang out with friends, but before she can do any of those things she must break free from the compound that imprisons her. But if she gets caught, disobedience comes with a price. Can Pride escape her cruel master and find the life she longs for, or will he keep her trapped forever?

So tell me, do you still have your best friend from high school? College?

Pride’s Run
By Cat Kalen

Genre: Paranormal YA


Seventeen year old Pride is a tracker—a werewolf with a hunger for blood. Taught to trick and to lure, she is the perfect killing machine.

Kept leashed in the cellar by a master who is as ruthless as he is powerful, Pride dreams of freedom, of living a normal life, but escape from the compound is near impossible and disobedience comes with a price.

When she learns her master intends to breed her she knows she has to run.

But Pride soon learns that if she is to survive in the wild, she must trust in the boy who promises her freedom, the same boy she was sent to hunt. 

With life and death hanging in the balance the two find themselves on the run from the Paranormal Task Force—officers who shoot first and ask questions later—as well as her master’s handlers.

Can Pride flee the man who has held her captive since birth and find sanctuary in the arms of a boy who has captured her heart? Or will her master find her first?

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Author Bio: 
Cat Kalen is a multi published author in the romance genre under two pen names, Cat is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and watermelon. She has two teenagers who keep her busy with their never ending activities, and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. Cat can never find balance in her life, is always trying to find time to go to the gym, can never keep up with emails, Facebook or Twitter and tries to write page-turning books that her readers will love.
A maritime native and former financial officer, Cat has lived all over Canada but has finally settled down in her childhood hometown with her family.

Twitter: @catkalen
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11 thoughts on “Author Guest Post: Cat Kalen

  1. Thanks for having me here today!

  2. That’s a great blog Cat. Love Pride’s Run and can’t wait for the sequel. Having friends makes life easier.

    • Thanks Renee, so glad you enjoyed Pride’s Run!!

  3. I still keep in touch with a friend I made in kindergarten. My other best friend has been my buddy since the fifth grade. I’m one of those people who is loyal to a friendship through thick and thin.

    Nice interview Cat.

  4. Hi, Cat! I have friends from high school that I still feel close to, even though I rarely see them. I would love to find myself back in the same small town or living down the street from one of them.

    Now that I’ve been out of high school for way too long to admit, I find that most of my friends are from work.

    But, my elementary school had a reunion last year and it was great. I got to see people I’ve known since first grade and even my first grade teacher!

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  6. Sadly, my BFF from high school and I lost track of each other…long story having to do with an abusive husband. Anyway, I’ve looked everywhere for her online and haven’t found her again or her family. Weird, huh? But I love to keep in touch with my other friends.

    Nice post, Cat!

  7. Cat, congrats on finding your friend. Too many people stop, leave a quick memory and they’re gone. I had a good friend in second grade. We moved several times throughout my life and so when I was in 9th grade, to find her in one of my classes was the best thing in the world. We are in separate states, again, but maintain communications all the time. Great interview. Good luck on your tour.

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