Review: Sunset Bridge by Emilie Richards

 Sunset Bridge by Emilie Richards: Book CoverSunset Bridge by Emilie Richards

          • Pub. Date: June 2011
          • Publisher: Mira
          • Format: Paperback , 512pp
          • Series: Happines Key Series
          • ISBN-13: 9780778312383
          • Source: Won From Blog Contest

Sunset Bridge Synopsis:

Former socialite Tracy Deloche has nothing to her name but five ramshackle beach cottages and the unlikely friendships she’s formed with her tenants. Wanda, wise waitress turned popular pie-shop owner. Janya, the young Indian wife whose arranged marriage surprises her every day. Alice, a widow raising her complex tween-age granddaughter. And Maggie, Wanda’s daughter, a former Miami cop with a love life as complicated as Tracy’s own.

The new man in Tracy’s life hasn’t mentioned love or commitment— and Tracy has just discovered she’s pregnant. Janya longs to be a mother—and suddenly has two young siblings in her care. Maggie helps out at Wanda’s Wonderful Pies…but is the kitchen big enough for both Gray women? And Alice may lose her beloved granddaughter to someone no one expected….

As a tropical storm brews, the wind carries surprises and secrets over the bridge to Happiness Key. Now, more than ever, five friends will discover just how much they need one another.

My Thoughts:

What an expected find!  There was something about the cover of Sunset Bridge that drew me in when this book arrived in the mail.   I had just finished something else and even though I had other plans this book ended up at the very top of my reading pile.  I am glad that I made this decision.

I enjoyed this story of unlikely friends brought together by living on this little Key in home that seem to be just perfect for each of them.  All of them are faced with such challenging stages on life.  My heart went out immediately to Janya, who is in love with her husband despite they arranged marriage and despite everything they have tried they are unable to conceive a child.  Little do they know in a bizarre twist of events they have two young children living with them in their small space.  The other character that I was able to identify with immediately was Tracy, who find out that she is expecting a child compeltely unexpectedly and is struggling with what she is going to tell the father, because she is not sure where he really stands on their relationship and has a child from a previous relationship.  I was able to connect with her emotions, stronger by the day.

What I enjoyed about Sunset Bridge is that was just as much about the story line with their lives intertwined and crazy going on all over the place as their friendship and relationships with each other.  Emilie Richards does a wonderful job of building well balanced characters that don’t get in the way of the story yet as we learn more about one person the story morphs and changes to incorporate that person.  While the first few chapters were a bit slow for me once I got into the meat of the story I was captivated and had a really hard time putting the book down.  I needed to know what was going to happen with each of these women.  I never expected the book to take the turns that it did.  I was impressed with Emilie Richards ability to keep me in the dark and wow me with the ending of the story.

My Rating:

4 Penguins – I enjoyed the women and their interaction and the basis for the story.  This is one I would recommend as a change of pace in a good way!

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  1. nice book review i was courious with this book and now that ive read your review i deff will be getting this ty

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