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Review: Planning to Live by Heather Wardell

Planning to Live

Product Details

    • Pub. Date: September 2010
    • Publisher: Wardell, Heather
    • Sold By: SMASHWORDS – EBKS
    • Format: NOOK Book (eBook)
    • Sales Rank: 8,398


Determined to lose weight for her best friend’s wedding, goal-obsessed Rhiannon flees her parents’ Christmas Day feast to avoid overeating but her car skids off the deserted road into a tree. Trapped and bleeding, with her cell phone out of reach, she struggles to escape, and to accept that she’s spent her whole life planning but hasn’t ever really lived. Will she get the chance to change that?.

My Thoughts

Rhiannon was heading home from her parents’ home after Christmas dinner and slides off the road and into a ditch.  She is stuck and her leg is somehow pinned.  She is trying everything she can think of to get herself lose or get help somehow.  This book is this processes and time in between reflecting on her life over the last year.  Her past starts with meeting her fiancée and the story of a jealous ex-girlfriend who kidnaps him and leaves him for dead in the middle of the woods in the winter.  Rhiannon is tormented by the loss of her perfect match and has vowed to be dedicated to her job.  She gives her everything to working and trying to lose weight after a horrible experience with a friend’s grandmother and wedding picture.  Rhiannon is a computer programmer and meets Andrew after a former co-worker planted hidden viruses in the game.  They quickly become close friends and Rhiannon realizes that she might be having feeling for him even though she is still healing from the death of Bill.  The big question is will she be saved or left of the side of the street.

Planning to Live is a very deep and touching book.  Heather Wardell does a terrific job with bring a character together and bring their whole environment to life.  This book touched be deeply because I don’t know if I would have been able to react in the same manner as Rhiannon did in all of the terrible things that happen in her life.  I felt that I could relate extremely well to Rhiannon on so many different levels, which in turn made the book so much more personal.  It has been a long time since a book had in shed real tears, but Planning to Live did just that.  The reflection on life and the decisions made was almost too much for me at times, but there was no way that I could put the story down and come back later.  I kept trying to convince myself that what I thought was going to be the ending could not possibly be so.  Be ready for the emotion when you read this book! 

My Rating

5 Penguins – This book touched me right down to my soul.  It has a powerful message and is written in a format that really makes you think.   

*I purchased this book and all opinions are my own.