Meet Me Monday

 I know that I am getting this post up late today.  Sorry, I have been trying to figure out what in the world I was going to share with you today.  This I did not think about when I signed up and well I think that I am a pretty boring person so it is a tough call.
Well, here is where I landed.  Maybe of you visiting today probably have not visited me before so I thought I would share about my love  obsession with penguins and thus why I rate in them.
I wish that I could tell you when it all started or why but I just love penguins.  They are so cute and babies just look so cuddly.  I love that they are the underdogs and don’t fit into the bird mold even though they are birds.  The love started sometime in middle school and has never stopped.  I had to actually stop myself from touching one at the St. Louis zoo because I was afraid they would kick me out.  I got so close!  Anyway, that is just a little tidbit about me and how my blog is a real reflection on my personal life.
Any questions ask away or if there is anything you would like for me to answer next week. 

7 thoughts on “Meet Me Monday

  1. Penguins are actually socially very interesting creatures. I can so see why you’d love them. Thanks for being on the hop!!! Woot!

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and it’s so good to meet you. I think I fell in love with Penguins thanks to movies like Madagascar & Happy Feet 🙂

    Happy reading & rating in penguins!

  3. Aw, they are awfully cute…I wondered why you had a penguin in your header – thanks for explaining!


  4. I love Penguins as well! My love started because of my mom (who also loves penguins). When I was little, she made the main bathroom (aka the kids’ bathroom) in our old house penguin themed. They were everywhere…on the shower curtains, on the towels, on the walls, and even a penguin shaped soap dispenser & toothbrush holder. Oh and a stuffed Opus the Penguin in a shower cap and towel sitting on one of the shelves. It was cool. And kinda obsessive, but in a good way. =)

    Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! I think this concept was a cool idea for Rachel Firasek to start.

  5. Lisa, I’ve got a story for you! At Sea World in San Diego, they have a huge Penguin domain. Part of it feels like it’s under ground (I’m probably remembering it wrong). Anyway – my husband, our two kids and I went in and watched all the penguins toddle around. Then one of them started making this cooing noise. My husband, the mimic, made it back. Well, that got the whole flock aroused – they raced over to our corner of the place and cooed, Tom would coo back, they’d flutter, they’d coo – it lasted almost 15 minutes. I guess he was putting out a mating call or something…I swear this one cute penguin was fluttering her lashes at him…lol!

    • that is so awesome!! This made my morning.

  6. I completely understand, though I can take or leave penguins. I’ve always been the same way with horses, though. It started when I was about 3, and just got worse and worse. My dad understood, and let me have a pony, and then horses, but my mom was aghast. She did everything she could to talk me out of it.

    My dad actually offered to buy me any horse I wanted as he walked me down the aisle at my wedding – if only I wouldn’t go through with the wedding! I’m almost ashamed to admit I actually considered it for a second. Hey, there was a colt I wanted *really* bad!

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