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Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don’t like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!

Wow, this is a great question.  I love when we get a question that gets my brain working, by Friday morning, it is worn pretty thin.  I am going to start with the ones listed.  Love triangles – I think that these can be kind of fun as long as they are well done and not outlandish.  Thin Plots – I do have to say that this does bother me but I don’t think that it is the ultimate pet peeve for me.  Thin plots are just annoying and unusually I will just the book down because there is not enough to keep my attention, unless I am looking for a light read that I want to just be able to fly through.  At that point, it really does not matter what the plot is.

Now you might ask what is my biggest pet peeve.  Well, simple stated “balance”.  I have a really hard time when a book in unbalanced.  What I mean by this is when the plot, character and underlying story are unbalanced and it feels like one is weighted so much stronger than the other.  Or when the plot is overwhelmed by the romance or sex in the story.  I like a nice balanced book that give attentions to all of the important parts of a story.  

I am really curious to see what answers everyone has for this question today because I know that they are going to be varied and very different, or at least that is what I anticipate.  So please share your answer with me in the comments or leave me a link so I can come by and check yours out.  HAPPY FRIDAY and welcome to you if you are a new visitor and I hope you will consider following.

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  1. Oh I so agree! I like balance too! I don’t like when romance has a heavy outweigh over the other aspects of the book!

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