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Do you find that your mood affects the things you read? Like, if you’re in a bad mood, do you tend to indulge in reading that will support it or do you try to read things that will cheer you up? Do you pick different types of books on dreary, rainy days than you do on bright sunny ones?

For that matter, does your mood color what you’re reading, so that a funny book isn’t so funny or a serious one not so deep?

Great question!  I really have never thought about this but no I don’t think that mood affects what I read.  I do tend to feel like light book and pick one up or want something HOT and Steamy so I pick that up but not based on moods or weather or anything like that.

My reading does tend to be a stand alone thing for me.  I do seem to use reading as an outlet to just get away from whatever is going on and escape.

I am very interested to see what answers others have for this question.  I hope that you will leave me a comment with a link.

7 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday

  1. My first reaction would have been that it didn’t – but once I thought more about it, I realized it does!

  2. I don’t think my moods affect my reading either. Normally, I do have a wide variety of “moods” in my TBR pile, but if I’m already reading some fluff but in a dark mood, I never just change books!
    I read to escape, too, so really, anything will suffice!

    Wonderful answer! 😀
    My BTT

  3. I do think moods affect my reading choices, but more often than not, once I’ve chosen a good “escape” book, my whole perception changes.

    Here’s MY BTT POST and

  4. My mood does influence my reading. If I’m in a bad or sad mood, I reach for one of the favorites on my keeper shelf, something I have read and re-read and will read again. Here are some titles from that shelf: Weddings Can Be Murder by Christie Craig, A Kiss of Shadows by LKH, Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu, Naked in Death by J.D. Robb.

    Sometimes I want a quick, satisfying read and will reach for novellas and anthologies.

    I usually wait until after a deadline when I know I can devote the time & attention needed to pick up larger works like Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet or A Thousand Splendid Suns or The House of Spirits.

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