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I am paraphrasing from a friend’s Facebook wall her question:
“How would a teen-age boy who is going to work with his hands ever use Literature of England in his work?”
The age-old “How am I going to use this in real life?” question. How would you answer it?
This is a very interesting question.  I don’t think that I agree that his work is only going to be using his hands. While yes, his main source of income might be from working with his hands, there is much work to his work in life.  We are spouses, friends, parents, mentors and so much more.  We use everything we learn no matter how small in some form in our life.  It might be remembering a line of Literature or Poetry at a time that is helpful for a friend in a time of need. Or to help our children as they are learning the same things we did.  I guess my bottom line is that out “work” is much more than our “job”.