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Another day of BBAW fun and I am excited for this topic. Today BBAW asks: Has blogging changed the way I read?

The quick answer to this is yes.

Prior to blogging, I don’t think I had every picked up a YA book.  Now that makes me very sad because they are some of my favorite books.  I always read romance and the occasional mystery.  I had no idea what a world of books was out there that I knew nothing about.  Not only that but I have tried so many new authors and meet so many people.  This has changed the way I read because I focus more on what I might say about a book when I am reading.  I want to be sure that I am providing something valuable to my readers so it makes me work harder.  

I used to be a reader who would stick with the authors I knew I liked and very rarely would pick up something new.  Not anymore!  I will try just about anything and have found some OUTSTANDING authors, some of you know who you are, that I would have never even thought to pick up prior to this.  Thank you book blogging!  What about you?

3 thoughts on “BBAW: Readers

  1. I could have written this it mirrors me so well. I was strictly romance and occasionally mystery or memoirs. I had 3 favorite authors, and a few series.

    Now? Oh my gosh. The last three months since I’ve been blogging? I have a new favorite series (Jessica Darling) a new favorite book (Anna and the French Kiss) and am super quick to recommend new books to friends and family. It’s a wonderful problem to have!

  2. When I started book blogging I was really surprised at how many bloggers read YA books. For me, though, rather than it being a newer genre, I was just glad to know that I wasn’t the only adult out there that loved YA fiction!

  3. I didn’t really read YA before book blogging either.

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