Audiobook Review: Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin: CD Audiobook CoverHeart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

  • Pub. Date: May 2010
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio
  • Format: Compact Disc
  • Source: From Publisher for Review
  • Read by: Cynthia Nixon

A powerful, provocative novel about marriage and motherhood, love and forgiveness.

Tessa Russo is a stay-at-home mother of two young children and the wife of a renowned pediatric surgeon. Valerie Anderson is an attorney and single mother to six-year-old Charlie—a boy who has never known his father. Although both women live in the same Boston suburb, they are strangers to one another and have little in common, aside from a fierce love for their children. But one night, a tragic accident causes their lives to converge in ways no one could have imagined.

This is the moving, luminous story of good people caught in untenable circumstances. Each being tested in ways they never thought possible. Each questioning everything they once believed. And each ultimately discovering what truly matters most.

My Thoughts:

This was a very well written story and it translated to an audiobook very well.  I liked the format that this book was written in the chapter varied between the two main woman Tessa and Valerie each chapter you learned more about each woman and how their lives were going to come together in one of the most damaging situations a woman can be placed in.  Emily Giffin takes the topics of marriage, cheating, motherhood and forgiveness to a whole new level with this strong story about a Pediatric Surgeon and his double life.  This story walks through his life from the view of the two women in his life, his wife, Tessa, and the woman he feel for after her son was injured in a fire and he was the child’s doctor, Valerie.  They all live together in the same town and it was only a matter of time before Tessa figured out what was going on.  She decides that she needs a weekend away and heads to New York City to hang with her best friend and her brother when she gets even more news.  What she does from here is nothing less that amazing.

Emily Griffin has a powerful way with words and emotion.  There were time to laugh out loud and time that brought me to tears.  The other thing that I love about this is that we see Rachel and Dex from Something Borrowed return and where their lives are now.  Dex is Tessa’s brother and it is a bit crazy in their family.  Watch for a review of this audiobook soon.

My Rating:

A good story with an excellent reader!

Leaves you wanting to know what happens to Tessa and how she will handle her decision