Review: Love and Other Things I’m Bad At by Catherine Clark

Love and Other Things I'm Bad At: Rocky Road Trip and Sundae My Prince Will Come by Catherine Clark: Book CoverLove and Other Things I’m Bad At by Catherine Clark 

  • Pub. Date: July 2011
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Format: Paperback , 592pp
  • Age Range: 12 and up

What’s a girl to do when there are two guys who seem like The One?

Just when Courtney has found the Best Boyfriend Ever (aptly named Grant Superior), she has to leave him to go to college, because apparently the universe doesn’t want her to be happy. Now that she’s three states away, what’s going to happen to her Superior relationship? And what about that cute guy she works with at college? No, not him. Him. Definitely getting in the way with his cuteness. But not distracting Courtney enough to make her stop wondering what exactly happened between Grant and her best friend, Beth, back home. Why can’t dating be as easy as eating a healthy vegan diet? Not that she’s ever managed that, either, but still.

Will Courtney ever figure out how to get this love thing right?

My Thoughts:

This was a quick witted, somewhat fast moving story that was a very realistic take on what happens when two teenagers go to completely different schools across the country from each other and thing that it will just all work out.  Courtney is attending college in a little town in the Midwest where she is surrounded by meat, not very easy for a vegan.   While her boyfriend is going to school back home with her best friend.  Which is making her more and more uneasy by the day.  Then she meets this unique boy at her new job at the college and she feels drawn to him.  As life changes, her world begins to fall apart.  After breaking up with the boy back home and beings dating the boy at school, her scholarship is cancelled and she is forced back home and ends up at the same college as her ex and living right next door.  She realizes maybe she is not over him after all but now he has a new girl friend who seems to have all the same interests as him.  Courtney begins to wonder if her life will ever settle down.

This was an okay book, it didn’t knock my socks off but I did want to finish it and find out how things were going to work out.  There were times that it felt like it was just too long.  While yes, it is two stories in one book even then it felt very long.  I like the ideas that the book was formed on.  It is something that many young women will face as they leave their homes and boyfriends and move on to college and all that new adventure brings.  

Catherine Clark did a great job with the description of this Midwest town and its obsession with meat and cheese.  I enjoyed Courtney’s responses to the town and how it began to grow on her.  Each of the main characters were well developed and it was surprising at some point of the story how much and how quickly they changed.  The emotion was real and the story was well executed. 


My Rating:

3 Penguins

A pretty good read but didn’t knock my socks off

Enjoyable as a one time read