It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What are you reading? 

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Treachery in Death
Like Mandarin 
A Turn in the Road (Blossom Street)
"Scribbling Women": True Tales from Astonishing Lives
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BumpedEat Prey Love (Avon)
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Early Review: A Turn In The Road

A Turn in the Road (Blossom Street)

Product Details

  • Pub. Date: April 2011
  • Publisher: Mira
  • Format: Hardcover , 336pp
  • Sales Rank: 29,999


In the middle of the year, in the middle of her life, Bethanne Hamlin takes a road trip with her daughter, Annie, and her former mother-in-law, Ruth.
They’re driving to Florida for Ruth’s 50th high-school reunion. A longtime widow, Ruth would like to reconnect with Royce, the love of her teenage life. She’s heard he’s alone, too…and, well, she’s curious. Maybe even hopeful.
Bethanne herself needs time to reflect, to ponder a decision she has to make. Her ex-husband, Grant — her children’s father — wants to reconcile now that his second marriage has failed. Bethanne’s considering it….
Meanwhile, Annie’s out to prove to her onetime boyfriend that she can live a brilliant life without him!
So there they are, three women driving across America. They have their maps and their directions — but even the best-planned journey can take you to a turn in the road. Or lead you to an unexpected encounter — like the day Bethanne meets a man named Max who really is a hero on a Harley. That’s when Bethanne’s decision becomes a lot harder. Because Grant wants her back, but now there’s Max….
From Seattle’s Blossom Street to the other end of the country, this is a trip that could change three women’s lives.

My Thoughts

The first Debbie Macomber book I ever read was book #1 in this series.  Each book seems to revolve around one of the women of Blossom Street and while others may move in the story it is primarily one women at a time.  I am glad that it was Bethanne’s turn.  I have always wanted to get to know her better and more about her sad story.  Flash forward to this book – Bethanne has been divorced for 6 years from her ex-husband Grant, who has now divorced the woman that he left Bethanne for, and seems to want to rekindle their relationship.  Bethanne has changed in the last 6 years not only is she a very successful  business woman, having started Parties, when Grant left her in order to ensure that she would not lose the home her children had grown up in, but she now has two grown children, one of who is getting married in mere weeks.  While on a visit to Blossom Street, Bethanne bumps into her ex-mother-in-law, Ruth, who is planning a trip across the country for her 50th class reunion.  On a whim, Bethanne says that she will make the trip with her.  Bethanne’s daughter, Annie, joins the duo for the trip across the country after her heart is broken by her boyfriend.  Even though Ruth has planned all her stops for the trip, plans quickly change as Annie mentions she would love to see where her father was born.  Ruth remembers that she had a good friend, Marie, who lived in the town and off they set to see if the restaurant Marie’s parents owned is still there.  They find that it is and Marie now owns and runs it, in a odd turn of events, all of Marie’s employees are out and the trio offer to pitch in for the day.  The first four customers that day are a group of bikers.  Bethanne notices one and makes eye contact.  His name is Max and this is where the adventure begins.  While Annie and Ruth want Bethanne to reconnect with Grant, Bethanne is very interested in Max.  While on the trip, Bethanne, Ruth and Annie not only learn a lot about each other, their secrets and fears, but about love itself. 

All of the women in this story are likable and very easy to connect with.  In the beginning, I was not sure what to make of Max and Grant.  Quickly, I realized that I like Max a whole lot more than Grant.  He just seems to be good underneath all of his pain.  Grant just seemed to assume that Bethanne would come crawling back to him, over confidence if you ask me. 

The story flowed well.  I enjoyed that there were different story lines for each of the three women and they were all having their own trouble with love.  While the main story is that of Bethanne each women has her own story as well.  I think that the trip kept changing and with each change came new challenges and opportunities.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book as I have all the book I have read by Debbie Macomber.  Her books are always solidly written and enjoyable.  The perfect rainy afternoon book!

My Rating

4.5 of 5 stars – as always with a Debbie Macomber book it was enjoyable and yet not the same as the last book.  There are always surprises just waiting to happen.

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"Scribbling Women": True Tales from Astonishing Lives
I actually just finished reading it.  Makes me want to learn more!
A Dawn of Dragons (Dragonlance: Dragonlance Chronicles Part 6)
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