Shopgirl’s Prophecy by Anna Abner

Shopgirl’s Prophecy
Beasts of Vegas

Book One

Anna Abner

Genre: paranormal romance

Publisher: Mild Red Books
Date of Publication: 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9914031-5-8
Number of pages: 300
Word Count: 80K
Cover Artist: Anna Abner
Tagline: Powerful witches, tortured vampires, and sexy shifters fight the evil horde on the Vegas Strip.
Book Description:
Ali Rusenko has dangerous secrets she can never reveal. When her father dies suddenly, the shy British shopgirl discovers he has even more secrets than she does. In search of the truth in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ali is attacked by the horde and stranded in the desert. If it weren’t for sexy vampire hunter Connor Beckett and his sidekick Roz Carrera, she’d be vampire food.
Connor and Roz rescue Ali, but a string of vampires chase her across the Nevada desert as if she’s vampire catnip. Unfortunately, Connor knows exactly how they feel. The beautiful stray sets his blood to boiling. But if Connor’s going to have a real chance to defeat the horde leader, Oleksander the Destroyer, he can’t allow Ali leave the country without discovering the one secret she refuses to reveal.

Chapter One
“Get down,” Roz
hissed, yanking on Connor’s black jacket. A spotlight swept over their heads,
and he tasted dry earth as he flattened onto the sand.
“That was too
close,” Roz complained.
They skittered
like cockroaches across the ground, avoiding a parked Humvee, and staying out
of the guards’ eye line. The things they couldn’t avoid at the secret army
facility in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Nevada were surveillance cameras on every
wall and post. Hence, the need for speed and an electro-magnetic pulse device
the size of a suitcase strapped to Connor’s back. If they were caught breaking
into Oleksander the Destroyer’s cell, they’d never see daylight again. Sort of
the way Oleksander had been in the dark of an army prison for the past twenty
Connor Beckett
hadn’t known six months ago—a lackluster engineering student at the University
of Chicago—that the Seer Ilvane would write down his name and forever link him
with the end of the human race.
Connor from
Cleveland will release the Destroyer and bring about the apocalypse.
There wasn’t any
way to fix the prophecy and save the world except to kill the vampire lord.
“Push the
button,” Connor said, nodding at the EMP. Thank the fates for Anton and
Natasha, their very generous benefactors from New Zealand and their high-tech
“Pushing the
button.” Roz activated the device, and every electric light on the base,
hopefully the cameras and security doors too, blinked off. “Now,” she ordered.
Nimble on the
balls of his feet, Connor ran for building 2A, which he knew from poring over
satellite photos of the installation, was where the army kept the vampires. He
hunched over the card reader controlling the prison’s heavy-duty outer door,
sweat rolling down the back of his neck. “Please,” he breathed. A single second
delay while they stood like a couple of sore thumbs at the gateway to a
vampire’s cell on a secret military base could ruin everything.
He hoped for the
best and yanked. The immense door swung open on soundless hinges.

“I was only
fifty percent sure the EMP was going to work,” Roz admitted as she followed him
inside and sealed the door.

About the Author:

Anna Abner lived in a haunted house for three years and grew up talking to imaginary friends. In her professional life, she has been a Realtor, a childcare provider, and a teacher. Now, she writes edge-of-your-seat paranormal romances and blogs from her home in sunny southern California about ghosts and magic.
You can connect with her online at
Twitter: @AnnaAbner

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Promised to a Highland Laird by Sky Purington

to a Highland Laird
MacLomain Series
New Beginning
Genre:  Time Travel Fantasy Romance
Date of Publication:  February 27th, 2018
Number of pages:  265
Word Count:  82,000
Cover Artist:  Tara West
Book Description:
Christina has made her own way
for as long as she can remember and juggled men for even longer. The love ‘em
and leave ‘em type, she finally said goodbye to Virginia, moved to Maine, and
made a fresh start. Or so she thought until her best friends were pulled back
in time. Better yet, when a stubborn Claddagh ring on her finger declares she
can run but can’t hide. Not when it comes to men from medieval Scotland.
First-in-command of MacLomain
Castle, Graham MacLomain has more secrets than most and wants nothing to do
with a lass from the future. Especially not one who is promised to King Robert
the Bruce. Yet the moment he makes contact with Christina before she travels
back in time, he is drawn to her. Soon enough, despite his own commitments and
a life that can never include her, he’s eager to be by her side.
Friends from the start, Graham
and Christina devise a plan to pretend true love found them. Now they can
discreetly dodge destiny and follow their own paths. The only problem? Destiny
is unavoidable. Passion sparks and love ignites. Days before the Battle of
Bannockburn, they’ll have to face the truth and make a heartbreaking choice.
Give in to how they truly feel and destroy all those they care about or turn
away, and save Scotland from ultimate ruin.
They met each
other’s smiles, not a bit of discomfort between them as they discussed things
that would be entirely inappropriate with any lass from his time. More than
that, anything he would ever talk so casually about with a lass he just met.
“So back to us
moving forward together and trying to save my country.” He considered her. “Are
ye up for it, lass?”
She seemed to
contemplate it as she continued eying him. “So let me get this straight. You
want to skip all the love and intimacy and see if we can get out of this
ring-binding thing while we pretend to be together?”
“More the pity
on the intimacy part but aye,” he said. “What about ye? Do ye want to move
forward with me and take control of our own destiny rather than have anyone
or,” he glanced at her ring, “anything dictate it for us?”
She crossed her
arms over her ample enough chest and tapped her foot as she thought about it.
“Y’know what, Graham, I reckon I do.” She shook her head. “But can it be done?
Can we be together without actually being together?”
“I think ‘tis
best that we give it a try.” He nodded, more sure of this quickly hatched plan
by the moment. “Just as long as ye realize we cannae truly be together.”
“That sounds
doable.” Yet he saw the curiosity in her eyes. “So what gives? Are you in love
with someone your kin has forbidden?” Her eyes rounded in intrigue. “Secretly
“Is it so
important to know?” He remained perfectly honest with her. “Because I would
rather not share quite yet.” Graham issued his most charming smile. “Right now,
‘twould be best if, by the time we return to the house, we could say we’re
smitten and desire one another.” He shook his head. “And no one else.”
full, perfectly shaped lips twisted as she considered his offer. “What’ll
happen if we don’t?” Her foot tapped a little faster. “Is Bryce gonna want me?”
She cocked her head. “And is he a real dragon?”
“Half dragon,”
he said, sure to sound grave. “But aye, the MacLeod can easily shift into a
ferocious beastie.” He shook his head. “One that is frightening to behold.”
A little smirk
returned to her lips as she listened to him. “You’re exaggerating, aren’t you?”
“Nay.” He arched
his brows. “I’ve seen my cousin embrace his dragon, quite recently in fact, and
‘twas terrifying.”
Her smile didn’t
budge, and her bonnie eyes never wavered from his. “You’re determined to play
this up I see.” She stepped a bit closer, her tone that of a co-conspirator as
she looked right then left before she met his eyes again. “All right, I’m
game.” She pointed between them. “You and me. How do we go about it without
everyone knowing we’re trying to trick ‘em?” She held up her hand between them
and eyed the ring. “And what about this?”
“I think, for
starters, we let my cousins see how intense the attraction is betwixt us
already.” He nodded. While he had intended to spend more time getting to know
her, it really wasn’t necessary now. She was on board with deceiving everyone,
and that’s exactly what he needed.
“Wow, glad to
see you’re decisive,” she commented, but he could tell she approved. “Just
wondering…won’t your kin see right through it? Better yet, your sister?”
“Nay, they
havenae been around me enough to know better,” he provided.
“Ah.” She gave
him a knowing look. “So you really are off with lots of women.” Her look turned
sly. “Or one extra special top secret mystery gal.”
“I didnae say
that,” he denied.
“You didn’t have
to,” she said with approval, eying him over again. “Like I said, it makes
He smiled.
“Thank ye.”
“Yer quite
bonnie yerself,” he said, comfortable with how frank they were with each other.
She grinned.
“Heck if I don’t know it.”


“So we are in
agreement then?” he said, still dishing out his most charming smile though he
knew he didn’t have to. “We were smitten the moment we met, and refuse to be
with anyone else.”
the Author:
Sky Purington is the bestselling
author of over thirty novels and several novellas. A New Englander born and
bred who recently moved to Virginia, Sky was raised hearing stories of
folklore, myth, and legend. When combined with a love for nature, romance, and
time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books.
Purington loves to hear from
readers and can be contacted at Sky@SkyPurington. Interested in keeping up with
Sky’s latest news and releases? Either visit Sky’s website,,
subscribe to her quarterly newsletter or sign up for personalized text message
alerts. Simply text ‘skypurington’ (no quotes, one word, all lowercase) to
74121 or visit Sky’s Sign-up Page. Texts will ONLY be sent when there is a new
book release. Readers can easily opt out at any time.
Love social networking? Find Sky
on Facebook and Twitter.

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Spotlight HTML Daemon Deception by Mariah Ankenman

Daemon Deception

Daemon Series

Book Two

Mariah Ankenman

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Date of Publication: March 3rd, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-5092-1716-8  
ISBN: 978-1-5092-1717-5
Number of pages: 268
Word Count: 64,965
Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor
Tagline: Who do you trust when those closest betray you?
Book Description:
As a witch, and one of the smartest scientists around, Celia’s job is to help the Enforcers defeat evil. Her latest task is to decipher the new language of the Kakodaemons. It should be easy, but she finds it nearly impossible with the demanding, frustratingly attractive council head breathing down her neck.
Euadaemon Damien has been called tough, but he’s tasked with protecting the innocent and war is brewing. He recruits Celia Dahl. Though he needs her brain, he finds much more about the sexy woman appealing.
As they work together, they find themselves engaged in more than just a working relationship. But even those closest can hide dark deceptions. Celia and Damien discover sacrifices must be made if there is hope for humanity and love.

“What do you
need?” he asked, once he reached her side, bag in hand.
“There’s a vial
inside. A potion I made to lessen the effects of the blood curse. I took one
before I broke the spell, but I’m not sure it did much good.”
As horrible as
her wounds were, he suspected her potion did help. If Racine’s account was
accurate, the blood curse could have been a lot worse. “This?” He held up a
glass tube with blue liquid inside, so bright it almost glowed in the dark
“Yes,” she
panted, clearly in pain. “Pour it directly onto my wounds.”
He hesitated.
“Will it hurt?”
She managed a
small shrug. “It can’t hurt any worse than it does now.”
If he ever
discovered the Sorcerer who created this blood curse, he would put him or her in
the ground. After he made them bleed, a lot. Removing the stopper, he tipped
the vial over her wounds. The blue, shimmering potion dropped into the deep
gashes and started to bubble. Celia sucked in a sharp breath.
“Does it hurt?”
She giggled.
“No. It tickles.”
Odd, but better
than hurting. If he had his way, Celia would never feel any pain again.
He watched in
amazement as the potion bubbled and sparked. Before his eyes, her wounds
started to shrink. The skin began to knit itself together. In just a few short
minutes, those deep, raw cuts reduced to three long, thin scars. The skin
remained red and tender, but the wounds had closed.
“Did it work?”
“Baby, you are
one amazing Witch.”
A smiled tipped
her lips as her cheeks tinged a tempting pink. She rolled to her side, then
winced and rolled back.
“Well, it’s
better. That’s a start. I guess I’ll have to sleep on my stomach tonight.” She
frowned and he found the expression adorable. “I hate sleeping on my stomach. I
can never fall asleep that way. It’s so uncomfortable.”
He stood and
started to unbutton his shirt.
He didn’t
answer, just continued to undress until he was down to his boxers. Then he
slipped into bed with her and pulled her onto his chest.
“There. Better?”
She buried her
face in his chest. “Much.”

Careful of her
back, he wrapped his arms around her and immediately realized his mistake.
Celia was naked. He’d removed her clothes himself, but had been too distracted
by her wounds to notice or appreciate her nudity. He noticed it now. Silky,
soft flesh pressed against every inch of his body. Her firm breasts smashed
against his chest, and he felt her nipples begin to harden. One leg draped
across his groin, moving slowly back and forth. Yeah, he noticed all right. If
the rising tent in his boxers was any indication, he appreciated it, too.

About the Author:
RWA® Golden Heart® Nominated author Mariah Ankenman lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her two rambunctious daughters and loving husband who provides ample inspiration for her heart-stopping heroes.
Since 2016 Mariah has published seven books and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Whether she’s writing hometown heroes or sexy supernaturals, Mariah loves to lose herself in a world of words. Her favorite thing about writing is when she can make someone’s day a little brighter with one of her books.
Twitter: @mariahankenman