Playing with Power by Vanessa Liebe

Playing with Power
Vanessa Liebe

Genre: Erotic Romance Paranormal/ Fantasy

Publisher: Blushing Books
Date of Publication: 25th May
Number of pages:101
Cover Artist:Eris Adderly
Tagline: Playing with Power can get a girl into all sorts of trouble …
Book Description:
Playing with power can land a girl in all sorts of trouble with her man, as six ladies soon discover. Whether she’s a witch who disobeys the no-magic rule, a fairy making lust cakes, an amateur sorceress casting a spell on her boyfriend, a victim of an enchanted necklace, a revenge fairy messing with a deity, or a pleasure fairy abusing her abilities…
Once they’ve experienced the sensual consequences of playing with their magical powers, can these ladies find their happily for now with a hint of forever? Or have they spoiled their chances?
Publisher’s Note: This steamy anthology contains elements of power exchange.
for Mature Audiences from Breaking the Rules
Fuck he was big.
Built like a bear. Caia narrowed her eyes through her sunglasses at the man who
stood leaning against a wall, arms folded, across the swimming pool from her.
Yes— built like a bear—because he was a fricking werebear. She could smell the
testosterone from here and promptly shivered in distaste. Who wanted one of
those alpha beings pawing at them? And just what the hell was his problem? He
was staring at her. In fact, he had been for a while. She’d felt someone’s eyes
on her over several occasions in the past few days, but when she’d turned to
look, she hadn’t caught anyone. Had it been him?
Caia shifted on
her lounger. At least the big brute couldn’t tell whether she was returning his
stare or not because of her shades. The last thing she wanted was for him to
think she was interested. He could take his weird fixation somewhere else. Caia
didn’t do werebears. She only did well-hung humans every once in a while. And
only for one night to fuel her magic, then she wiped their memories. That way
there were no messy emotions involved.
Giving the were
freak a final look of disgust, Caia leaned back against her lounger, then
closed her eyes. To enjoy the glorious sunshine.
“Your drink,
Caia sighed. “I
didn’t order a drink.” She didn’t even bother looking up at the waiter.
“A gentleman
bought it for you.”
What the fuck?
Caia hadn’t started flirting with any men today to obtain a free drink. “I
think you have the wrong lady,” she said with growing annoyance.
“No. The
beautiful lady in the tiny pink bikini. That’s you.”
It was indeed.
Caia opened her eyes, whipped off her shades and glared at the waiter. “Which
gentleman?” Yet, before the man turned to look, she knew it was going to be
that damn werebear. Sure enough, the waiter pointed him out. Incensed at having
her sunbathing interrupted, Caia shoved her shades back on and resumed her
position. “Tell him not to bother me again. If he does I shall shove the glass
where the sun don’t shine.”
The man made a
noise of discomfort. If she didn’t know better, she would say he was scared.
“But, madam. Mr. Blackwood is the owner of this resort. I can’t take the drink
Caia hesitated.
It wouldn’t be fair to get a hireling into trouble. “Very well.” She took the
drink from the tray. “Thank you.” She waited until the waiter walked away
before she tipped the drink into a nearby flower pot. There. Problem solved. No
way was she accepting a drink from a werebear, owner or not. He might have
drugged it. She glanced across at him again, and couldn’t help feeling a little
nervous at the look on his face before he turned away and disappeared into the
club house. It had promised retribution. Perhaps she had been unwise to piss
the owner of this gorgeous resort off. She really liked it here and would hate
to have to find somewhere else. But the bear had to learn to take no for an
answer and Caia didn’t like backing down.
Shaking her head
at how ridiculous she was being, she lay back and closed her eyes once more.
She was a powerful witch for fuck’s sake. Well, she was when her magic was
fully charged. Still, low on magic or not, she smiled at the thought of turning
the werebear into something if he tried anything again with her. Then she
determinedly forgot all about him as she soaked up the gorgeous feeling of the
hot sun on her skin.
* * * * *
The witch was
playing with fire, refusing his drink. Tariq had seen her, decided he wanted
her and that was that. She would be his. No female could ever turn him down.
And yet, this witch had dared to glare at him—he had felt it from across the
pool. She had tipped his drink away too. What woman did that? Her defiance and
indifference challenged him. Made him want her all the more. As if her lush
body barely constrained in that skimpy bikini hadn’t made him hard enough.
Tariq smiled as
he walked into his office, his anger of a few moments ago turning into
anticipation of the hunt. If the witch thought she could deny him, she was
wrong. He would inform her of the club rules and once she broke them, Tariq
would take great delight in teaching her the consequences of doing so.

Soon, the
beautiful redhead would be submitting to his inner beast. He doubted she’d ever
experienced sex with a half-vampire, half werebear like him before. And
although Tariq had sensed her disdain about his werebear half, he was confident
that the witch would soon change her mind. Immune she was not. Emotion of any
kind hinted at passion and he looked forward to unleashing that passion. Taming
the wild beauty was not his intention. Far from it. But she would be solely
his. For he also wanted her as his vampire mate.

About the Author:

Vanessa Liebe is the author of fun, sexy erotic romance and erotica, both contemporary and historical. She mostly writes in the Fantasy and Paranormal categories as she likes a man with bite.
Vanessa is married with three children and resides in Hampshire, South East England. When not house training her children, reading or writing, she likes to sit in the garden with a glass of rose wine.
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The Darkness In Faith Box Set Books 1-3 by C.F. Rabbiosi


Darkness In Faith
Murderess and Lover of the Dead
1, 2 and 3
Box Set Description:
The morbid adventure of a sexually
sadistic serial killing dame. 
“A sex slave, so beautiful and
depraved… They had no idea the monster they would turn her into…”
Inspired by real sex slave tales and
real serial killers of the past.
Many of the characters were based off of
real people!
Darkness In Faith
Dark Erotica Book 1
Book Description:
My name is Faith: Tortured sex slave
turned brutal murderer. Men have abused my body for inhuman pleasures, hurt me
and made me feel helpless. But now…
They fear me. I wish I could say that it
is all for the good of the world that I kill them slowly and give them a taste
of what they have made others feel, but that would be a lie. Turns out, I have
a lust for blood and get off on making THEM my slave. They may be way past
being offended at that point, but I sure enjoy my living dead boys.
Just one small problem. I am falling for
my newest conquest and don’t know anymore if I want to tie him up and kill him
slowly. He supposedly sexually assaulted a woman horribly ten years ago and is
currently on parole for the crime, but something about those genuine sea green
eyes and that beguiling mouth makes me weak. I still want to tie him up but
what I want to do to him- will make us both scream.
Something about his darkness and pain
calls to my own, and he knows I could kill him at any time, but still fights to
possess me in every dripping, consuming and tantalizing way.
Come inside if you dare where real sex
slave stories are my inspiration and I’ll tell you the story of a serial
murderess and the life altering events that made her a Lover of the Dead.
Amazon     BN
Dreaming Faith
Darkness In Faith
Dark Erotica Book 2
Genre: Erotica Horror
Publisher: Winterose Books
Date of Publication: 4/2018
Number of pages: 151
Word Count: 42,000
Book Description:
How can I admit to myself that I have
fallen for the one thing I fear the most? I should kill him, as I have visited
bloody death on many others just like him but…
Instead I have let him inside me.
Deeply, painfully and with all-consuming psychotic passion. My body hums when
he hurts it, as he’s brought out a hidden side of me that thrives off his rough
touch. I have never felt so alive.
Here he is by my side as we travel the
country, staying in the finest hotels and savagely getting revenge on those who
have sexually tortured me. What a ride. Kill, rough sex. Try to kill each
other, more rough sex… And repeat.
But something changes my dark lover with
each kill and I fear I will lose him forever. The blood thirsty beast he struggles
to keep locked up within thrashes against its cage, and I don’t know how much
time we have left together. Oh, but I WILL make the most of it.
Amazon       BN
Darkness In Faith
Dark Erotica Book 3
Genre: Erotica/Horror
Publisher: Winterose Books
Date of Publication: 5/2018
Number of pages: 130
Word Count: 38,000
Book Description:
“Please let me go,” I say.
He takes a deep breath. “I can’t. Why
don’t you see that you are meant for me? You’re a killer, you’re a sexual
predator, and my dark soul demands I take yours. I need to **** your body
mercilessly and make you scream from beneath me. I have no choice because I’ve
never wanted anything so bad.”
His lips move to ear. “Say you want me,
Faith.” He sucks my neck into his mouth and the ache feels good. He leaves
bruises. “I will do anything.”
I cringe and stare into nothingness.
This is my way out. If he has become obsessed with me because I escaped him
years ago, because his best friend wants me, and because I challenge him, then
I can use it to escape. I refocus and allow my demoness to take hold. “I
shouldn’t want you James.”
He moves inside me, lifting me up and
forcing me back down over his thickness and I cry out. “But you do,” he
I won’t make it that easy. “You excite
me. You make my body sing and scream at the same time.” His **** rubs through
me igniting incredible sensations and I haven’t lied to him yet. “I want you,”
I say breathlessly. He feels so good because this is so bad and my sanity is
being pushed to the limit. I run my fingers across the shaved sides of his head
and rip his blond hair backward. I ride him hard. “You’re beautiful,” I say,
trying to breathe. “Because you tear me to pieces.”
He grasps my hips, the killer who has
never gotten off without hurting a woman first, and digs his fingers into my
flesh. With a desperate kiss, his eyes roll back and his body tenses in
Amazon      BN
the Author:
Charity used to be a Registered Nurse in
California, and though she doesn’t use her two degrees in the field anymore,
they have helped her with her real passion- writing. She happily writes the day
away using her in depth Anatomy, Physiology and Psych background to make her
death scenes more real and her killers more… colorful. But it’s not all about
the blood, because more than anything she loves hot romance. Her heroine is
kick-ass and her men are all the dangerous and gorgeous beasts you love to
Her style is beautifully gruesome and
inspired by Interview With The Vampire, Buffy, and True Blood. She lives in the
beautiful university city of Columbia, MO with her incredible husband and three
girls, and loves yoga almost as much as living and writing in her own fantasy


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The Darkness In Faith- A Dark Erotica. 
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Dragon’s Rogue by Anastasia Wilde

Dragon’s Rogue
Wild Dragons
Book One
Anastasia Wilde

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: April 29, 2018
ISBN: 978-1717480088
Word Count: 83,000
Cover Artist: Melody Simmons
Tagline: He’s loved her in his dreams for a hundred years. Now he’s finally found her, and he’ll do anything to make her is own…

Book Description:
The evil Dragon Lord Vyrkos is about to rise from captivity in a devastating volcanic eruption. Only the Greystone brothers can stop him—and only if they find the three women who hold the keys to sealing Vyrkos’ tomb forever.
Blaze McKenna is a witch hiding out from her former coven. After stealing their most powerful artifact to keep them from destroying themselves, she’s been preparing for the day when the coven leader will hunt her down and try to take it back.
A battle that only one of them will walk away from.
So when smoking hot dragon shifter Zane Greystone offers to help her fight the coven in return for her handing over one of the Seals to Vyrkos’ tomb, it sounds like the perfect plan—except for two problems.
She doesn’t know where the Seal is.
And the dragon doesn’t just want her help—he wants her heart, body and soul.
Dragon’s Rogue is the first book in Anastasia Wilde’s epic new trilogy, Wild Dragons. Each book features one couple, hot steamy dragon love, HEA, no cliffhangers!
Rated steamy – contains explicit sex but not erotica
2 (Sexy)
He ran his
finger lightly up the inside her forearm. Her skin quivered at his touch. “My
search brought me to you. The woman of my dreams.”
Blaze started
losing her breath again. “The woman from your dreams,” she managed. “There’s a
“Not to me.” He
ran his finger up her forearm again, watching her reaction. “Especially if you
knew what I dreamed about.”
She did know
what he dreamed about. She’d seen it in her mind when he kissed her. And it was
“They were
dreams,” she said. “You don’t know anything about me.”
But that was a
lie. She felt like they did know each other. The way his eyes seemed both
familiar and strange, and the look of desire and longing in them did too. Like
she’d seen that look so many times, and it still felt new every time, still
could pull the breath from her lungs and make her pulse pound.
“No?” he said.
His voice was soft, his fingers warm as they stroked her arm. “I know how your
eyes look when you’re happy, and the way they look when you’re sad. I know how
your face lights up with joy when you smile from your heart.”
He slid closer
to her, and moved his hand slowly to the hollow of her right shoulder. “You
have a beauty mark right… there.”
He touched it on
the outside of her shirt, and still she shivered as if he were touching bare
skin. Slowly, he slid the scoop neck of her t-shirt away, exposing her
shoulder. He smiled when he saw the mole right where he’d said it would be,
where he couldn’t possibly know it was.
He bent his head
and kissed it. His lips were soft and warm and sent little flames across her
collarbone and down into her core.
“And you have
another beauty mark… here.”
This time, his
hand moved to her belly, a few inches above her left hip. He slid his fingers
underneath the hem of her t-shirt, it until her other mole was exposed. He slid
off the couch onto his knees and dipped his head, kissing that place softly as
well. Blaze melted, her hands sliding across his shoulders to cradle the back
of his head.
The touch of his
lips was like a drug. Her whole body yearned for him, like a flower turning
toward the sun. He continued to kiss her belly, lips feather-light, fingers
skimming the top of her jeans.
Blaze heard
herself make a soft sound of surrender. She’d been strong for so long; she’d
been alone for so long. Holding everyone at arm’s length, not daring to get
close to anyone.
Zane pulled her
to him, so that he was kneeling and she was sitting on the couch, straddling
his hips. He slid his hands under the hem of her t-shirt, raising it slightly,
his eyes meeting hers, asking the question. She raised her hands to let him
take it off her. His face relaxed into a smile, and he pulled it up and tossed
it aside, the smile deepening when her hair cascaded down her back.
“I’ve always
loved your hair,” he murmured into her ear, holding her against him and twining
his fingers through it. “It’s even more beautiful than I dreamed.”
It was so
strange, that he had memories she didn’t have. But somehow it made her trust
him. It was as if her body remembered his touch, even if her mind didn’t.
His lips touched
her collarbone, the hollow of her neck, the sensitive place under her ear. Then
they found hers, and she opened to him, loving the way he tasted, the way he
felt, the way his scent filled her until she wanted to crawl inside his skin.
He unhooked her
bra and tossed that aside, giving a low growl of pleasure when her breasts fell
free. He cupped them in his warm hands, kissing first one and then the other,
over and over, like he couldn’t get enough. Her nipples were hard and
sensitive, and heat pooled between her legs.
Somehow his
shirt had disappeared without her touching it, and his chest was warm under her
hands. He gave another sexy growl when she ran her hands over his muscular
shoulders, dropped one to his washboard abs.
He had narrowed
his focus to one breast, licking and sucking, pulling gently on her nipple with
his teeth as he palmed the other, skimming over the sensitive skin, teasing it
Blaze arched
back to let him play with her breasts. Zane snaked one arm around her and
pulled her hips closer, her stomach against his taut abs, his hot, hard shaft
straining through his jeans, tight against her core.
Oh, god. Blaze
moaned, lost in the feel of him. His mouth still sucked at her nipple, stroking
it with his tongue, rolling his hips in rhythm. She spread her legs further and
rocked against him, gasping when his thick cock hit her in the perfect spot.
One of his hands
had slid down the back of her jeans, inside her panties to her bare ass. He
pulled her closer with a growl, capturing her lips again and rolling his hips,
hitting her sweet spot over and over again.
Blaze felt like
she’d caught fire. “I want to touch you,” she murmured, reaching for the front
of his jeans. “I want you to touch me.”
A grin curved
his lips, and his pants were just suddenly… gone.

Holy hell. Best.
Magic. Ever.

About the Author:
Anastasia Wilde lives in the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest, where sexy shifters may or may not be found hiding among the tall, ancient trees. She loves to write paranormal romances about wild, passionate shifter men and the strong women who are destined to win their hearts. Broken, complicated, devoted, protective—love heals their wounds and smooths their rough edges (but not too much!). When not writing, Anastasia enjoys traveling, nomming on any food involving bacon or melty cheese (ideally both), adding to her magical crystal collection, or relaxing with a glass of wine, watching the sun set behind the mountains.
Twitter: @AnaWildeAuthor

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