Freaky Franky by William Blackwell


Freaky Franky
William Blackwell
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Telemachus Press
Date of Publication: December 3, 2017
ISBN: ISBN-10: 1945330945
ISBN-13: 978-1945330940
ASIN: B077X41V9J
Number of pages: 326
Word Count: 66323
Cover Artist: Johnny Breeze
Tagline: Santa Muerte followers discover the horrifying consequences of worshipping with evil intentions.
Book Description:
When an enigmatic town doctor saves the life of Anisa Worthington’s dying son, she abandons Christianity in favor of devotion to the cult of Santa Muerte or Saint Death. Some believe the mysterious skeleton saint will protect your loved ones; help in matters of the heart; provide abundant happiness, health, wealth and justice. But others, including the Catholic Church, call it blasphemous, evil and satanic.
Anisa introduces Saint Death to troubled Catholic friend Helen Randon and strange things begin happening. One of Helen’s enemies is brutally murdered and residents of Montague, a peaceful little town in Prince Edward Island, begin plotting to rid the Bible belt of apostates.
Anisa suspects Helen is perverting the good tenets of Santa Muerte but, before she can act, a terrible nightmare propels her to the Dominican Republic in search of Freaky Franky, her long-lost and unstable brother, who mysteriously disappeared without a trace twenty years ago.
To her horror, Anisa learns Freaky Franky is also worshiping Santa Muerte with evil intentions. As a fanatical and hell-bent lynch mob tightens the noose, mysterious murders begin occurring all around Anisa. Unsure about who’s an enemy and who’s an ally, she’s thrust into a violent battle to save her life as well as the lives of her unpredictable friends and brother.
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About the Author:
William Blackwell studied journalism at Calgary’s Mount Royal University and English literature at Vancouver’s University of British Columbia. He worked as a print journalist for many years before becoming an author. He has written over seventeen novels, mainly in the horror genre. Currently living on an acreage in Prince Edward Island, Blackwell loves to travel and write dark fiction.
Twitter: @wblackwell333

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Dead Girls Don’t Sing by Casey Wyatt

Dead Girls Don’t Sing
The Undead Space Initiative
Book Two
Casey Wyatt
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Time Travel
Publisher: Casey Wyatt
Date of Publication: 12/18/17
ISBN: 978-1979982078
Number of pages: 338
Word Count: 93,000
Cover Artist: Kim Killion Designs
Tagline: Time will have its way
Book Description:
When former vampire stripper Cherry Cordial settled on Mars with her undead family, she thought she’d left her chaotic past behind her. After finding her mate and becoming the first vampire to give birth, she’s hoping to lead a drama-free life.
Naturally, the universe has a different plan. When mysterious undead space travelers arrive, an ancient Martian plague is released, infecting the undead. To find the cure she must return to Earth. All she needs to do is travel into the past, confront her own tangled history, and not break the space-time continuum. But if Cherry’s learned anything, it’s that her life is never that easy.
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Tiny pokers stabbed
my eyes.
Another body,
warm and hard, spooned against my backside.
Ian always felt
so good, comforting and real.
His hand wrapped
around my waist, cupping the underside of my breast. A cool sheet slid off my
bare shoulder.
I was naked and
in bed. A snippet of memory interrupted my appreciation of my husband’s hand.
Wasn’t I running
from something . . .?
Fingers trailed
along my spine, heading south. The touch was wrong, unfamiliar and rough.
Hold on. That
wasn’t Ian. I shouldn’t feel the warmth of sun against my skin either. We lived
on Mars, where it was colder than a witch’s tit.
If not Ian, then
who was touching my inner thigh?
My eyelids
snapped open like a shade on a spring. Bolting upright, I bared my fangs and
grabbed the man’s wrist.
Oh, holy hell. I
was in bed with another man. I rolled away and slammed into a different body.
Shit, make that two other men. Two eye-poppingly gorgeous men.
Hey, I might be
dead, but I’m not dead dead.
“Mistress? Have
I displeased you?” said the man whose wrist I was about to shatter. Stunning
blue-gray eyes. Dark stubble lined his chiseled jawline. His dark hair was
mussed and complimented his swarthy skin tone. Dried blood smeared his neck. A
red trail led to puncture marks.
The other man’s
brown muscled chest rose and fell in rhythmic sleep. His body was fully exposed
on the white sheet. Puncture marks lined his neck, his groin and his very erect
My cheeks heated
like a furnace. Clearly, we’d had a good time.
“No. Leave me.
Both of you go to your rooms.” I dropped his wrist. The man woke his drowsing
companion, and they left as I’d commanded.
Damn. I wished I
could get the other men in my life to be so compliant.
Other men? There
were other people important to me. Why couldn’t I remember them?
I’d kill Jonathan
if he was messing with my mind again.
But yet… that
idea didn’t feel right.
Somewhere in a
dead corner of my memory, this moment seemed familiar. Jonathan, sensing my
unhappiness with our “arrangement,” had spent the early years of our relationship
attempting to please me.
This must have
been my slut phase, where we’d bring home gorgeous men and I would feast and
fuck while he watched. I enjoyed knowing it bothered him that I wouldn’t sleep
with him. Only the mortals that we found in gaming dens, brothels, even at
society events. The only other thing I would take from Jonathan besides his
money was his blood, and only out of necessity.
Fucking hell.
Ian’s go-to phrase—I remembered him now—helped resurface the reason why I was
reliving this not-so-proud moment in my past.
The plague. The
Lost Ship. The time stream. My daughter.
Oh, dear God. I
hoped she was safe.
“Good morning,
my pet.” Jonathan read a page of the morning newspaper while sipping tea from a
dainty cup. He sat on the balcony situated outside my bedroom. From his vantage
point, he could view the bed and my doings in Technicolor glory.
My heart lurched
at the sight of his arrogant beauty. I had forgotten how full of life he’d
been, especially in this time period. And, oh, how handsome he was. His raven
hair glossy with blue highlights sparkled in the early morning sunshine. The
strong line of his jaw and perfect Roman nose coupled with full lips made it
hard not to stare at him. He hadn’t yet acquired the weariness that having a
Family would place on him.
In later years,
after much bitterness between us, I no longer saw him anymore. The beauty was
tarnished, and we became as passionate as two coworkers passing the time until
their shift ended. He had become someone I had to endure rather than enjoy. Not
that I ever really “enjoyed” him because of the circumstances surrounding our
sham marriage.
The horrid image
of his death, when he’d knelt, offering Thalia his head, shattered the peaceful
moment. With a plaintive look, he commanded that I accept his fate and mine. We
both knew that Thalia, the dead queen’s heir apparent, was a vindictive bitch.
She blamed me for her mother’s death and Jonathan refused to bow down to her.
So, he did what he always did. He protected his Family by sacrificing himself
so we could escape. In his last moments, regret had filled his eyes. The wish
that we could have been different together had been silenced forever.
Seeing Jonathan
again and remembering was worse than reopening a wound and rubbing salt in it
with a lemon juice chaser. If only I could apologize to him for how awful I’d
been. I hadn’t been blameless in wrecking our relationship. I could have tried
harder to accept my fate instead of punishing him at every turn.
The temptation
to blurt out the truth bubbled inside, until I had to force myself to look away
from him. Would this Jonathan be willing to help me? Or would he use my current
predicament to his advantage?
No. I couldn’t,
wouldn’t chance it. Not with the entire colony’s lives hanging in the balance.
Could’ve, Should’ve. Sew it on a patch and you’d have my life’s motto.
Yup. Regrets
Jonathan placed
the teacup down and smiled. “Did you enjoy yourself? You seemed a bit surprised
when you awoke.”
Surprise didn’t
cover how I felt. That word was too puny, too inadequate. After a few seconds,
I found my voice again.
“Yes, we had a
good time. Thank you.” It sure looked that way.
He acted like
finding his wife in bed with other men was no big deal. It wasn’t like I would
keep them. To him they were more like pets or meals with legs.

But now, with a
century of wisdom tucked under my belt, instead of relishing in his annoyance,
I realized something. He was sad. With himself or me, I wasn’t sure. And it
didn’t matter. I had a mission to accomplish. A future to save.
About the Author:
Casey Wyatt grew up in a mid-size Connecticut town where nothing exciting ever happened. To stem the boredom, she read fantasy and sci-fi stories, imagining her own adventures in her head. Not much has changed since she’s grown up, only now she’s a multi-published author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels. In her spare time, she loves all things geeky, hangs out in museums, and collects stray cats.
Visit Casey on the web: You can also find Casey on Facebook and Twitter (@CaseyWyatt1).
To receive advance notice about new releases and special sales, subscribe to Casey’s Newsletter at
Twitter: @CaseyWyatt1


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Kissing Strangers by Alethea Spiridon

Funny, forthright, and hopeful, Kissing Strangers is a survival-based how-to guide about looking for love online … and how to separate the men from the frogs.

Out Now! – Kissing Strangers: How to Online Date Like a Boss by Alethea Spiridon.

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Title: Kissing Strangers: How to Online Date Like a Boss

Author: Alethea Spiridon

Genre: Dating

Release Date: January 30, 2018

Length: 40,000 words


So many frogs. So few princes.

Every single (and soon-to-be-single) woman knows the Dating Horror Stories. The guy who charms your panties off before he bolts. The funeral planner with a foot fetish. The Early Ejaculator. Or that filmmaker looking for a soul mate—provided you don’t mind he lied about his height, his weight, his wife, and… oh look, a micro-penis. How nice.

The bad news is that these guys exist. The good news? There are ways to find them, avoid them, and concentrate your energies on non-fuckwits. Who, as it turns out, also exist. Hurrah!

From deciphering Man Speak to the sexy perks of 30-year-old men, Catfishing 101, navigating hookup culture, and the safety precautions every woman should take, author Alethea Spiridon taps into her own hilarious—and occasionally heart-crushing—experiences in the dating world. Funny, forthright, and hopeful, Kissing Strangers is a survival-based how-to guide about looking for love online … and how to separate the men from the frogs.


Find out more at: Goodreads | Amazon


Praise for Kissing Strangers:
“I absolutely loved reading this book! Funny and engaging, this is a great guide for women who are getting their toes wet into the online dating pool. It’s funny, informative, compelling. I wish I had read this when I was online dating. It would have helped me a lot. I made a lot of those mistakes!” Bestselling author, Carmen Falcone


Excerpt One:
Dating today isn’t really dating!

It’s hooking up, hanging out, Netflix and chill.


I asked one of the guys I matched with on Bumble about this idea that nobody dates anymore. Sean, 36, said this: “Well, I think at our age we know what we want and when we find it we move quicker than before.”


You can probably guess that Sean moved on faster than I could ask a follow-up question.


Most men look for sex and find love. Truth.

I’m a romance editor and a die-hard romantic through and through, so this cold, loveless world of dating where most people are in it to sleep with you on the first “date” is soul crushing. Yes, mindless sex is fantastic, but when that is all most guys want…


What the fuck happened to romance?


Do not expect to be courted or dated. Expect to be jerked around, lied to, avoided, ghosted, stood up, breadcrumbed, cancelled on… There are, of course, good men out there, but it will take some digging and meeting, and time and patience.


That’s where this book comes in. You want sex? I’ll show you how to find it. You want something more? Well, keep reading…


Go in knowing a few things.

Tinder. Bumble. POF. OkCupid.

Ghosting. Breadcrumbing

Netflix and chill.

“Nobody dates anymore!”

“Romance is dead!”


You thought dating would be fun, easy, and you’d walk around in your cute little outfits like the women do on television. Bah! Not so much, girls. It can be fun. It is fun at times. But it’s also work and involves a lot of man decoding and navigating a landscape filled with unknowns, rejection, confusion…not much has changed since your mom dated, really. It’s just packaged differently is all.


Dating comes in new forms now. Well, the ways that we get to men. One in three people meet online today, so you have to be where the men are—on a dating site and dating apps. Swiping and sore digits will be your new norm.


But that’s just how you initially connect. Nothing matches real-life experience, so you must meet and talk to men, and a lot of men (probably) until you find the one you click with and want to settle with, whatever settling means for you.


Or maybe you’ll meet him on guy number three.


And if it’s hookups you want, you’ll get tips on how to make them work for you. Nothing wrong with casual sex!


This guide will give you that heads-up so you don’t get ambushed like I did. You’ll know what the booby traps are and how to charge ahead regardless. Consider this your counterattack in your plan to survive.


A decisive victory can be yours, but you need to know the rules if you want to beat them (men) at their game.




About Alethea Spiridon:
Alethea is a writer and editor (lots of romance books, so many) out of Ontario, Canada. When her marriage fell apart she realized she had to get back out there and figure out how to date again or accept a life of eating from the Dinner For One menu option permanently. The book in your hands (or on your screen) is the result of that research. If it saves one woman (you!) from the landmines out there in the DatingVerse, then she’s done her job. For more bits of dating advice and man mysteries solved, visit her website at



You can connect with her online at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads | Instagram | Pinterest



Follow the tour and #enter to #win a copy of Kissing Strangers!

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