Rise of the Nephilim A Blackmoore Prequel by Marcus James

Rise of the Nephilim
A Blackmoore Prequel
Marcus James
Genre: Erotic PNR/Gothic Horror
Publisher: Candiano Books
Date of Publication: 07/24/2017
ASIN: B073q4gb9w
Number of pages: 201
Word Count: 61,272
Cover Artist: Ransom Graphics
Tagline: Sex, witchcraft, and rock and roll on the Sunset Strip
Book Description:
LOS ANGELES, summer of 1987.
Kathryn Blackmoore, the 26 year old heir to Blackmoore World Corp. and the future matriarch of the Blackmoore dynasty of witches has fled the haunted old monied neighborhood of South Hill in Bellingham, Washington looking to trade in a century of rumors, superstition, and her own heartache  for the sun, sex, and music of the