Always Have and Always Will by Stella McLeod

Hello Lisa,

Thanks for having me as a guest and for reviewing my new release

paranormal romance, Always Have and Always Will.

Some people say authors are born not made, I think authors

are just people who decide they want to write. I decided I wanted to

write when I was a teenager, mainly because I was abysmal at Maths,

Physics and Chemistry but good at English. I entered competitions,

started winning awards and the positive reinforcement strengthened

my behaviour. What I didn’t know and wasn’t to learn until I became

a Clinical Psychologist was that intermittent reinforcement is the

most powerful force in determining human behaviour and writers

get plenty of that with rejections/acceptances, fans who love you and

others not so much.

Like the majority of writers I’ve managed to keep writing and

getting published consistently, while being a mother and working in

a full time occupation but a few years ago I decided to retire early

from private full time practice as a Psychologist and that writing was

going to be my full time, instead of part-time career. It wasn’t so

much a leap of faith, rather just a reaching of a crossroad and

deciding one path gave me more joy, more fulfilment. All the clues

were all there anyway, like signposts, showing me which way to go;

most of my friends were writers, I spent all my free time either

writing, thinking about writing or reading other peoples writing.

Over the years I’d written everything from Medico-legal

reports for the courts, professional journal articles and conference

papers for Psychologists, scripts for pre-school TV shows, children’s

picture books and cook books, YA and teenage fiction, a series of

technical cookbooks for The Culinary Library and novel length

romances. When I committed to writing full time I knew, both

consciously and subconsciously, it was Romance novels I wanted to

focus on. One of the things I’d learned as a Psychologist was that,

although every one’s stories and pain seem different there are

common universal threads of humanity and we are more similar than

we know. For most people it is the complexities of human

relationships that they seek to unravel, understand and master. We

may all start off on different roads but they are all heading in the

same direction, hoping for the same destination.

Romance writing is the genre that, to me, best explores the

many facets of human relationship, but in the end it is the ONLY

genre that absolutely delivers what most people are ultimately

looking for throughout all stages of their life from childhood to death,

acceptance, love and a place of peace and acceptance where they feel

good about themselves and the world. (or as my heroine in Always

Have and Always Will says, she just wants to feel beloved on the


I could easily and legitimately draw an analogy between

Psychological Therapy and Reading Romance books. They both

involve a stepping away from and temporary suspension of the

everyday world, trust and faith that the therapist or author can

deliver what they advertise and promise and the goal of a happy

ending that makes the participant feel better about themselves, more

in control and more optimistic about the world. The difference is

romance readers don’t need and aren’t looking to be told anything

because they’re not looking for therapy in that sense. What they are

looking for, I believe, is entertainment, to be shown a different world

from theirs, an interesting and exciting one peopled with strangers,

characters that they can quickly learn to love (or hate) and care

about and ones they hope and know are going to find happiness if

they can only stay strong and courageous.

Romance novels are a temporary escape from the pressures of

everyday life and responsibility, they immerse the thoughts and

emotions of the reader, literally, into a different world, with lives and

problems that are entertaining and interesting, and a story that

guarantees those problems will ABSOLUTELY all be sorted by the last

page, or in my case the last word if necessary. (Never read the last

pages of a book first, your subconscious wants a chance to work it

out for you!)

So why paranormal? Always Have and Always Will is not about

vampires, shape-shifter, werewolves or some of the other traditional

paranormal species or human aberrations, it’s a paranormal in the

sense that it introduces and normalizes the concepts of Immortality,

reincarnation, life after death and mind control. These concepts are

not so unfamiliar that we can’t believe in them and empathize with

the characters and an added bonus is the beautiful and exotic setting

they allow for the action to unfold. Most paranormal characters

require dark, gloomy and edgy setting to get about their bloody

business. My ancient Immortals living today are more likely to be

found in the Greek Islands, Egypt, Rome and Italy, Babylon and the

lands mentioned in the Bible. And the added plot benefit with

Immortality is the complications it allows for relationships and love.

Immortality is shit if all the people you love are dead or if you keep

making the same mistakes for centuries or if your love is unrequited,

betrayed or abused. And lets face it, it doesn’t matter how many

decades, centuries or millennium you live there are times in your life

when you are going to want to feel beloved on this earth.

I hope you liked the face-paced action, exotic settings and

complex flawed characters with their rich inner psychological lives

who are searching for, and trying to understand, love. I am

particularly fond of my hero in Always Have and Always Will. He’s

my kind of man, quiet, self sufficient and reliable, tough on the

outside but soft in the middle. My heroine is a foil to him with her

humor, vulnerability and strength. I left plenty of clues to the mystery

along the way but won’t mention the plot twist and spoil the read but

I hope you didn’t see it coming!

The message ? Never give up on love

Why is it called the Omega Series? Because it’s about time the

heroine told the story and whilst we all love strong and delicious

alphas, Romance Writers, I believe, are the most supportive and

inclusive group of Omegas in the world. (and that included the male

authors as well.) We all know the Greek alphabet begins with Alpha

but did you know it ends with Omega? The Omega symbol in classical

Greece was associated with Birth and Creation, symbolized the

female and celebrated her ability to nurture a child thereby achieving

immortality for both herself and her mate. Although man was

symbolized by the first letter of the Greek alphabet, Alpha, it was the

Omega symbol that was considered the most auspicious and most

blessed by the Gods. Yaaaay!!!

The Front Cover: By the wonderful Hang Le who does Kylie

Scott’s, Ann Campbell and Elsa Holland’s covers. And the image of

Anastasia holding her lituus is by Deanne Whitmore, a talented

digital designer from New Zealand who’s work can be found as rgus

at deviantart.

The Littus: The lituus was a perfectly straight shaft of wood without

knots or blemishes, with two intricately carved and curled golden ends. It was

used by a cult of ancient diviners, priests & priestesses called augers who

divined the will of the Gods. By moving the Lituus, the auger created a

templum, a ritual or sacred space, either in the sky where birds, clouds or

stars were read as portents or on the earth to create a place of power protected

by the Gods.

A templum on earth was for aligning Elysium with the four cardinal

points on earth, each corner for different portents, North (divine approval),

South (divine disapproval), West (the sacred entrance and altar) and East

(sacrifices). Buildings, gardens, animals and people inside the templum were

deemed sacred for eternity. The Roman historian Livy wrote, “who does not

know that this city (Rome) was founded only after taking the auspices, that

everything in war and in peace, at home and abroad, was done only after

taking the auspices?”

In 300 BC there were 9 augers who could wield the lituus and who had

the knowledge necessary to interpret auspices, the messages sent by the Gods.

The auger selected an elevated place, the lituus was moved to draw two

straight lines intersecting at right angles one from north to south, one from

east to west. Then two parallel lines were drawn at the ends of these lines to

form an external square, divided into four by the first two lines. This templum

intersection, in the centre, was the tabernaculum where the augur stood or

sat, facing north and asked for the Gods’ assistance. A sign on the left was

good, a sign on the right was bad; Greece was always north. In the observation

of birds, the augur was not confined to noticing their flight, but used cries and

entrails. Pre-Christian augers existed until the end of the 4th century AD but

by then, when the multiple ancient Gods were usurped by the one single God,

a modified lituus, with only a single scroll on one end, was renamed the

‘crosier’ by Christians. It is still carried by Bishops of the Roman Catholic

church today and by the Pope who has replaced the scroll with a cross.

Kind regards

Stella Mcleod


Always Have and Always Will
The Omega Series
Book 1
Stella McLeod
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date of Publication: October 1, 2015
ISBN: 1500270598
ASIN: 978-1500270599
Number of pages:  264
Word Count: 70,000
Formats available:  pdf
Cover Artist: Hang Le
Book Description: 
Reincarnation is easy until you have to face being murdered a second time. A life destroyed 2000 years in the past, a buried Greek temple with the secret to Immortality, ancient families torn apart by betrayal and a modern reincarnated woman who holds the key.
Ana Black thinks a villa on a Greek Island will be the perfect summer holiday but her plans don’t include Alexander Petrakis. He’s an ancient warrior who thinks he’s Immortal, says he’s waited 2000 years for her to return and claims she’s his reincarnated lover, a woman he freely admits he failed to protect in her past life. Even if she believes him and gives him a second chance, what hope he won’t fail her again?
With a past she cannot escape and a future he cannot accept, all they have is the present. Will they find a way or are they both out of time?


Available at Amazon
About the Author:
McLeod’s books deliver exotic and interesting locations with characters flawed in quirky everyday ways and as a Clinical Psychologist, she draws on psychological insights into human behaviour and motivation to bring her story and characters to life. Published for over twenty years in a variety of media including television, books, electronic and print media, with additional qualifications as a London trained chef, food writer and lecturer means her readers will always find psychological complexity, tension and food written into her books. Stella McLeod is a member of the Australian Romance Writers Association.


Under a Mating Moon by Celia Breslin


A billion butterflies battered Lexi’s stomach. She shifted her attention from

Ross to the piano. Sure enough, the music had stopped, and Jake faced her from his

seat on the bench. Man oh man, the heavy stare from those sky blue eyes sent shivers

skittering down her spine. His gaze held the same intensity she remembered from him

as a kid, as if he saw into the heart of people, exposing their deepest secrets. It had

driven her crazy back then, and she’d spent much time teasing him, pulling his hair,

trying to distract him from being so serious all of the damn time. They were

teenagers—partying was supposed to be their sole focus.

With his ice-blue stare locked on her, Jake rose to his feet, all taut muscle and

predatory power. His energy swept over her like a tsunami, forcing all of the moisture

to abandon her mouth while parts much lower wept with want. Her inner Wolf

howled, answering the call of this Alpha, the first Dominant male ever to make her sit

up and take notice. Holy crap. Her muscles shook with the need to bound over to him,

jump in his arms, wrap her legs around his torso and writhe against his hard, hot,

tattooed body.

Jake said something to his uncle then stalked straight at her, cutting a path right

through the middle of the tables and the many, too-curious patrons.

A whimper escaped her throat.

Surprise sparked in her brother’s brown eyes. “You’re kidding me. Him?” He

burst out laughing. “Wow, sis, that’s some major, big-time irony right there.”

Darci’s expression conveyed her bewilderment. “Now what are you two talking


Her annoying brother grinned. “See that angry Alpha headed our way? My

sister here rejected him when they were teens and he’s apparently her—”

Lexi socked her brother in the ribs. “Shut it, Ross.”

“Ouch.” Ross rubbed his side and chuckled at her plight. The jerk. “Come on,

Lexi, you have to admit the hilarity of the situation.”

No, she did not. Nor did she have to admit that J-Bird was right all those years

ago. He was her mate. O to the M to the G…. They were mates.

Even so, he didn’t look happy to see her at all. In fact, he looked positively

enraged. Shit, shit and triple shit. What a mess she’d made eight years ago. Well, she

was woman enough to pull on her big-girl panties and fix it. She straightened her

spine and lifted her chin in challenge, meeting Jake’s stormy stare. He halted before


I can do this. “Hey J-Bird. Nice to see you.” Lovely. Her voice sounded like

she’d eaten the gravel from the lot in front of Gee’s bar. Embarrassment heated her


One breath, two breaths, three…. J-Bird glared. Tension coiled between them

in the silence. Lexi bit the inside of her cheek to avoid babbling at him. She’d said

hello. It was his turn. Damn it, J-Bird, say something. He wasn’t making this easy.

“Alexina.” His arctic tone dismissed her and slapped her in the face at the same

time, leaving her disappointed and confused. No one called her by her full name. No

one except her parents when she’d done something wrong as a kid. He might as well

have said, “Screw you,” while slamming a door in her face.

His focus shifted to her brother. “Hello, Ross. Been a while.” His hand shot out

to grasp her brother’s in a cordial shake.

“Good to see you, Jake. Join us for lunch? My treat. We can catch up on old


“No, thank you. I’m done. Nice to see you again, Ross.” Jake nodded at Darci.

“Miss.” He brushed past them and out the door.

“What. Just. Happened?” The, “I’m done,” he uttered in his delicious British

accent seemed aimed more at her than at her brother’s offer. And the fact he hadn’t

even looked at her before stalking out all sexy in his gloom and doom? Yeah, that


“I think you know, sis.” The amusement left her brother’s face and sympathy

glimmered in his gaze. “Question is, what are you going to do about it?”

She’d never run from a fight in her life. She wouldn’t start now. “Grab a table.

I’ll be back in a second. Or not.” She ignored her brother’s knowing grin and hurried

out the door.



Under a Mating Moon
Black Hills Wolves
Book 27
Celia Breslin
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Date of Publication: September 18, 2015
ISBN: 9781613338940
Number of pages: 114
Word Count: 32,200
Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde
Book Description:
British Alpha wolf Jake Marsden spends his days among humans, pursuing a lucrative music career and avoiding his pack’s politics. When his current DJ tour takes him to the US, he stops in Los Lobos to visit family, and runs into the one Wolf he never wants to see again—the mate who rejected his claim.
While visiting her brother in Los Lobos, free-spirited Lexi Luparell is shocked to encounter the Wolf she’d denied when they were teens. Now she must face her guilt for the cruel way she spurned him all those years ago, make amends, and admit the truth. Jake was right all along—they’re meant to mate.
Lexi would love to explore the mate concept and her overwhelming attraction to virile, alpha Wolf Jake, but he wants nothing to do with her. How can she break down his defenses when she’s the reason he built them in the first place?
Jake dates only human women now. Lexi had her shot at being his mate, and she threw it away. But when her life is threatened, he may have to rethink his position and do whatever it takes to claim his one true mate.
AllRomance    Amazon    BookStrand     Kobo    Goodreads


About the Author:
Celia lives in California with her husband, daughter, and two feisty cats. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and has a particular fondness for werewolves, vampires, and the Fae. Her award-winning vampire series – The Tranquilli Bloodline – is available from Champagne Books.  Under A Mating Moon is her second werewolf story for Decadent Publishing’s multi-author, shifter line: Black Hills Wolves.
When not writing, you’ll find Celia exercising, reading a good book, hanging with her family, or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies.


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Viking Sensitivity by Gretchen S. B.


Viking Sensitivity Excerpt

Viking’s heart beat four times its natural pace. At the same time his breathing stopped. He

didn’t have it in him to move. The shock was overwhelming. He hadn’t even realized Poet came

out from behind the registers until the other man grabbed his shoulder.

“Viking, Viking?”

It was then he finally turned his head from where Mia had been moments before. Looking

at his third in command he could see the shock on the other man’s face.

“Though you are strange. And your abilities are far beyond that of a Warrior. I would bet

money you just felt the Flash.”

Viking didn’t respond. He didn’t really need to. Poet had been around Viking long enough

to know his expressions. He couldn’t hide it. And he wasn’t sure how to cover it up. He just felt

the Flash. The warning bell that announced to a Warrior he just met his mate. Not just met his

mate but touched her, flesh to flesh.

Viking had been around centuries and now here she was. Some woman he just happened

to come across. He had been interested in her. Knowing there was something special about her.

Could that have been it? Could he have known she was his mate without touching her? He

blinked several times before turning towards the door again. That couldn’t have been it, could it?

He turned towards Poet. The other man blanked his face.

“Yes, I did.” Just saying it out loud seemed overwhelming. He didn’t know what to do.

Where to go. He didn’t know how to find that woman.

Before he realized what he was doing Viking was out the shop door and looking down

the street. He scanned both ways and jogged to the end of either block. He had no idea how long

he stood there staring but clearly it was long enough for her to get her car and leave. Cursing

himself repeatedly he walked back into the store. Several of the employees gave him funny

looks. He ignored them and headed straight out the back doors.

There was only one person he could think of to talk to. Once he exited the back door of

the shop. Into the staff only area he didn’t stop his momentum, he ran up the stairs. Taking them

several at a time. He didn’t slow until he burst out the door on the top floor. He yanked out his

keys in a jerky motion and unlocked Gwen’s apartment. Slamming the door behind him he went

and sat down in her favorite oversized chair. He tried to calm his pulse and his breathing. He

needed to talk to Gwen.

He had never tried to reach her from so far away before. He wasn’t entirely sure if it

would work. She was supposed to be on her honeymoon, as it were, but he knew she would

understand why he would call.

“Little One! Little One can you hear me?” He was yelling it so loud in his head the only

thing louder was his racing heartbeat.

He concentrated on his breathing as he waited. If he could calm his body down, maybe he

would have a better chance of reaching her.

“Viking? Viking is that you? What’s wrong? What’s happened? Is everyone okay?” The

worry and fear in her tone was clear as a bell. It overrode the sleepiness he heard.

Viking took another deep breath before answering. “Everyone’s fine. Everything is fine. I

just. I just needed to talk to you. I needed to hear your voice.”

“What’s happened? Viking you tell me right now or I’m walking out the bedroom door to

find August and making him call over there to tell me what’s wrong.”

Viking knew that was an empty threat. Gwen would not stoop to chasing down her

husband, who could be doing important political business just so he would answer her question.

He blew a few random strands of hair from his face. Gwen could always tell when

something was wrong. She’d gotten good at reading every single one of his micro-expressions in

the two decades they’d been together.

“I felt the Flash.” He didn’t even get out an entire thought before she answered.

“You what?! Who is she? I’m coming home right now. I will be on the next flight to


This is why Viking loved Gwen so much. She had such a big heart. She would drop

everything if she felt someone needed her.

“That is not necessary Little One. She’s someone I met paying off the debt to Lucia. There

is no need for you to come home before your proper honeymoon has begun just to sit with me.”

If he was honest with himself there was nothing Viking wanted more than having the

woman he had grown to think of as his little sister by his side through this trying ordeal.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’ll be there in the morning. One of you guys are to pick me up from

the airport. I’ll text you the flight information as soon as I have it.”

With that last statement he almost physically felt her disconnect from him. And he knew

at that point the argument was over. He couldn’t convince her not to come. Not that he really

wanted to. He would be grateful to see her. He and all the other Warriors missed her terribly. She

meant a lot to a lot of people. He had been eternally grateful when Cesar agreed to move part of

the Warrior government to Washington State so she could be near the people she loved.

Closing his eyes to the room around him, Viking concentrated on his breathing. The next

few days were going to be difficult. He had to somehow woo a woman he didn’t even know. It

had been longer than he cared to admit since he had been up for such a challenge. He was going

to take the opportunity while his head was still relatively clear to meditate and relax his body.

Hopefully, ward off some of the initial effects of the Maddening.

When the Flash hit, a Warrior only had three days to bed his mate. If he didn’t, the

Warrior in question would be driven insane by the overwhelming lust that came over him during

that three day period, or as it was usually referred to, the Maddening.

During the Maddening, the Warrior would experience physical pain when away from his

mate. He would lose his senses should she be injured or touched by any other male. Warriors

tended to stay away from those in the Maddening or in the first stage of mating while all the

Maddening symptoms lowered to the tolerable level mated Warriors dealt with. The first stage of

mating could last anywhere from three months to a year, depending on the Warrior. The more the

Warrior bedded his mate in that first stage, the easier it would be for him to handle the

symptoms. Viking wasn’t sure how to get a near stranger to sleep with him once, let alone

multiple times over the coming months.


Viking Sensitivity

Night World Series
Book 2
Gretchen S. B.
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date of Publication: Aug 21st, 2015
ISBN: 1515251837
Number of pages: 235
Word Count: 84,500
Cover Artist: Bookin’ It Designs
Book Description:
Viking was not sure what to do with himself with Gwen in Montana. That is until his path crosses with Mia’s. She is a beautiful sensitive who is being haunted by a strange being Viking has never heard of.
Mia Jones might not have an exciting life as the owner of an independent book store, but she is okay with that. Then she meets Viking and it is as if her life goes tumbling down a rabbit hole.


Mia and Viking must pull together to fight off the being that is haunting her. As Mia adjust to the Night World it appears this being might not be working along.
About the Author: 
Gretchen is a Seattleite that loves her home. She has a day job as a Program Coordinator a local university. She is a struggling Indie Author, struggling as in she is trying to make her living writing books. She loves to read,  write and create characters. As well as knit and binge watch Netflix. She is also on a sporadic book blog and internet radio show with some of her college friends. She currently lives with her husband and their mischievous Rotti mix, who always seems to find something new she shouldn’t be chewing on.

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