His Wolf’s Desire by Shannon Nydia

Excerpt: Chapter One

Holding a stick of gum between his thumb and index finger, Brad vigorously tapped it

against his thigh as if he were snuffing out a cigarette. Aware of his neurotic action, he shifted in

his seat and braced his elbows on the conference table. He resisted the urge to pound his fists on

it. With deliberate care he removed the gum from the wrapper. While his gaze darted back and

forth, scanning the scene before him, he crinkled the thin scrap of shiny aluminum foil in his

large hand. He squeezed until his forearm started to cramp, then popped the gum in his mouth

and shoved the tiny piece of trash into his pocket.

Brad felt it would be best today to distance himself from his colleagues. Secluded inside

the glass conference room, he found it easier to control his inner animal. He could feel the urge

to shift coursing through his veins. He needed to stay calm.

So while his team members were eager to welcome the arrival of the faction from the

Seattle office, he kept a safe distance from the chaos erupting. Chewing his gum, he analyzed

everyone coming together, shaking hands, behaving in a cordial fashion.

Fuck cordial.

He wanted to strangle Jayla Stanton with his bare hands. She’d succeeded in

administering a major blow to the momentum of his career. He’d worked too damn hard, made

too many damn sacrifices, for it all to come to a screeching halt because she chose to be a

conniving witch. He didn’t like her, didn’t trust her, and didn’t want anything to do with her.

To add insult to injury, he had a front-row seat to witness her invade his territory. One

would think a goddess had descended upon them. The pageantry that surrounded her arrival in

Albuquerque left a bitter taste in his mouth. He couldn’t care less that they were colleagues.

They were no more teammates than they were friends. Everyone else might kiss her ass, but not


He’d been able to avoid Jayla for almost two years by finagling his way out of corporate

event after corporate event when he knew she’d be in attendance. Truth be told, he couldn’t trust

his control over his anger enough to be anywhere near her.

Unfortunately, Mr. Graybar, the CEO of the firm, let it be known he wanted Brad and

Jayla working together for the next week, ensuring the smooth transition of the Maldonado

account. This happened to be the very account which began their bitter feud.

Years of research, planning, development, building business relationships, it all went

down the drain when she swooped in, breaking every rule in business ethics and etiquette. She’d

snatched the account right from under his nose. Landing the Maldonado account would have

been his golden ticket straight to the executive office. Instead, he would have to endure playing

second fiddle to her.

Brad’s alpha-male nature, too stubborn and prideful to even consider defeat, obliterated

from his mind any inkling of leaving the firm. Besides, he loved a good fight, and Jayla had just

started a war. He refused to let her ride off into the sunset with his account. If she thought he

would play nice, she was in for one hell of a week.

Brad eyeballed a few female colleagues; his hunt came to a spellbinding halt when he

zeroed in on a breathtaking beauty. He was finally seeing Jayla in person, and she wasn’t at all

what he’d prepared for.

Her rounded nose was balanced perfectly above her supple, pouty lips. Prominent

cheekbones and a long slender neck made for a stunning combination. Her rich mocha skin color

radiated warmth. Angling her head away from him, she unleashed a striking smile while talking

with and charming the pants off members of his team.

His jaw and chest tightened as awareness settled over him. He’d spent so much time

abhorring her from afar, and her looks had never mattered to him. Since Jayla started working for

his firm, Brad had observed her photos printed in the company newsletters. He’d viewed her

profile page on the company website on numerous occasions. But in no way did either of those

publications capture the essence of her beauty.

She was absolutely stunning, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He watched in an

angry trance as she swept her fingers across her forehead, feathering a loose strand of hair into

place. Then his mouth went bone dry when she faced in the opposite direction. Her full, round,

candy-apple bottom came into view, and a noise sounding an awful lot like a groan scratched out

from the pit of his belly. His cock thickened with arousal, annoying the hell out of him.

His instant attraction confused him, and he tried to shame his excited loins into calming

down. It would be a cold day in hell before he let her beauty distract him. What was wrong with

him? To hell with attraction; she was the enemy.

JAYLA FELT SOMEONE’S eyes boring into her and stiffened in response. She turned

in the direction her wolf’s instincts guided her. Sweeping her fingers across her brow, she

smoothed the tendrils framing her face.

She found and locked gazes with a fine-ass man sitting alone in a conference room. The

blatant hostility in his glare sent goose bumps traveling up and down her arms. If she didn’t

already know what he looked like, being the only person in the office who hadn’t greeted her and

her team would have been all the evidence she needed. She’d just made eye contact with

Bradford Dalton, her adversary.

Gunmetal-blue eyes glued her to where she stood, so exceptional in color she felt

hypnotized. She could barely breathe. The intensity of his stare made her hands tremble. She

pressed her palms into her skirt in an attempt to steady them, mortified by her reaction to him.

There was no love lost between them, but the fact that she literally shook in her high heels just

by locking gazes with the man gave her cause for concern.

She’d prepared herself for a plethora of emotions spanning across the anger spectrum but

not for the instant attraction she felt for the man the second she laid eyes on him. What was

wrong with her?

Brad could spin the facts all he wanted, but the truth of the matter was she’d landed the

Maldonado account fair and square. He’d dismissed her as nothing more than a joke when she

joined the Seattle office of their firm. For almost two years she’d tried in vain to be a part of his

team in Albuquerque.

While Brad plotted his course of action for the Maldonado account, Jayla plotted her

course of action to try to get Brad’s professional attention. Ironically, she’d never wanted the

account for herself. She’d wanted to work with Brad. Learn from Brad. Be mentored by Brad.

Having the chance to work with him was the sole reason she’d wanted to join Graybar and

Associates. In the end he’d stayed full of himself, letting the opportunity slip through his fingers.

She’d landed the coveted account on her own merit.

Breaking eye contact, Brad’s gaze traveled the scope of her body. Tingles prickled her

skin, making her suit’s thick tweed material cumbersome and uncomfortable. His gaze crawled

along her curves, making her feel exposed. It irritated her how sensitive and receptive her body

seemed to be to his fixation. Just because Brad turned out to be easy on the eyes didn’t change

one damn thing between them. No matter how handsome the face glaring at her was, he hated

her, and the feeling was mutual.

She chastised herself for behaving as if she’d never been given the once-over by a man

before. But Brad’s raw gaze unnerved her, fracturing her renowned poise.

She swallowed hard as she willed her hands to stay stuck to her sides and not sweep

across her face again. Trying to gain control of the situation, Jayla decided two could play this

game. She wouldn’t let him intimidate her. Waiting until his eyes found hers, she tightened her

jaw, tilted her head and, with defiance, inspected him right back.

Since he was sitting, she could only appraise his upper half. But boy oh boy… What an

upper half to assess. His nose, a straight line from the top of the bridge to the slightly aquiline

tip, appeared almost regal. She studied his full bottom lip, larger than the slimmer top half. Short,

dark-brown hair, styled as if he combed his fingers through it in the shower, completed his model

good looks.

She bit the inside of her mouth to keep from gaping. Never in a million years had Jayla

imagined Brad looked like that in person. His online depictions were a travesty compared to his

real-life appearance. Now she didn’t know what she found more disappointing: the fact that

someone she once admired turned out to be a chauvinistic ass, or the fact that seeing him in

person made her wish she possessed naked pictures of his chauvinistic ass.

Brad personified the self-centered ambition she detested about the business world. Men

like him made her blood boil. It didn’t matter one iota that he was too fine for his own damn

good. On an exhalation, she made herself refocus on the melee at hand.

Team members from both sides began filing into the conference room Brad ruminated in,

putting an end to Brad and Jayla’s rubbernecking. Taking advantage of every extra second to

collect herself, Jayla lingered and waited to join the meeting last of all. Blowing out a long,

shaky breath, she felt her nerves kick into high gear.

Two quick vibrations from her cell phone, indicating she’d just received an e-mail, gave

her a valid reason to delay her grand entrance. Grateful for the interruption, she pulled the thin

phone from the front pocket of her jacket, opened the e-mail app, and proceeded to read.

The meeting should be getting underway soon. Sorry I’m not there. I have both my phone

and computer on the ready if you need anything. Attached in this e-mail is a copy of your

presentation notes in case you misplaced them. This is your show. Don’t let Dalton intimidate

you. I’ll be in bright and early tomorrow. Remember, when it comes to Brad…it’s on like

Donkey Kong!

Holding back a smile, Jayla wanted to thank Monica for e-mailing her, giving her the

distraction she needed to help settle her nerves. Monica was a brilliant corporate lawyer and one

hell of a colleague. The two of them were sisters in arms in the male-dominated business world.

Although they didn’t get to work together as much as they would have liked, they always had

each other’s back. Once Jayla knew for sure she’d secured her transfer to the Albuquerque

office, she’d done everything in her power to ensure Monica would be part of her team. She’d

gotten her wish, but Monica had been bumped from their flight to Albuquerque. Due to the

airline error, she wouldn’t be arriving until very late that evening.

Knowing she couldn’t delay any longer, Jayla pushed her phone back into her pocket and

headed toward the lion’s den. She stepped into the conference room and took the one seat

available to her. Either by sheer coincidence or by intended design, the seat across from Brad

remained the lone chair left unoccupied. Person after person passed it up, not even daring to look

in its direction. As colleagues intentionally avoided the hot seat, the tension in the room became

so thick Jayla thought they would become blinded by it. On-edge associates on both sides of the

fence exchanged anxious glances.

Noticing everyone focusing on her, she set her briefcase on the table and offered Brad a

tight smile paired with a curt nod. The man had the audacity to arch one eyebrow in response.

The lights dimmed, and a video presentation began, directing attention to the large projection

screen. Camouflaged as she was by the darkness, no one noticed her grip on her briefcase tighten

and her plastered fake smile slip a fraction. She fought the urge to lunge across the table and

choke him. Instead, she pulled her phone out of her pocket, turned off the ringer, and placed it

inside her briefcase. Once seated, she directed her attention to the screen.

IT DIDN’T TAKE long for Jayla’s subtle vanilla-orchid scent to settle upon Brad. His

nose flared the second her delicate and sensual fragrance hit him. He wasn’t one to react to a

woman’s perfume, yet her aroma caressed his attention away from the video. Unable to help

himself, he peeked out the corners of his eyes in her direction. Once again she swept her fingers

across her face, smoothing her hair. Suspecting the action a nervous habit, he felt himself

wanting to smirk in satisfaction, knowing she wasn’t as confident as she tried to appear. She

crossed her arms on top of the table, and her hands captivated him as she scraped her delicate

fingertips across her jacket. Surprising himself, he imagined what it would feel like to have her

scoring her nails across his back while she wrapped her legs around his waist, taking him to the


Without warning, his canines lengthened. Flinching from the shock of his sexual fantasy

and his physical reaction to her, he drew unwanted attention to himself. A few of his team

members gave him concerned glances, peering at him through squinted eyes in the darkened

room. Placing his elbows on the table, he crossed one hand on top of the other, hiding his mouth

in his palms as he nodded, trying like hell to appear normal.

Never in his life had his teeth elongated around a group of nonshifters. He could recall a

handful of times in his youth when his canines had come out while in the presence of shifters,

but always in reaction to being provoked to fight. Now, in his adulthood, once in a while his

teeth had a mind of their own when he was alone, but they knew better than to come out of

hiding here. No one at his job knew he was a shifter. In fact, no one he acquainted himself with

knew he was a shifter. He didn’t have anything against shifters; he just didn’t like living as one.

In his opinion, the disadvantages far outweighed the advantages. Although the existence of

shifters was a known fact, the misguided perceptions were at times annoying. There were parts

of his life Brad didn’t want to have to explain.

His self-control over his inner animal, something he prided himself on, approached a

point of no return. It would serve her right if he let her witness the beast inside him. He’d be

fired for sure, but at least he’d get to give her the scare of her life. Growing angry that she

continued to affect him, he turned his head, giving the evil apparition sitting in front of him his

full attention.

JAYLA’S PULSE SPIKED the second she got her first whiff of the manly musk

radiating off Brad. The man smelled of carnal sin. His spicy scent delighted her nose, wreaking

havoc on her libido. Her thick jacket hid her pebbling nipples and swelling breasts. She clamped

her legs together underneath the table, trying to ward off the twinges of lust tickling her pussy.

Feeling Brad’s gaze on her, Jayla’s mouth began to water as her canines extended. Panicking,

she leaned back in her chair, crossed one arm over her midsection, and rested the elbow of the

other on her fist; she covered her mouth with her free hand, trying to pretend to be deep in

thought. No one at her job knew she was a shifter. If she shifted into her wolf, it’d be a hell of a

way to out herself and probably get fired in the process. The thought of Brad pissing his pants in

terror when he found out the person he’d been trying to bully was a she-wolf consoled her for a

split second. But she knew she couldn’t let that happen now. Unable to help herself, she turned

her head toward him, and their gazes locked.

Unexpected images of the two of them making love flashed through her mind like a silent

movie: She imagined her naked curves draped over Brad’s body as she rode him. Depictions of

Brad pounding into her doggy style swamped her consciousness. The erotic visualizations caused

her animalistic nature to surface.

Deep from within the inner intricacies of their wolves, she heard them both growl. To

their human colleagues sitting around them, it sounded like hungry stomachs calling for food.

But the low, distinctive sound vibrating from the heart and soul of one wolf to another… Shifters

knew this sonance—their bodies calling out to their…


Brad’s startled gaze met hers, and their eyes widened as the reality of the situation

became obvious to both of them. Jayla’s canines retracted once her human side understood what

her wolf had known from the second she’d made eye contact with Brad: they were mates.

Jayla felt her control over her wolf return, so she rose, grabbing her briefcase. Trancelike,

she headed out of the conference room, needing to get away from him. Once out of sight she

quickened her pace, speed-walking to safety.

Rounding the corner, Jayla passed the elevators, seeking the heavy metal door leading to

the stairwell. She burst through, needing solitude to compose herself. The thunderous sound of

the heavy door clanking shut gave her a sense of relief. Her gasps heaved in and out of her chest.

Bending over, she dropped her briefcase and clutched at her heart in desperation.


Of all the shifters in the world…he was her mate? A man she despised. Dread tore

through her body at the thought of Brad Dalton being the supposed keeper of her heart. No effing

way. Not on her watch.



His Wolf’s Desire
Shannon Nydia
Genre: Contemporary, Multicultural,
Paranormal, Shifters
Publisher: Loose Id Publishing
Date of Publication: April 12, 2016
Cover artist: Syneca Featherstone
ISBN: 978-1-68252-093-2
Word count: 52,383
Page count (PDF): 189
Book Description:
Bradford Dalton and Jayla Stanton are both shifters. Each has their own reason for not wanting to be in a relationship with their own kind. Suddenly finding out that they are mates is a shock to both of them. There’s no way in hell these work enemies will ever be together.
Brad and Jayla are desperate to find a way to coexist with their shifter sides. They just have to contend with the fact they have sexual chemistry that is off the charts. Jayla can turn his body to steel with just a smoldering look. Brad can make Jayla quiver in anticipation with just one touch. You won’t hear either one of them complaining about succumbing to their insatiable need for the other. Sure they can have hot sex which knocks them on their ass, but that doesn’t mean they’ll ever fall for the other. Right?
About the Author:
Shannon Nydia grew up in a military family. Her father served in the U.S. Air Force and she was fortunate enough to be stationed all over the United States. Her love of travel and experiencing new places only encouraged her overactive imagination. Shannon is a self-described dreamer and hopeless romantic. She thoroughly enjoys getting swept up in a good story. Shannon loves reading, watching romantic movies and food… not necessarily in that order! She adores strong but feminine female characters and has a soft spot for hunky alpha males.
Shannon is a married mother of two, and loves spending time with her family.
She loves hearing from her readers!


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Cover Reveal Worthy of Song and Story



Worthy of Song and Story

Stian the Viking Series
Book  One
Neal Chase
Middle Grade Fantasy
Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing
Winter 2016
 Book Description:
Twelve year-old Stian’s plans to be The Greatest Viking Ever appear to be over before they even begin. He’s captured by Dahlia—a dark elf and a girl. If that wasn’t bad enough, he discovers he may be the son of Loki, the greatest enemy of the Viking gods and the one foretold to bring about the end of the world.
Knowing he is meant to be extraordinary, Stian decides to discover the truth for himself and free Loki from the clutches of Odin. Only then, will he discover who he is and what he is meant to do.
Stian must out-think, misguide, and defeat Thor’s children. To do this he will need the power of Gram—a sword with magical powers. There is one catch, only one pure of heart with the desire to help others, is worthy of wielding it. If Stian succeeds, he will become the world’s most famous Viking, but if he fails he will fall victim to the gods’ merciless justice.
About the Author:
Neal Chase lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife, two children, two dogs, and a bird, which strangely has the same name as his dad. He is a member of SCBWI and the Writers’ League of Texas. When he is not writing and reading, you can find Neal coaching football or adventuring with the help of his PlayStation.

Pandora’s Mistake by E.B. Black


As they neared the top, a shape came together in front of her. A man laid spread eagle

and strapped in chains. His face was pleasing to her eyes, even scrunched up. His beard wasn’t

scraggly like Epimetheus’ was and his muscles contorted with barely restrained power. She

imagined what he would have looked like if he wasn’t covered in blood. Her stomach

somersaulted at the beautiful image.

Every time he screamed, the fireball above their heads grew for a moment and

illuminated his shadow. A giant raven sat upon his chest, pecking away at bare intestines. She

had seen birds, but never a black one that was almost as large as she was.

It glanced over at Pandora. Its unfeeling eyes glowed white as if it had captured a tiny bit

of sun inside its pupils. Green liquid leaked out the side of the raven’s mouth. It foamed at the

mouth like it was rabid. Pandora bit her finger nails.

A river of blood pooled from Prometheus’ stomach where his intestines had been ripped

to shreds. The raven bent down to peck more inside his belly. He devoured little bits of pink

innards. Prometheus was dying or being eaten alive at least.

Pandora tugged on Epimetheus’ arm. “We should help him.”

Tears formed in Epimetheus’ eyes. “I’ve tried; we can’t.”

“Why not? He’ll die if we don’t do something.”

Pandora could barely breathe. She felt helpless and afraid.

The man screamed and Epimetheus wrapped his arms around Pandora, pinning her to the

ground. Fire exploded around them and Epimetheus’ eyes rolled back in pain. The storm of fire

above them had gotten so large that a piece of it had escaped and struck Epimetheus’ body.

They both stood when it was over. Blisters covered Epimetheus’ back where his clothes

had burned away. She touched the damaged skin gently. He roared in response and she jumped

back. The skin sewed itself together before her widened eyes.

She had seen Epimetheus attacked by a bear once. It had entered their cavern in the

middle of the night. It had ripped his chest open, but he had regenerated in the same way.

“His name is Prometheus,” Epimetheus said. “He’s already died many times. Titans like

us regenerate, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling pain.”

Their eyes met.

“Why is this man important to you?” Pandora asked.

“He’s my brother,” Epimetheus said. “Zeus chained him here to punish him.”

Pandora crossed her arms. “And you want me to feel sorry for him? He must have done

something terrible if Zeus thought he deserved this.”

Epimetheus shook his head. “You have a lot to learn.”

He grabbed her hand and she clutched it tightly. Although Prometheus was restrained, the

fire bursting from him was not. Pandora was scared her skin would melt. The crackling of the

fire above their heads was deafening and the heat made her eyes feel dry.

Epimetheus read her mind. “It’s not as bad when he’s further from death.”

“I thought gods couldn’t die,” Pandora whispered.

“We can’t. Our souls do not travel to the Underworld like they do with humans. But our

bodies can become so damaged that we black out for hours and lose our heartbeats until we are

able to regenerate again. It’s a type of death, but not a permanent one.”

They were near the edge of the cliff, next to Prometheus. It overlooked the places they

had traveled since they left the cave. Bright specks from campfires decorated the path. They

glowed against the darkness like grounded stars.

“Prometheus suffers because of all those people who live down there,” Epimetheus said.

“The reason they have warmth and food is why he’s being tortured, but none of them care


Pandora’s chest constricted painfully. This couldn’t be true. Zeus had been such a kind

god, explaining things to her slowly when she didn’t understand them. He wasn’t capable of this.

“Some of them cared at first,” Epimetheus said. “But when they tried to loosen his bonds,

the crow would devour them instead. Unlike Prometheus, they wouldn’t be able to rise from the

dead the next day. He begged them to stop, insisting that he could handle it, but I don’t like the

way they flaunt their fires in front of him. They should be ashamed of what they have, rather

than callous.

“Every time someone lights a fire, Prometheus dies a little faster that day. It’s why he

usually dies at night-people light their campfires and the raven pecks harder. Prometheus gets

upset from the pain and those bad feelings make the raven peck harder as well. He dies.

“If all of the humans were to put out their fires and vow to never use them again, Zeus

might let him go, but they won’t. Prometheus says it’s because they die without fire, but I think

it’s because they’re selfish.

“This is why, as my wife, you are never to light a fire. Fire is his curse, not our blessing.”

Pandora nodded her head, chewing her lip.

The raggedy pile of a Titan lying in front of them moaned. He had also shrunk himself. It

was strange that he should care about making humans more comfortable when he was being

tortured like this.

He spoke and his voice was hoarse. “Epimetheus, is that you?”

Prometheus cried out and the fire above their heads grew larger. Epimetheus pushed

Pandora close to the ground just in case.

The fire died down and Epimetheus knelt next to his brother. The bitterness melted from

his face and gentleness took its place as if he were gazing at a beloved pet or baby. He stroked

Prometheus’ cheek and the fireballs burning above them calmed. “Shh! Don’t speak! You need to

save your strength!”

“Please don’t be angry.” Prometheus’ eyes glowed with love in the light. “To see

humanity, my creation, at peace, makes this suffering worth it. I’m glad Zeus chained me here. It

allows me to witness all the good I’ve done.”

“Don’t speak that way,” Epimetheus said. “Nothing is worth seeing you like this.”

“Humanity is worth it,” Prometheus said. “The way their skin glows in the sun is the envy

of the gods. They’re beautiful.”

Pandora looked down at her arms; the silver flecks in her skin shone in the firelight. Most

of the time they weren’t visible, except when the sun was bright or she was near a campfire. She

had heard once that humans had specks of gold in their skin, during a time when they could tell

the future and walked among gods. Pandora wished she was from that time, rather than from the

age of silver, where the wealth and gifts of Mount Olympus dwelled just beyond her reach. But

humans had sunk to a new low ever since Zeus took over, which was why their skin had silver in

it now. If only she knew the future, maybe she’d be able to understand her world a little better.

“Humans give the gods something to live for and take care of,” Prometheus continued.

“They create and love like we do. They are not evil. It’s Zeus that is. Never trust anything Zeus

gives you. It will lead to your downfall.”

Pandora’s forehead wrinkled in confusion. She had been a gift from Zeus to Epimetheus.

Was he insinuating that she was untrustworthy? How dare he! He didn’t even know her!

Prometheus was sweating. His breathing grew heavier and he went into a seizure.

“It’s time! He’s dying again,” Epimetheus shouted.

Prometheus passed out and the inferno above their heads swirled like a tornado. Pandora

shielded her face as ashes rained on her. She could feel her arm hair singeing.

“It’s getting dangerous-we need to go.” Epimetheus’ expression hardened as he wrapped

his arms around Pandora. She clutched his chest and let him lead the way.


Pandora’s Mistake
Fate Of Eros
E.B. Black
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Date of Publication: March 10, 2013
ISBN: 9781301905348
Number of pages: 100 pages
Word Count: About 30,000
Cover Artist: Calista Taylor
Book Description:
Pandora was created to be the perfect woman. She has the beauty of Aphrodite, the intelligence of Athena, and the gentleness of Hera.
As the first and only woman to exist, Pandora is the center of attention everywhere. Men lust after her, even vow to start wars over her. She’s a good girl, so she keeps her distance.
The problem is Prometheus. He’s Pandora’s box. He’s ripped to shreds and killed every day as punishment from Zeus, but he never repents for being a bad boy.
Zeus has warned everyone to stay away from Prometheus, but she’s curious. He’s handsome and she desires him.
If she opens the box of her desire, it will unleash Prometheus’ inner demons.
Should she risking losing everything she cares about for one night of lust?
About the Author:
E.B. Black is the annoying author who lives in the head of a nerdy housewife named Elizabeth. Elizabeth tries to live out her days by walking her dog, spending time with her husband, doing housework, and watching television, but E.B. Black makes her drop everything to type out weird fantasy stories. Elizabeth is asking anyone who read this to please send help.


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