Can’t Stay Away by Lexxie Couper



“Welcome to New York.” Warm, calloused fingers engulfed Flynn’s freezing hand,

followed by an enthusiastic pumping. “I’m Chief Tanner May. Sorry the weather’s not treating

you well.”

“G’day, Chief.” Flynn returned his grin, even as what felt like a million shards of ice

lashed at his face and hair. “No worries on the weather, although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t

thinking of the beach back home right now.”

“Ah, that’s right.” Tanner laughed, seemingly oblivious to the crypt-like air and wind

assaulting them. But then, Flynn thought, a New Yorker wouldn’t be fazed by such weather. In

the same way Flynn wouldn’t think twice about heading outside back home on a day even Satan

would consider too hot. “It’s summer in Australia, isn’t it.”

“It is, sir.” Flynn suppressed a shiver. Well, tried to. He failed.

Tanner laughed again. “I saw that. C’mon, let’s get you inside so you can meet the rest of

Ladder Co. 42. And no calling me sir, got it? It’s Tanner or Chief.”

Flynn grinned, falling into stride beside the massive man. “Got it, Chief. Is it always this


Tanner cocked him an eyebrow, a jovial smirk dancing beneath his moustache. “You’ve

arrived just in time for a history-making cold snap, Boomer.”

Flynn’s laughed. “That’d be right.”

Tanner chuckled. “Think my boy got the better end of this here exchange program. You

get to freeze your ass off while he gets to soak up the summer on the beach. Y’know, I don’t

think Bromwich’s ever seen a beach. We may not get him back.” He slapped a hand on Flynn’s

shoulder. “What are your thoughts on staying permanently?”

Before Flynn could answer, they crossed the threshold of the door leading into the

stationhouse and the cold vanished. Replaced by a heat that had nothing to do with the windows

and walls keeping the New York winter at bay, and everything to do with the man currently

taking the blood pressure of a firefighter almost the same size as Tanner.

Flynn’s mouth went dry.

His chest constricted.

His gut clenched. So did his jaw.

His balls—a few heartbeats ago shriveled to the size of walnuts thanks to the icy

wind—throbbed with a memory Flynn had worked fucking hard to erase.

Jesus, what the fuck was David Ennis doing here?

“Guys.” Tanner’s booming voice echoed around the stationhouse like a canon, making

Flynn jump. “This is the Aussie taking Bromwich’s place. Here to teach us how they do things

Down Under while our boy shows them how it’s really done.” He laughed, the sound far from


Flynn took in all the hellos and welcoming nods from the men who were about to become

his colleagues for the next twelve weeks, men whose lives were in his hands as much as his life

was in theirs.

Took them all in, tried to memorize the names thrown at him with casual ease by Tanner.

Tried to appear like they were the sole focus of his attention.

He could only hope he was better at the illusion than he’d been at suppressing his earlier

shiver out on the footpath.

Because what he was really doing was fighting the need to stride over to the man with the

honey-auburn hair, blue eyes and impossibly square jaw and kiss him senseless.

Can’t Stay Away
Out For You
Lexxie Couper
Genre: MM Contemporary
Publisher: ARe Books
Date of Publication:  6/1/15
ISBN: 978-1-943576-04-3
Word Count: 33,000
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron Hill
Book Description:
He’d walk through fire for the doctor who once broke his heart.
Six months after having his heart broken, Australian firefighter Flynn Boomer is ready to live again. As part of a firefighter exchange program, he finds himself in New York. The last person he expects to see on his first day with Ladder Co. 42 is the man whom Flynn came out for: Dr. David Ennis—who left him without a word after their first public kiss.
Flynn makes David feel more alive, more real than he’s ever felt before. But can David deal with the rest of the world knowing? Determined to deny Flynn’s existence, David fights his own feelings. But no matter how terrified he is at the thought of his secret being discovered, he can’t stay away from the Australian.
Flynn can no more deny David than he can deny breath, but the thought of living a lie with him tears him apart. Love is powerful, but will it be enough?
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 About the Author:
Lexxie Couper started writing when she was six and hasn’t stopped since. She’s not a deviant, but she does have a deviant’s imagination and a desire to entertain readers with her words. Add the two together and you get erotic romances that can make you laugh, cry, shake with fear or tremble with desire. Sometimes all at once.
For more information on other books by Lexxie, please visit her official website at:

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Gypsy’s Wolf


Quad McDaniel threw his cell phone into the passenger seat and banged his

head repeatedly against the steering wheel of his black Mercedes SL600 Roadster

convertible. He couldn’t believe that his brand new car had broken down. He had

just bought the damn thing two days ago.

So much for the perfect car!

And now his cell phone wouldn’t get any reception. Could his day get any


He climbed from his car, slamming the door closed hard behind him in

frustration. Looking around, he couldn’t see much in the dark, except for some

glowing lights off in the distance. Resigned to his fate, Quad locked the car door

and began walking toward the light.

When he reached the parking lot, he gazed up at the tavern sign…GG’s

Roadhouse. Well, damn, he was in redneck hell. The multitude of pickup trucks

and motorcycles in the gravel parking lot should have told him this.

He heard loud music spill into the parking lot when a man dressed in tight

jeans and a sleeveless flannel shirt walked outside. Quad knew his day wasn’t

going to get any better when he watched the guy climb into his souped-up truck.

He could only pray that there was a pay phone inside.

Like those exist anymore.

He walked into the two-story roadhouse, stopping briefly right inside the

doorway to look around the interior. He was actually surprised at how nice the

place seemed. The first floor of the large room seemed to be broken into different

sections. To the right of him was a large wooden bar that ran almost the entire

length of the east wall with several intimate tables near the far end.

Directly in front of him was a large wooden dance floor that went all the

way to the far wall. The ceiling directly above the dance floor was two stories high

with a wooden beamed ceiling and a large mirror that went from the first floor to

the balcony on the second floor. To the front right corner of the dance floor was a

DJ booth and karaoke setup. He could see several people dancing on the dance

floor to the loud beat of the southern rock music playing.

Looking toward the second floor, he could see that it was in the shape of a

square with the balcony overlooking the dance floor in the middle. There were also

several tables and booths on the second floor, as well as pool tables. A few of those

tables were being used by bikers and rednecks.

On each side of the dance floor on the back wall was a set of double doors

leading out onto a wooden deck overlooking a clear blue lake. The second floor

had double doors that he assumed led out to a balcony covering the deck.

Looking up the wide, wooden stairway to the left of the bar, he could see

that directly above him must be the management offices, and below them, the

restrooms. Just beyond the bathrooms, he could hear sounds coming from what he

assumed was a working kitchen.

All in all, it was a pretty sweet setup. If this place were in his neighborhood,

it would be an upper class restaurant. He could envision it with upscale clientele,

waiters dressed in white shirts and ties, and a top class chef. It would make a lot of

money. Too bad it was in the middle of nowhere, filled with rednecks and leather-

clad bikers.

Quad strode toward the bar and took a seat at one of the vacant bar stools.

He lifted his hand to signal the bartender and lost his train of thought. The sexiest

man he’d ever laid eyes on stood at the other end of the bar.

He couldn’t have been more than five foot six and maybe a whopping one

hundred and forty-five pounds. The stranger wasn’t a skinny bean poll like most of

the twinks Quad knew. In fact, as far as he could tell, the bartender had lean

muscle in all the right places. The man also had a seductive, wild beauty about him

that called deeply to the primal alpha male in Quad.

Wisps of tendrils escaped the silken mass of long, braided snow-white hair

and caressed the sides of his perfect high cheekbones. There was both a delicacy

and a strength in his face. Pale green eyes were ringed by black lashes. His lips

were full and rounded over even, white teeth, and smooth skin glowed with golden


Shapely thighs and a firm ass tapered into long straight legs. The man’s

tight, faded blue jeans rode low on his hips. A ribbed, black tank top barely

covered him from his collarbone down to just above his bellybutton. A thick,

studded, black belt drew Quad’s attention to the man’s tight, flat muscular


Quad’s tongue almost fell out of his mouth when he spotted the little

piercing in the twink’s bellybutton, which was encircled with a sunburst type

tattoo. Oh, man, would he love to nibble on that.

A Celtic tattoo encircled one of the man’s smooth, left arms. That made two

tattoos that Quad could see. He wondered how many more the gorgeous little man

had. He would give almost anything to go on a treasure hunt and find each and

every one.

“What’ll it be, honey?” Mr. Sexy asked with a silky, southern accent. His

voice alone could mesmerize Quad. It was sexy and smooth, like aged whiskey. He

could listen to him talk all day long. Quad wondered briefly if the man would

sound the same during sex.

“Hey, honey, you just going to stare at me all day, or you gonna order


Quad just stared. He didn’t even blink when the little twink waved a hand in

front of his face. He was too busy envisioning what he wanted to do to the man on

any available flat surface.

“Honey, you okay?”

Gypsy’s Wolf
Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen, Olivia Black,
Bellann Summer, Jess Buffett,
Alex Carreras, Leah Blake,
Cree Storm, Evelise Archer,
E. A. Reynolds, Aeryn Jaden,
Jane Wallace-Knight, Amara Lebel,
Jordan Ashton, Berengaria Brown,
Skye Michaels, Sydney Lain,
Rennie Leigh, Frey Ortega,
Andrew Jericho, Felicia Fern,
Grace Ryles, Hennessee Andrews,
Shea Balik, and Lyssa Samuels
Genre: Erotic MM Paranormal, Vampires, Werewolves Romance, Man Love
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Date of Publication: April 30th, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-63259-397-9
Number of pages: 186 pages
Word Count: 52,132
Cover Artist: Jess Buffett
Book Description:
One story, 25 authors, infinite possibilities…
Quad McDaniel’s life changed forever the night he was attacked by a wolf. Now, he turns furry every full moon. Avoiding red meat and anything that makes him aggressive is his prime goal in life. But when his convertible breaks down in some Podunk town, becoming the beast within is no longer a choice. It’s instinctive.
Gypsy Govanivinch just wants to live a quiet life in Trinity Valley, running his roadhouse tavern. He doesn’t need an overly aggressive shifter coming into his town and messing with his peaceful little world, no matter how gorgeous the man looked.
Life never asked Quad or Gypsy what they wanted. It simply gave them what they needed, whether they agreed or not. Fate brought them together but it’s up to Quad and Gypsy to stay alive long enough to appreciate what they’ve been given. And when others work to prevent that, fighting together might be the only chance they have of surviving.
Available at Bookstrand
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About the Authors:
25 of Siren Publishing’s hottest ManLove authors have come together to bring you a paranormal story with intrigue, wolf shifters, elves, magic, and a mating so sizzling hot, it took 25 authors just to write it.

Cover Reveal: Into the Mist

Into the Mist

Moonseed Trilogy
Book 3
Judith Ingram
Genre:  paranormal romance
Publisher: Vinspire Publishing, LLC
Date of Publication: July 30, 2015
Number of pages: 
Word Count:  91,500
Cover Artist:  Elaina Lee/
For the Muse Designs
Book Description: 
For the past six months, time-traveler Victoria Ashton has been living life as Katherine Kamarov on a ranch in rural California, circa 1890. A contrast to Katherine’s brash personality, shy and gentle Victoria has won the hearts of Katherine’s family and particularly her cousin Michael. Despite her deepening love for Michael, she has rejected his offer of marriage and sent him away, knowing that she must return to her own time on the night of the new spring moon.
In this third and final book of the series, sinister forces threaten Victoria’s new family, her property, and even her life, testing her for courage and ingenuity. A confident new self emerges, and when Michael unexpectedly walks back into her life, she questions whether she must remain a victim of fate or can find a way to determine her own future.
Meanwhile, Katherine has been living a parallel year of exchange in Victoria’s modern-day life, married to the handsome but remote Ryan Ashton. Hardened by her past, Katherine nevertheless falls for Ryan and, like Victoria, begins to search for a way to defy fate and keep the life she has come to cherish.
As the night of the new spring moon approaches, both women must search their hearts to discover how to hold onto what matters most, even if they should be forced back through the barrier of time.


About the Author:
Judith Ingram weaves together her love of romance and mystery as well as her training as a counselor to create stories and characters for her novels. She is also the author of a Christian guide to forgiving and posts weekly devotionals on the role of forgiveness in healing relationships. She lives with her husband in the San Francisco East Bay and makes frequent trips to beautiful Sonoma County, where many of her fiction characters reside. She confesses a love for chocolate, cheesecake, romantic suspense novels, movies that require three hankies, and all things feline.
Website, blog and free weekly devotional: