Fever with Lola Taylor


All right, it was official—her date had stood her up.

Honestly, it shouldn’t surprise her. Seriously, who took someone on their first date to a bar?

And not even a nice bar. Howl was anything but swanky. With wooden floors that looked like

they hadn’t seen polish—or a broom—in a decade, posters of couples in crude positions all over

the walls, and the stench of sweat, beer, and sex in the smoky air, it looked like a gigantic

version of a man cave.

Speaking of men, there were entirely too many rough-looking individuals here. Admittedly, it

made her pause when she drove up and discovered there were more motorcycles than cars parked

outside. She loved chrome and fast wheels as much as the next girl, but all the, er,

“decorations”—animal skulls, hides, etc.—adorning said motorcycles gave her the heebie-


She took another long sip of her beer. What the hell had she been thinking, agreeing to meet a

total stranger at a place like this?

Because you’ve been lonely since Seth broke up with you and moved away.

Being the only person left in her high school town, the only one in her old circle of friends

who hadn’t gone to college or gotten married, Danica had started to feel pretty damn unwanted.

That definitely showed in the extra pounds she’d packed on since the “Epic Breakup.” Since the

only people left in the small town of Moonstruck, Arkansas, were either the young or the old, it

was sparse pickings for friends, and even slimmer prospects for dating. And since her empty

bank account said moving was not an option, she’d turned to online dating.

“They worked,” the advertisements said. Countless people on the commercials preached, “I

met my soul mate online, and we got married, like, instantly.”

In hindsight, she should have known better. If history had taught her anything, it was “Karma

isn’t going to make it easy for you.”

She smiled wryly. “Karma, fifty, Danica, zero.”

Taking another swig of her nearly empty beer, she looked around. For the most part, the men

had watched her with curiosity, but they hadn’t come over yet. People seemed to be keeping their

distance, which she found odd. She thought she looked damn cute in her tight jeggings, black

ankle boots, and a black see-through tunic that showed off her black lace bra. The bra alone

should have at least earned her a “get-to- know-you” beer from somebody. But alas, here she was,

sitting by herself at a bar, waiting for a date that obviously was never going to come.

Shouting erupted from across the room as one burly man threw down his pool stick and

shoved another man, nearly spilling beer all over the pool table.

From the dais near the table, a tall man stood from the shadows, his silhouette suggesting

broad shoulders and a lean torso. The dim lighting revealed dark jeans, a button-down shirt, and

a dinner jacket—not the typical biker bar garb the other men wore.

He also wasn’t nearly as stacked as the two guys about to go at it in front of him, yet they

took one look at the man and instantly backed down.

Huh. This place was getting weirder by the second.

Danica felt her arms prickle with the sensation of being watched. She looked up to find the

mystery man had stepped into the light—and was looking right at her.

Her breath caught.

Holy. Hell.

Okay, the lighting in here sucked, but she could definitely see a defined jawline, a straight

nose, and light brown hair that had been styled with a bit of gel. Despite his Adonis looks and

more fashionable wardrobe, he didn’t look any less masculine for it. If anything, it made him

look sexier.

Danica sighed, feeling heat building below her navel.

She blinked. Wow, this was an all-time record for her. She’d gone from falling head over

heels for a man in a few weeks—i.e. Seth, who’d been a jerk—to lusting for one at first sight.

She blamed the fact she hadn’t had sex in six months.

But she wasn’t about to bring a man home with her tonight. She didn’t want a one-night stand.

She wanted romance, flowers. She wanted “the fairy tale” as Julia Roberts had said.

And something told her she wasn’t going to get that with any of the guys here. Might as well

cut her losses and bail.

She’d started to take another sip of her beer with the intent to finish it when that pleasant

tingling sensation went up her spine. Unable to stop herself, she turned around.

The handsome stranger smiled at her.

And dammit if she didn’t smile back.


Gage’s inner wolf grinned as the luscious blonde tried covering the smile she’d flashed him.

Normally, human women didn’t do it for him, but this one had a sense of spirit about her that

was incredibly alluring. The fact her top left little to the imagination in regards to her plump

breasts only made him harder.

God, he was so freaking horny. Ever since the mating heat had taken hold of him at the

beginning of the month, his cock sprang to life at the mere sight of a little cleavage. It was like

going through puberty all over again, a hell he never wished to relive. The heat had only

intensified as the month drew to a close. In exactly one week, the Blood Moon would rise,

sealing him forever with his mate the first time they made love.

Now, if only he could find his mate.

His best friend and bodyguard—as if he needed one—came up beside him. He was also his

brother. The slightly older wolf wasn’t wearing as much metal tonight as he usually did. His ears

were only partially lined with studs, and he’d taken his tongue piercing out. Ink crawled up the

wolf’s massive arms, which he showed off in a black tank top, despite the chilly autumn weather.

Since werewolves ran hotter than humans, due to their animal nature—and especially during

mating season—they rarely worried about the change of temperature.

His bodyguard, Nikolas, nodded in the direction of the bar. “You’ve been eyeing that female

since she walked through the door.”

“And?” Gage raised a brow in challenge.

Nik shrugged. “And I can’t blame ya. She’s hot for a human. Got soft curves too. Wouldn’t be

like banging one of our she-wolves, all hard muscle and bones.”

Gage’s cock throbbed with desire at the thought of feeling the woman below him, of his hands

moving over her soft, smooth skin. He’d never been with a human before. He wasn’t the type to

hold back during sex, and the she-wolves were tough by nature. Humans were fragile. Breakable.

He’d feel guilty if he injured a woman during love-making.

Yet the thought of making her dizzy with pleasure never left his mind as he watched the

woman down the rest of her beer and snag the bartender to cash out her tab.

Nik chewed on his lip ring. “So I take it you’ve had no luck with the last were-princess I

brought you, Your Highness?”

Gage scowled. He knew Nik was aware he hated being called that, which was exactly why

Nik did it. Sometimes, he was as childish as a pup. “I’ve… met with all the princesses you’ve

brought me, but alas, I have yet to mark any of them.” Saying it aloud like that, voicing the

possibility he might lose his pack because of some stupid law, turned his blood to ice.

He swallowed past the lump in his throat.

Nik studied him, then elbowed him lightly. “Think nothing of it. You’ll find your mate before

this month’s Blood Moon sets.”

“I have to,” Gage muttered darkly. An unmated packmaster was not worthy of calling himself

a King of Wolves. After at last claiming the position of Alpha over Malachite (a.k.a. “that

sadistic son of a bitch”) only this past month, Gage couldn’t afford to be demoted for the sheer

fact he couldn’t find a worthy female to be his mate. But he didn’t get to choose—the magic in

his blood did.

His attention snapped forward as the woman, casting him one last look, donned her jacket and

purse, then started walking toward the exit. His blue eyes trailed her, unblinking, his heart

speeding up. He took a step forward, and Nik grasped his arm.

“Best let that fish return to the sea,” he said. “Your efforts are better spent on courting other

royal she-wolves going through their Fevers, considering the circumstances.”

“I know.”

Still, he found himself leaning toward the woman, wanting to go with her.

What was the matter with him?

A dark figure moved within the shadows, detaching itself from the wall and following the

woman out the door.

Gage’s hackles rose. “Excuse me,” he said, shoving Nik’s hand aside as he stepped off the

dais and toward the door.

Nik swore then rubbed his temples. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Following a gut instinct and feeling half-mad for it, Gage continued his deliberate pace

toward the exit, senses wired for danger.

Then he heard her scream.

Blood Moon Rising
Book One
Lola Taylor
Genre: Werewolf PNR
Publisher: Indigo Dreamer Press
Date of Publication: February, 2014 (Fourth Edition, October, 2016)
Number of pages: 114
Word Count: 33k
Book Description: 
When the Blood Moon rises, the wolves come out to play… and find their mates.
Danica has about given up on love. In a last-ditch attempt at finding “the one,” she agrees to a blind date through an online dating service. But instead of finding roses and romance, she finds someone intent on killing her. That is, until the mysterious, brooding Gage shows up to save her….
Gage is running out of time to find a mate. If the Blood Moon sets before he can find her, he’ll lose the rank of packmaster—and the peace within the pack he’s worked so hard to obtain. When he saves a luscious blonde in the parking lot of a bar, he has no idea she is his mate—until he Marks her with his touch.
Determined to keep her safe at any cost, Gage whisks Danica away into a hidden world full of lust, unlikely love, and treachery. Someone’s put a hit on his mate, and he’s hell-bent on finding out who, all while the Blood Moon looms closer, threatening to destroy his chances at true love forever. That is, if something—or someone—doesn’t kill the woman he’s falling for first.
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About the Author:
“Lola Taylor” is a pen name created for the romances I can’t show my grandma without blushing. My favorite genre to write is romantic suspense, usually involving hot werewolves, warlocks, or any other type of paranormal creature. Keep the action hot and the romance hotter—that’s my motto! I’m a horror film junkie, I still love Halloween as an adult (seriously, I think I get more excited for it than some kids do), and what precious spare time I have is spent with my family, reading (everything from sci fi to middle grade), playing the flute, painting pretty pictures, or screwing around on Pinterest or Etsy. Hailing from the South, I currently live in the Midwest with five fur babies and my hubby.
I’m pretty easy-going. If you want to get to know me or just say “hi,” you can find me on Facebook, Google + , Pinterest,and Goodreads.


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Cover Reveal: Where on Earth?

On Earth? An Alaska Adventure
David H. Minton
Fiery Seas Publishing
May 2017  
Romantic Adventure
Book Description:
Dan Richards, an Iraq war vet, is
a surveyor for the mining company, looking to open a new silver mine.
Scrambling to establish his helicopter charter business in the wilds of Alaska,
while trying to stay connected to his teenage daughter, his world soon turns
upside down when he rescues a woman and her dog sledding team after an
Samantha Bettencourt, an
environmental engineer, is eager to begin her first project with the
university. A spokesperson for an environmentalist group intent on preserving
the wilderness, she is on the path to saving the wild, but when Dan walks into
her life things start to change.
Sparks fly between Dan and
Samantha as they find themselves running for their lives—from the good guys as
well as the bad guys out to ruin the things they long to protect. Will they be
able to escape before it’s too late? Will they get a chance at love or will they
lose everything. . . including their lives?
the Author:


After graduating college, David
spent two tours in United States Military Assistance Command Republic of
Viet-Nam, before beginning his career as a nuclear engineer, then electronics
engineer, tele-communications engineer, and software security engineer. He has
previously published three non-fiction books, several poems, and many
non-fiction technical and historical articles.  

Cover Reveal: Luminous Dreams


Luminous Dreams

Alexa Piper
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Publisher: World Weaver Press
Date of Publication:  December 13, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9977888-5-3
Number of pages: 140
Word Count: 40,000
Book Description:
Relax, close your eyes . . . and dream. Nine tales, nine sensual dreams of enchantment, wanderlust and lovers’ longings, of searching and finding; these dreams tell of birds of fire, curses that lie like bridges between night and day, and hunger for sweet seduction.
About the Author:
Alexa Piper enjoys writing, romance, and the paranormal. This said, becoming a paranormal romance writer seemed perfectly reasonable, but for Alexa, it is more than that; it’s fun. Alexa’s work has appeared in the anthologies Demons, Imps, and Incubi and The Naughty List. Luminous Dreams is Alexa’s first collection, and she hopes her readers will have as much fun reading it as she had writing it. Check out Alexa’s online home (alexapiper.com) for all things related to her writing and be sure to follow her on Twitter @prowlingpiper.

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