Saying Goodbye Part One and Two by Abigail Drake

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I walked out of the classroom and straight into Dylan Hunter. He’d been standing right

outside the door to my classroom.

“What are you doing here?”

I’d wanted to see him in the sunshine, and I’d gotten my wish. He was even better

looking than I remembered, with his black hair, dark eyes, and sexy crooked smile.

“This was the only Japanese III class being offered this semester. I took a chance.”

I hesitated, not sure if this was nice or a little creepy. “Oh.”

He lifted a bag he held in his hand. “I brought lunch.”

His face, so full earnestness, dispelled any worry I had about his creepiness factor. We sat

outside and ate the lunch he’d prepared for us; peanut butter sandwiches, apples, and brownies.

“I bought the brownies, but I made the sandwiches myself.”

He handed me a soda. The September sun peeked through the leaves on the trees,

warming us as we sat on a stone bench and ate. He turned and straddled the bench to face me.

My cheeks got a little hot. I’d barely had time to pull my hair into a bun this morning. I wore

yoga pants and a hoodie, and not a touch of makeup. The longer Dylan stared, the more

uncomfortable I became.


“Are you still with Max?”

I shook my head. “We broke up weeks ago.”

“But do you still love him?”

I decided the direct and honest approach would work best. “I never loved him and he

never loved me. It ended well. We’re better as friends.”

He grinned and the effect shocked me. An odd tingling sensation rushed through my

whole body. If his smile could do that to me, I had to wonder what his other parts could do. His

lips. His hands. Everything else.

He leaned forward and, for just a second, I thought he might kiss me. Instead, he got

really close and stared into my eyes. “That’s good news, Sam.”


“Because I want you to be mine.”

My half-eaten brownie remained clutched in my hand as I tried to formulate a coherent

thought. I took a sip of soda and stared at him.

“That’s awfully direct, isn’t it?”

He shrugged. “Why pretend? It’s what I want. Why shouldn’t I be honest about it?”

“You hardly know me.”

“I know enough.”

He reached for my hand, lacing my fingers with his. It reminded me of our walk home

from the frat.

He let go of my hand and looked at his watch. “I’ve got to go. Can I see you later?”


He gathered up our trash and tossed it into a bin. “How about dinner? Would seven work

for you?”

I hesitated only a second before answering. “Yes.”

“I’ll pick you up at the Theta house. Wear a dress.”

I stood next to him, holding my books against my chest. “I’m not sure if this is a good


He touched my face, his thumb stroking my cheek. “What’s there to be unsure about?”

“You’re a nice guy, but I’m leaving in January. I’ll be in Japan for the whole semester. It

would be crazy to get involved with someone right now.”

“It’s dinner, Sam. No worries. No strings. Just food.”

“Just food?”

“Just food. I’ll see you at seven.”


Saying Goodbye
Part One
Passports and Promises
Book 1
Abigail Drake
Genre: New Adult Romance
Publisher: Pennrose Press
Date of Publication: September 10, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9978243-1-5
Number of Pages: 171
Word Count: 53K
Cover Artist: Najla Qamber
Book Description Part One:
Samantha Barnes always dreamed of seeing the world, and only has a few months left before she starts a semester abroad in Japan. Enough time to say goodbye to her friends, polish up her language skills, and maybe even squeeze in a quick fling with handsome fraternity boy Dylan Hunter.
All she wants from Dylan is something casual, and perhaps some mind-blowing sex, but things don’t work out as planned. Dylan wants a lot more from her than a hook-up. Before Sam realizes what’s happening, their relationship has become serious, something she never intended. And then she discovers Dylan is hiding a dark secret that makes breaking up with him nearly impossible.
Sam is running out of time. She has to leave soon. She has no choice. But leaving Dylan could mean more than just the end of their relationship. It could also mean destroying him completely.
Saying Goodbye
Part Two
Passports and Promises
Book 1
Abigail Drake
Genre: New Adult Romance
Publisher: Pennrose Press
Date of Publication: September 10, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9978243-3-9
Number of Pages: 164
Word Count: 50K
Cover Artist: Najla Qamber
Book Description Part Two:
What if you meet the right person…at absolutely the wrong time?
When Samantha Barnes starts her semester abroad in Japan, she brings along a heavy load of emotional baggage. With her ex-boyfriend in the midst of a mental health crisis back home, she’d been forced to make some difficult choices, choices that now fill her with guilt and remorse. She also made promises to him she isn’t sure she can keep, especially when she meets Thomas MacGregor, an irresistibly charming Scottish rugby player. Thomas is studying at the same university as Samantha, and, although she tries to fight it, she begins to fall for him. Hard.
Life in Kyoto is everything Samantha could imagine, but, when tragedy strikes, it sends her on a downward spiral into darkness. Will she be able to come to terms with what happened, and have a future with Thomas, or will she forever be plagued by regret?
Forgiveness is a tricky thing, especially when the person you need to forgive most is yourself.
About the Author:
Abigail Drake has spent her life traveling the world, and collecting stories wherever she visited. She majored in Japanese and International Economics in college and worked in import/export and as an ESL teacher before she committed herself full time to writing. She writes in several romance genres, and her books are quirky, light, fun, and sexy. Abigail is a trekkie, a book hoarder, the master of the Nespresso machine, a red wine addict, and the mother of three boys (probably the main reason for her red wine addiction). A puppy named Capone is the most recent addition to her family, and she blogs about him as a way of maintaining what little sanity she has left.


The Summer of Annah by Tinthia Clemant

A Midsummer's Wish Banner 851 x 315

Excerpt: Prologue

The orange head of the match ignited with a flash. Slender fingers held it under the dried

kindling. Within seconds, the splintered wood was ablaze, licking up the sides of an oak log,

triggering the release of rose-scented oil. Except for the glow cast by the blaze, darkness

shrouded the night. Brown eyes peered out from beneath long black bangs. Dressed in white with

a pale shawl wrapped around her shoulders, Annah resembled a specter—one who had traveled

from outside the realm of the living to watch the dance of the flames. She held a single red

rose—an offering for Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.

When the fire reached its fevered peak, she dropped the rose into the inferno and

murmured, “Aphrodite, accept my gift as I cast my wish on this Midsummer’s Eve.” The rose

stem coiled, and the petals withered under the heat of the hungry flames.

Annah slid her hand into the pocket of her pants and removed a piece of green paper, two

cones of sandalwood incense, and five apple seeds. On the paper, in scarlet ink, were written the

words to a love spell. “The true love I desire shall come to me. I am the lock he is the key. As

mine to him, his soul shall speak to me. This I seek, so mote it be.”

To reinforce the spell two additional recitations were required. During the second

reading, she allowed the paper to float onto the engulfed log. The incense cones and seeds

followed as she recited the spell a final time. When Annah ended with ‘so mote it be’ a breeze

swept through the fire pit and the flames extended scorching fingers toward the heavens. Her

canine companion released a soft whimper. “Shh,” she whispered. “It’s okay, Lexy.”

Annah stared into the blaze. “Druids believe it’s possible to see the faces of loves and

enemies in an enchanted fire. I wonder.” At first she saw just the ravenous flames but soon an

image took shape. A smile emerged. Loving eyes peered back at her as one of the incense cones

exploded, sending hot sparks into the perfumed air. The smile turned into a sneer as the wail of a

lone coyote pierced the night, bristling her fifty-pound Australian Shepherd’s composure. A

series of responding growls emanated from Lexy, but they did little to assuage the sense of

unease that passed through Annah. She backed away from the chimenea and sat on the nearby

stone bench. “Probably best to leave the fire reading to the Druids.”

Next to the bench rested a small wicker basket. Its contents, in addition to the bottle of

rose oil, included a thermos, teacup, and her cell phone. Annah dropped the box of matches into

the basket and withdrew her phone. With a swipe of the screen, she found the song she wanted to

play. While the voice of Etta James accompanied her Annah opened the thermos and poured

amber-colored liquid, still steamy and hot, into the cup. Before taking a sip, she raised it high,

toasted the Goddess, and then bid the ashes that ascended into the starlit sky success as they

delivered her wish. The current returned and spiraled within the fire. It carried the scented heat

toward her, enveloping her in its warm embrace.

It was past one when Annah switched off the bedside lamp and lay in the darkened

bedroom. Behind her bed, an open window granted access to the night air. A quiet breeze

breathed life into the backyard’s wind chimes. Entering the room, it carried a subtle hint of

sandalwood on its gentle waves. Circling Annah, it stroked her cheeks, softly caressing her lips.

Entering that hazy place between dreams and reality, her mind gave shape to her last thought of

the day. This will be my summer, a summer for true love.

The Summer of Annah
A Midsummer’s Wish   
Seasons of Annah Series
Book One
Tinthia Clemant
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Publisher: River Lady Press
Date of Publication: June 10, 2016
ISBN: 978-0997437119  
Number of pages: 328
Word Count: 102,000
Cover Artist: Covers by Karen    
Book Description:
“The true love I desire shall come to me. I am the lock he is the key. As mine to him, his soul shall speak to me. This I seek, so mote it be.”
When 55-year-old earth-witch, Annah-Belle Henderson, cast a spell for love she never envisioned her wish would be granted in the young nephew of her longtime friend. With a face that rivals the Norse god Thor, and a body to match, the charismatic Eric Ashworth draws Annah into a dizzying current of emotions. Should she accept the chance for love with a man twenty years younger or reject her feelings?
As a past darkness threatens to destroy her, Annah makes a decision that begins a journey fraught with judgement, betrayal, and perhaps death.
About the Author:
Tinthia Clemant was born in Medford, Massachusetts, over sixty years ago. In other words, she’s old! As a child, she lived happily in a loving home with her three siblings and mother and father. She always wrote. From the time she first picked up a pencil, or perhaps it was a crayon, she wrote. Love stories. Happy stories. Stories about love with happy endings. Her first book was self-published. (At the tender age of seven, she stapled the pages together and presented it to her mother on Mother’s Day.)
As contemporary women’s fiction’s newest author, Tinthia fell in love with love stories and true love when she first learned about true love’s first kiss. That did it for her! Unfortunately, she has yet to find that special kiss. Throwing her arms up in defeat, she decided to write about it and live vicariously through her characters.
Tinthia lives on the banks of the Concord River and spends her time teaching science at a local community college, gardening, painting, feeding her multitude of Mallards (follow her natural history blog at:, reading, and, of course, writing contemporary women’s fiction about romance, relationships, and true love. She also enjoys Chunky Monkey and American Dream Cone and other enticing flavors produced by Ben and Jerry.


The Raveners by LD Towers



She found herself going from map to map. This was sometime around the

second phase of the battle, before Beaumont-Hamel was finally taken. Thiepval as

well. “This must be from the middle of September 1916. Maybe October. It’s

obvious from this that he was trying to bring men around to penetrate the Allied

lines from the areas they couldn’t budge.” She found herself gnawing on a

thumbnail. “Dear God! With a counteroffensive like this, he might have shifted

them. It’s a bold plan. Whether or not he could have managed it, with the Germans

bleeding to death at Verdun, would have been the question. But damn! This might

have changed the battle. Maybe even the war.”

“I wondered about that.” Another voice behind her.

Lexa turned and coloured, realising that in her wonder she had completely

ignored the stranger in the room. “Oh! I am Sorry! Dr. Lexa Horne of the Imperial

War Museum.” She held her hand out.

“Dr. Jack Bennett. Pleased to meet you.” Bennett was a large, fit man in his

mid fifties with close-cropped, iron grey hair and a face lined from years digging in

the sun. He had a bit of the George Clooney about him and Lexa was sure that all

the archeology undergrads wanted him as a prof. He was a trifle swoon worthy.

“Call me Jack. It was great that you could come out here at such short notice. We

will be wrapping all this up in the next week or two.”

“The pleasure is entirely all mine,” Lexa told him in all earnestness. “This is

simply unbelievable. This is like walking into heaven for me.” Ok. A small lie.

Dead men and unexploded ordinance aside, it was heaven.

Bennett gestured back with his head and stepped aside. “I doubt the major

there would agree.”

Lexa gasped as she saw the body at the desk. He was perfectly mummified,

just as Darby had told her. He was hunched over, as if sleeping, and his golden hair

gleamed in the light. His skin was the colour and texture of tanned leather, and his

lips under a large moustache had pulled back to show his teeth. His head lay on on

crossed arms, sunken eyes closed in eternal repose. The fingers were slightly

curled; a large ring on one hand and a wedding ring on another. His light blue

uniform hung on what was left of his frame, but was in decent condition through

the shoulders. In fact, there were no real decomposition of the fabric. His side arm

rested on the chair, the belt having slid down with time. The silver bullion on his

uniform had a dull tarnish and the aiguillettes on his shoulder seemed suspended as

if by magic. Beside him, his uniform cap was on the desk.

“Oh dear God!” Lexa exclaimed. “You’ve just left him there? How could

you do that?”

“The question is how to get him out of the trapdoor without disturbing him.

We have another specialist coming in from Germany. He is one of theirs, after all,”

Bennett shrugged. “And you know the Germans. They are trying to find the right

person. I would move him, but he is perfectly preserved. Outside of this

environment, I expect he would not last long. It seems a shame to compromise his

remains unnecessarily.”

The body rooted Lexa to the spot. She felt a terrible weight on her chest.

“I’ve never seen a dead body before.”

Darby walked over and put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s ok. He can’t hurt


“It also feels a bit indecent to be looking at him.” But she found she couldn’t

tear her eyes away.

“We treat all remains with the greatest respect,” Bennett said quietly. “As

you know, there is a lot we can learn from him. He is so perfectly preserved. When

we have learned from him, we can return him to his family, if they still exist. He

can be reburied with honour. He was lost and we found him. There is nothing

indecent about that.”

“I just feel so strange with him there. I feel like a thief in his home.”

“The first time you see remains is always the hardest,” Darby told her. “Just

remember that he is gone. What made him a person is gone. He is in a better


Lexa nodded and walked closer to the desk. Her mouth was rather dry but

now curiosity was getting the better of her. They were right. She was just being a

ninny. Yes. This man was dead and he couldn’t hurt her. “Yes. I suppose you are


Bennett quirked up a little smile. “Just don’t touch him.”

It was the moustache. The moustache was so familiar. Even in death, it had

that upwards curl which was so familiar. A vain bushiness. When she had seen it in

pictures, it always made her smile. “I think I know who this is!” Lexa exclaimed

and reached into her bag for her iPad.


The Raveners
Book 1
LD Towers
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Publisher: BadBird Publications
Date of Publication: September 20, 2016
Word Count: 100k
Cover Artist:  Pranav Lohani
Photo by Blackbird Photography
Book Description:
On 26 May 1897, Bram Stoker brought us the story of Dracula; an undead creature who terrorised the living by drinking their blood. He based his creature on the legends of Ireland and Eastern Europe, bringing it to life with all the pomp of Victorian literature. What if his concept was correct, but the execution was not? What if there was not one creature, but a band of twenty-four? Crusader knights who committed such a terrible act that the Pope of Rome and the Rabbis of Jerusalem joined together in petitioning God to bring a terrible curse upon them.Sentenced to eternal life as punishment for their crimes, yet hounded by both the clerical and the secular as they struggle to live them. The Jews called them Ga’ashekelah: the Raveners. To the Catholic Church, they are the Accursed Ones. Feasting on the bodies of the living to maintain their power.
What starts as a simple trip on the Eurostar to the buried trenches of World War One in Northern France is going to take Imperial War Museum expert Dr. Alexandra Horne on a journey she could never have conceived. From the bustling streets of Paris to the azure waters of Collioure and the very Vatican itself, Lexa will discover the Raveners and those who have sworn to hunt them down.
About the Author:
LD Towers travels the world like a rootless vagabond! A military historian, she searches out places of conflict to find a deeper insight to the things she writes about. Presently enjoying the warm weather and azure seas of Central America, she has lived all over Western Europe, including 5.5 years in the incomparable Berlin.
Primarily working in Historical and Military Fiction, LD sometimes sneaks in the odd Dystopian or Modern Thriller piece. In fact, her new book is a complete redo on the vampire concept. Look for The Raveners; coming September 20, 2016.

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